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The first cut was three hours and fifteen minutes long. The final cut was two hours and ten minutes long.
(at around 5 mins) Tony Stark strikes a mook jong or wing chun wooden dummy. Robert Downey Jr. has been training in Wing Chun for several years under Sifu Eric Oram, and has also used it in Sherlock Holmes (2009). He has also stated he will be testing for his black belt soon.
The ring on the Mandarin's right pinkie is the same one Raza wears in the first Iron Man (2008) film.
This is the first film in the Iron Man franchise not to be directed by Jon Favreau, who turned down the offer for this movie, in order to direct Magic Kingdom. He later admitted that not directing allowed him to have more fun with his character "Happy" Hogan, saying that he was like "a proud grandfather, who doesn't have to change the diapers, but gets to play with the baby."
The Mandarin bears a tattoo on the back of his neck of Captain America's shield with an anarchist "A" symbol in the center instead of a star.
The idea that "Happy" Hogan's favorite television show is Downton Abbey (2010), was at the suggestion of Jon Favreau, who is actually a big fan of the British series.
Robert Downey Jr. pushed to get Gwyneth Paltrow to have some action scenes, and Kevin Feige approved: "We are bored by the damsel in distress. But sometimes we need our hero to be desperate enough in fighting for something, other than just his own life. So, there is fun to be had with 'Is Pepper in danger, or is she the savior?' over the course of this movie."
The first Iron Man movie to gross over one billion dollars, and the second Marvel movie to reach this mark, with The Avengers (2012) being the first.
Chapter One of Phase Two in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
The first day Robert Downey Jr. and Sir Ben Kingsley met on-set, they snapped a photo together to send to Director, and mutual friend, Sir Richard Attenborough.
The film was originally budgeted at one hundred forty million dollars, but after The Avengers (2012) became a huge hit, Marvel Studios and Disney upped it to two hundred million dollars, in order to allow Shane Black to make the best movie he could.
(at around 24 mins) The attack on the Chinese Theatre also holds a special significance, as Firepower is sitting right next to the handprints and signature of Robert Downey Jr.
A Super Bowl trailer that promised an "extended look", had Robert Downey Jr. staring at the camera.
Although Tony Stark has created up to forty-two suits in this film, he only dons a select few. These being Mark 7, 15 (Sneaky), 16 (Nightclub), 33 (Silver Centurion), 40 (Shotgun), and of course, 42. He would have, at one point, worn the Mark 22 (Hot Rod) armor during the final battle, if it hadn't been taken out by an Extremis soldier a split second before he could suit up.
The film was heavily edited for Chinese audiences, the Chinese edit has additional scenes featuring the character Dr. Wu and his assistant (played by Chinese stars Xueqi Wang and Bingbing Fan respectively).
The character of U.S. President Ellis is named after comic book writer Warren Ellis who wrote the 2005 Iron Man story arc "Extremis", a primary influence for this film franchise's storyline.
(at around 11 mins) Tony tells a young child with glasses that he loved him in A Christmas Story (1983). Peter Billingsley, who played Ralphie in A Christmas Story (1983), was an Executive Producer on Iron Man (2008), and played a small role in the first film.
In the comics, the Iron Patriot was an alias used by Spider-Man's nemesis, the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn). In this film, it is War Machine, painted in a resemblance of Captain America's suit. Kevin Feige described it as a post-The Avengers (2012) government response: "These crazy heroes (The Avengers) saved the day, not the government. The government felt they needed a hero of their own. They have a military officer that has one of these suits, and they paint it red, white, and blue. It gave us a place to go with Rhodey and his split loyalties between his friend and his duty, and you also get to be reminded of the trust and friendship between Rhodey and Stark in great buddy-cop fashion."
Pepper's brief wearing of the armor is a nod to Pepper Potts' one-time career as the superheroine Rescue in an "Invincible Iron Man" comic book series from 2009-2012.
The only Iron Man film not to feature any songs by AC/DC.
Originally, the film was intended to start with flashbacks of Tony's youth. Another idea considered, was to start the film with Tony landing in Tennessee, and another had Tony cleaning up land mines with the Stark logo on them, as an allusion to the many explosive elements from his past waiting to detonate.
Shane Black admitted that Jon Favreau gave him tips and advice during filming (for which he was very grateful and thankful) though noted that this film would have a "different feel" from the other two.
(at around 29 mins) This is the first Iron Man film to not feature Nick Fury, Agent Phil Coulson, or any member of S.H.I.E.L.D. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database is mentioned by J.A.R.V.I.S., when Tony searches information on the Mandarin.
