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2 thumbs up!
svigue52510 October 2011
I really enjoyed the movie in its entirety. It was definitely a thriller, yet comical. It definitely had its edge of the seat moments. I thought it was creative and tastefully done. Tracy Teague's performance was fabulous. I would definitely recommend this movie to friends and family. I had no idea what the budget was $500 until the release, but i would have guessed it was a lot more. The cast was amazing and the storyline was excellent. The suspense alone had me on the edge of my seat. The cast worked very well together and it showed in the movie. I give the cast and the movie2 thumbs up. It was a job well done.
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WELL DONE! supernatural thriller without a huge budget!
billsetype9 October 2011
I simply LOVED this Movie.

It was moody and very well Acted. Tracy Teague did a phenomenal job, and Ken, Regan and Julie were also spot on per their Roles. Last but certainly not least, it is obvious that Joe Estevez has acting 'genes' that run across his family. His brother has nothing on him for the role he portrayed in 'Haunting'! He was amazing.

The screenplay was tight (some of the tag lines.. well.. I won't forget them anytime soon!)... it had humor interspersed with some cutting edge sarcasm and genuine panic. Michael's direction was very intriguing. Its obvious that he is a student of the business and has taken some real cues from some masters (Hitchcock really comes to mind). Some very creative camera panning, angles and draw backs..

All in all, I think this movie was really good and deserves a decent distribution. I would go pay $10 at the big theater to see it! Bill Hocking
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good film!
collinsc6711 October 2011
Good movie with a well developed story line. Not too gory, it did not rely on cheap thrills but rather it played upon the imagination of the audience using creative imaging and story content. They got me with the interesting and believable characters and held me with twists and turns. Suspenseful moments were well balanced with unexpected moments of comedy. I enjoyed watching the movie, my mind was racing to figure out the puzzle of Pearson's place before the credits rolled. I particularly liked the ending, glad to see it was not too predictable. The cinematography, acting and makeup were all great.

Congrats to the cast and crew!
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Low budget but punches above its weight
Jacobsen7075 October 2011
For someone who's not a horror fan, I still found this film to be entertaining. It certainly punches way above its weight for a film made with a very, very modest budget. To that end, the technical aspects of the film from start to finish – the lighting, set design, sound, effects, film quality, etc. – are all very "normal" in light of much bigger budget flicks. Despite some difficult plot holes and twists, there are some smart elements in the story that probably could have been exploited a bit more and the set almost functions as its own character as should be the case with a horror film (or, perhaps, a not-so-gory thriller). A few good gotcha moments and a few memorable lines and laughs. Decent acting with a script that's a bit choppy and kudos to Ken Arnold as a solid central player.
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Two birds... I mean, *thumbs* up!!
WallSt.Angel5 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed the movie. It was definitely a thriller, in my opinion, paired with a bit of cheeky humor. It definitely had its intense moments that had me flinching and jumpy. I thought the story was creative and well written and the injection of humor was a clever touch. Tracy Teague's performance was outstanding. I loved her sassy and punchy character and thought it was very fitting for the overall tone of the movie. Was a fan of her previous release, Respire, so was looking forward to seeing her in this. Mick McGuire's character definitely had that creepy factor. But I also found myself giggling with his every appearance. Overall, I thought the production was well done and the cast collectively succeeded in evoking that eerie "haunted house" feel.
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A moody, home-grown, twisted ghost story!
Mouth045 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The Haunting of Pearson Place is a gorgeous looking film! For an independent flick, it's absolutely state of the art, taking advantage of a great location, great talent, great FX, and utilizing cameras and sound that really set the atmosphere and tone of the film. In a nutshell, the story revolves around a couple moving out to the boonies to renovate an investment property... turns out they got more than they bargained for in the form of ghosts and demons plaguing their minds. There are some stand out performances in the cast from Mick McGuire, Regen Wilson, Ken Arnold, Joe Estevez, Tracy Teague, Julie Price, Kelley Slagle, and Nadia Williams. Each actor really brought an extra charisma to their characters which was needed to keep the story moving along- director Mike Merino definitely found the right cast for his movie! I had a lot of fun watching Pearson Place, and my only critique of the film would have to be the pacing. There were moments of dialogue that seemed to go on a bit too long (standing around in the foyer for solid minutes), or moments of tension that were not executed as well as they could have been (watching a hand crawl out from under a bed for what felt like forever). With that said, there's a vast majority of moments that did their job well and gave me a solid scare. Overall I had a fun time with this and would recommend it for those who love a moody, home-grown, and twisted ghost story!
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Future Cult Classic
Silverscrnwriter11 October 2011
The Haunting at Pearson Place is superbly acted, directed and really, really….funny. It's smart horror film that knows how to be truly entertaining by not taking itself too seriously. Regen Wilson is a master with reactions – one annoyed glance from him and the audience was in stitches. Ken Arnold and Tracey Teague were also excellent as the beleaguered couple under attack by the strange creatures inhabiting Pearson Place. Joe Estevez was also a riot as the constantly underfoot interloper (he was either a realtor or the caretaker – I can't remember which, but he was a delightful and creepy pain in the ass). A funny, creepy, thoroughly entertaining film that will not only hold up under multiple viewings but has great potential to become a cult classic.
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Great Job
mserv6 October 2011
I must start with a disclaimer.. I was an executive producer for the MCM Film 502. However, not involved in this film, I must say that this is the reason I helped in producing Michael Merino's earlier film.

