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Intelligent and entertaining

Author: Philip Shayne from United States
23 May 2015

The Haunting of Pearson Place is one of those movies that makes you remember why we go to the movie theater. This movie was scary, funny and so much fun that I didn't want it to end.

The cast was pretty awesome, Regen Wilson just chews up the scenery and you can't take your eyes off Julie Price...they both have "Star" written all over them. Ken Arnold and Tracy Teague were strong and so real that I felt like I knew these people...and I think I just might have a few friends that are them.

Joe Estevez (Yes, Charlie Sheens Uncle) was wonderful (and is sinfully under-rated) as Bob the care-taker. He really drew me in. A real creep show that guy. And last but far from least, Scream Queen Suzi Lorraine was the topping to an already well iced cake...she was great as always.

One thing that really comes across is the beauty of the film. For a Horror film its just so well shot, at times it feels as if you're in a painting. The Haunting of Pearson Place is well acted, directed and wonderfully shot. Frankly, if most "horror" films (This one's classified as a "supernatural thriller/horror, with comedic elements") were more like Pearson Place I would watch more of them. A lot more of them. And I should note, that as a certified fan of "Arthouse" films, I wasn't expecting much from the film when I was invited to watch it by a friend. To my surprise I was treated to a well crafted film. Kudos to all.

7.5 Stars for a well crafted film, and an additional star for not taking the cheap and easy way out like so many films. 8.5 stars. (rounded up)

The story and direction were great, Michael Merino is a solid writer and crafted director. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

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I recommend this film to all horror fans

Author: Aaron Lafond from United States
13 May 2013

This movie is evidence that you don't need big budget special effects to tell a good ghost story. Pearson Place relied on the story and actors/actresses to deliver the frights instead of CGI and it didn't disappoint. It had everything you look for in a classic horror movie; scares, ghosts, creepy atmosphere, and a well written storyline. The movie made the viewer think, instead of forcing everything on the screen. At the end of the film, you're left with a little uncertainty about what you've seen. The question still remains... "What really happened in that house?"

Overall, The Haunting At Pearson Place is a film that any true horror fan will enjoy.

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My Review Of "The Haunting Of Pearson Place"

Author: ASouthernHorrorFan from United States
6 May 2013

"The Haunting Of Pearson Place" is a paranormal horror film directed by Michael Merino which stars Joe Estevez, Suzi Lorraine, Ken Arnold, Tracy Teague, Regen Wilson, Julie Price, Mick McGuire and Kelley Slagle. The film follows a yuppie couple from the city who set out to turn an old historical property into a quaint bed & breakfast. Being that this is a supernatural/psychological horror story-where the dead have their own plans for the place, and anyone who ventures into the home- things go terrifyingly wrong.

Ghost stories are a staple in horror, and even with the new fascination with found-footage stories, one can never really tire of a good movie with bad ghosts. "The Haunting Of Pearson Place" does not disappoint in that aspect. It is a mature, serious film about hauntings that is, both smart, and dark. It stays within the traditional-vein of paranormal storytelling, much like "Darkness", and the very classic "The House Where Evil Dwells". There is no overexposed use of gimmicks or novelty stylizing in this movie- that is really a major plus. Most horror films become boring or redundant when relying on the latest fades in genre horror films, but the standard-contemporary ghost story is timeless. Which is what "The Haunting Of Pearson Place" is, a timeless ghost story that is chilling, and entertaining.

The story is a slow-burn, evenly paced one that never really lulls into that place of "boring", like some films do in-between the highs. It stays at a steady pace of intense, tragic melodrama, that intertwines the character building moments with the dark, thrilling moments of the paranormal. The cast is believable, and the story is thoroughly well thought out. I did have a gripe with the main characters of Steve and Gwen, nothing really to do with the acting or their part in the plot- line, it mostly has to do with the fact that this couple should have saved their money they spent on this property, and invested in marriage counseling! I just wanted to slap them both! But hey -we all no the dead do love a nice, juicy, negative vibe-right! These people where tragically destined to horrors way before they stepped into the Pearson Place! That is for sure!

The bottom line is this-"The Haunting Of Pearson Place" is a classic chilling ghost story, filled with mean spirits-dark atmosphere and mature storytelling. It was well acted and directed with scary moments coming in at the perfect suspenseful moments. This film is a traditional ghost story that I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters are tragic, the ghosts- creepy, and the atmosphere is truly haunting.

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The Creep Factor Rocks!

Author: erikaschoenke from United States
3 September 2012

I saw this movie at the HORRORFIND 2012 festival last weekend in Gettysburg, PA. I went out the next morning and purchased a copy from the filmmakers who happened to be there.

The Director Michael Merino signed it for me and it turns out he also won for BEST DIRECTOR of the festival! How cool is that? The lead actress Tracy Teague won for BEST ACTRESS as well, so two awards for a great movie.

