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The birthday bigot
ShadeGrenade30 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Its Eddie's birthday, so Bill, Arthur, Jacko and Nobby decide to play a practical joke on him. They send him cards containing sexy messages from an anonymous admirer. Joan sees these she thinks her husband is having an affair. Luckily Jacko forgot not to sign his name, and the joke is revealed.

But Bill is not yet done with being the arch-joker. He sends Eddie a card purporting to come from Prime Minister Harold Wilson no less...

A fair episode. Despite having just been the victim of a prank, Eddie gives no thought to the possibility that his 'Best wishes, Harold' card just might be fake. He goes to The Houses of Parliament to thank Wilson for the card and gets arrested!

Funniest moment - the 'Billy Liar'-styled fantasy sequence in which Eddie imagines himself as Lord of the Manor, with Joan and all his friends acting as domestic servants. It is backed by Alexander Faris' famous 'Upstairs, Downstairs' theme.
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