That out of the way, The Haunting of Pearson Place, came in well below the budget of other independent horror thrillers, and tuned out to be very good. Better than a number that have made it to the big screen. I attended the private screening and was pleasantly entertained. The film gives you just enough blood, violence, and suspense to make its comparison to the genera without going over the top. In other words it should have a broader appeal to a wider market.

The story line flows and the acting is very good, keeping an audience engaged from the start. But, the hidden diamond for the film is the subtle humor that runs throughout. This especially during the interaction between the charters of Jim Shoemaker and Michael. Sorry, no spoiler you need to see it.

Everyone associated with the film should be happy, and proud it was a job well done.
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The Haunting of Pearson Place will leave you thrilled, chilled and your funny bone grilled.
William Powell7 October 2011
See there's this new species out there. A hybrid. Horror-comedy they call it. You watch the movie, you get scared, you laugh a little here and there. It's catching on. I highly recommend it.

Director Michael Merino's The Haunting of Pearson Place fits the bill. Scary here, funny there. Lot's going on. Hell's a popping'. See it all centers on a yuppie couple who want to buy an old house and turn it into a bed and breakfast (don't they always?). Gwen and Steven (Tracy Teague, as good here as she was in Respire, and always excellent Ken Arnold) have a strained marriage and they figger somehow this will save it.

Seems like these yuppie couples never listen to the locals, for example the likes of store owner Carol (effectively scary Kelly Slagle) who suggests the place has a lot of negative energy, and they just might want to reconsider being proprietors of a bed and breakfast. Seems like the house once served as a hospice for World War I soldiers who did not die there in a pleasant manner. From there it gets really weird. Where's Rod Serling?

Throw in another, more annoying couple, Catherine and Michael (Aussie actress Julie Price and why-isn't-he-famous Regan Wilson), and stir, and you get a recipe that stinks to high heaven when Gwen gets reminded of her husband Steven's questionable history with Catherine. We see Teague, as Gwen, throw her delicious bitchiness around like a hatchet.

If that wasn't bad enough, weirdo real estate agent (Joe Estevez, Charlie Sheen's uncle) pops in and out of thin air every so often to harass Steven, and talks to folks who ain't there. Hmmm. We see a wacked-out chick in a bathtub, mannequins that talk, a hand coming from under the bed and such like. All punctuated by laughs hither and yon. Funniest of all is inspector from the county, Jim Shoemaker (the excellent Mick McGuire), who has a too-close moment with Michael that will have you ROTFL.

The Haunting of Pearson Place will leave you thrilled, chilled and your funny bone grilled.
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Pleasantly surprised to have a few laughs during the show.
jennmckinley6 October 2011
When the 7:00pm screening of this movie sold out I almost opted out. "Horror" flicks aren't a genre that I typically choose but I wanted to give this one a shot since I was invited to the screening.

I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. There was enough thrill and suspense to keep me interested but no so much gore that I was turned off and even a bit of humor which definitely helped me to settle down after the scares. The actors and actresses did a fantastic job and the storyline was good. I would have loved to have more back story with regard to the tension between the two main characters, but that's just my personal preference as drama is my preferred genre. Overall good show! Great job everyone!
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