What makes this movie so good is that has an actual story and plot. WOW how sad is it when that's considered a rare thing. This movie asks that you think and go along on a journey, a really creepy and at times funny one.

I strongly suggest you see this film if you like movies along the lines of THE WOMAN in BLACK, THE OTHERS and even THE SHINING. In time (once this film finds its footing) it'll be a classic INDIE scary movie.

I'm giving it 8 stars for a great film and 1 more because the Director was such a nice guy! Keep up the great work guys.

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Thrilling and chilling with a side of tongue-in-cheek humor only Mike Merino can deliver!

Author: thomasgraham1 from United States
8 October 2011

Thrilling and chilling with a side of sardonic humor only Mike Merino can deliver! The Haunting of Pearson Place has a well-developed storyline told in true Horror flick style. The cast is well-balanced and a delight to see, and the "House"creepy. Creepy, creepy, creepy! Tracy Teague's Gwen is a strong force who doesn't take crap from her husband Steven, played by Ken Arnold. Steven is, for the most part, the yin to Gwen's yang. However, there is only so much a man can take -- he puts up with her sharp tongue to a point, and then he comes out swinging. Katherine, played by Julie Price is the sexy girl next door, who like Gwen can be a real b*#@! to her husband Michael. Regen Wilson is at the top of his game as the wryly commenting, antagonistic Michael. Joe Estevez and Mick McGuire are a joy to watch as the menacing Bob Osberg and Jim Shoemaker. Suzi Lorraine and Logan Anderson are simply delicious as The Founder and Kelda. Although a cameo role, Paul Bugelski's Dr. Nichols is disturbingly devilish and delightfully memorable. Enjoy the ride as the house on Pearson Place pits husband against wife, friend against friend, and the memories of times gone by, ever stuck in the present, against them all -- who will win? See it and find out.

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Great Premise, Very Entertaining, in the style similar to "The Shining"

Author: tbull_68 from United States
6 October 2011

This entertaining horror movie had a very "The Shining" like style, but with a total different premise and unique story line. The interactions between Michael (Regen Wilson) and Jim Shoemaker (Mick McGuire) were quite awesomely done and were the hit of the movie! Regen Wilson's portrayal of Michael additionally added a critical element of chemistry to the movie over all. Mick "Two Birds/One Stone" McGuire's lines in the movie were unforgettable and sure to be repeated by those who have seen the movie. Overall, the cast did well, and the story kept you waiting in anticipation to what was going to happen next. I will not get into the other characters' individual analysis, as I do not want to give away too much of the plot, but the haunters were definitely both intriguing and creepy! ~Dave

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Freaked me out!!!

Author: johnnygrant007 from United States
6 July 2013

I was given this film by a friend who thought I might like it and man was he right! Not only was THE HAUNTING of PEARSON PLACE well acted, well written and well Directed it was well shot and well edited. It burned slowly and diliberately. I wasn't expecting much from an Indie film but what I got was so awesome and freaky (in a normal cool way, not a weird one) that I ended up watching the movie a second time that night. And on the second viewing I caught all the clues that were so clearly there the first time. We've become so used to being SPOON FED movies now a days that its great to actually watch a film that makes you think and at the same time forget you're watching a movie. The actors were great, Regen Wilson is going to be huge someday, he reminds me of Jack Nicolson and Tracy Teague, Ken Arnold and Suzi Lorraine were dead perfect. Joe Estevez was sooooo creepy as the landlord that I laughed nervously every time he came on screen. The Guy was freeeeeaaakkkky. This movie Freakeeeed me out and Michael Merino knows exactly when to turn the heat up or let you slowly boil like a frog in hot water, before you know's over. 10 stars simply because it was a low budget Indie film that I enjoyed more than the latest Hollywood poop out there. Watch this film!!!

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Incredibly bad

Author: Catharina_Sweden from Sweden
4 March 2017

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. At first I thought it had to be a student production of some kind, or a horror-comedy, supposed to be a parody. But it was not supposed to be either. It was supposed to be a "real" horror movie on the haunted house theme, and I find it incredible that professional movie-makers can make such a flop of this theme NOW, in the 2010:s??! This would have been a bad and clumsy horror movie already in the 1930:s.

I do not even know where to start. EVERYTHING was amateurish: the script, the acting, the directing, the special effects... There were no dramaturgy at all. Even the real people who were not supposed to be ghosts, looked, talked and moved like zombies. ALL of them looked out of place. The ghosts, on the other hand, did not look like ghosts but like real people, there was nothing other-wordly about them at all, and they were totally un-scary. The horror music did not scare either, because it was too loud, blatant and obvious. Total flop, there is nothing redeeming here at all.

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