Producer Kevin Feige described the film as "a full-on Tony Stark-centric movie. He's stripped of everything, he's backed up against a wall, and he has to use his intelligence to get out of it. He can't call Thor, Captain America, or Nick Fury, and he can't look for the Helicarrier in the sky." Robert Downey Jr. further described the character as influenced by a post-The Avengers (2012) world: "What are his challenges now? What are some limitations that might be placed on him, and what sort of threat would have him, as usual, ignore those limitations?"
While in the comics, Tony Stark dons several bulkier armor to battle the Hulk (for example, Hulkbuster armor), none of these appear in the film. The largest suit shown, is known as Igor (Mark 38), and is designed for heavy lifting, as opposed to fighting the Hulk. The true Hulkbuster armor, however, made its debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015).
(at around 12 mins) "Happy" Hogan addresses a secretary (who is off-camera) by the name of "Bambi". In the comics, Bambi is the first name of Stark's longest-serving Executive Secretary, Mrs. Arbogast.
Only a few suits in the House Party Protocol feature designs unique to themselves. Others sport numerous features from them, recolored, or matched up with other parts. Marks 1-7, 15-17 (Sneaky, Nightclub and Heartbreaker), 22 (Hot Rod), 25 (Striker), 33 (Silver Centurion), 35 (Red Snapper), and 37-42 (Hammerhead, Igor, Gemini, Shotgun and Bones) all feature their own unique designs. Marks 8-14 are all either red and gold, or black and silver, and share parts from Mark 7, 17, 22, 35, 37, and 40, Mark 24 (Tank) is a recolored Mark 17, Mark 26 (Gamma) is a recolored Mark 25, Mark 30 (Blue Steel) is a recolored Mark 33, Mark 23 (Shades) is a recolored Mark 40, and others are recolored combinations of Mark 7, 17, 22, 25, 33, 35, and 40.
Jude Law (Robert Downey Jr.'s co-star in Sherlock Holmes (2009) and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011), and Gwyneth Paltrow's co-star in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004)) was considered for the role of Aldrich Killian.
Disney bought the distribution rights from Paramount for one hundred fifteen million dollars. This deal also included The Avengers (2012). However, as with The Avengers (2012), under the conditions of the deal, Paramount will be the studio logo to appear, and not Disney's. No reference to Disney was made until the end of the closing credits, "Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures".
DIRECTOR_TRADEMARK(Shane Black): [Christmas]: Except for the prologue, the whole film is set at Christmas time. Black's Lethal Weapon (1987), The Last Boy Scout (1991), The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996), and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) were also set at Christmas time. Last Action Hero (1993), which Black did not direct, but helped write, had at least a partial Christmas setting.
(at around 1 min) In the flashback at Switzerland, Tony briefly meets Ho Yinsen. In the first Iron Man (2008) (set after the events in the flashback) Yinsen is the man who helps Tony in the caves, and he mentions having met him before, referring to this brief meeting at Berna.
Filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, under the name "Caged Heat".
Including the bonus post-credits scene in The Incredible Hulk (2008), this is Robert Downey Jr.'s fifth portrayal of Tony Stark. This briefly tied him with Hugh Jackman's and Samuel L. Jackson's record of theatrical appearances as a comic character. However, Jackman retook the record after this movie's release, with his role in The Wolverine (2013), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), and Logan (2017).
According to Kevin Feige, the Mandarin is inspired by Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now (1979): "He wants to represent this sort of prototypical terrorist, someone who worked for the intelligence community, who went nuts in the field, and became this sort of devotee of war tactics."
One scene was shot inside Epic Games, a video game development company known for the Gears of War (2006) franchise.
The Extremis enhanced henchmen are based on minor Marvel villains, who each have completely different backstories than what is seen in the film: Savin (James Badge Dale) is based on Eric Savin, a.k.a. Coldblood. Originally a cyborg assassin, who was not tied to any one particular Marvel comic book. Brandt (Stephanie Szostak) is based on Ellen Brandt, the ex-wife of, and villain to, Man-Thing. Taggert (Ashley Hamilton) is based on Jack Taggert, a.k.a. Firepower, who was African-American in the comics (not white), and had his own armored suit to fight Iron Man.
The scenes taking place in Chattanooga, Tennessee, were actually filmed in Kenansville, North Carolina. In real-life, Chattanooga is a mid-sized, fairly modern town, and in an ironic twist, has some of the fastest internet speeds in the world.
Robert Downey Jr. had previously starred in Shane Black's film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), and spoke highly of Black replacing Jon Favreau, saying that "bringing in Shane Black to write and direct the film, is basically the only thing that Favreau, and the audience, and Marvel and I, could ever actually sign off on."
During the flashback party, Tony is wearing a name tag that reads "You Know Who I Am". This was also Robert Downey Jr.'s Twitter bio for a period of time.
The film takes place from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000, and in December 2012.
Shane Black described the film as "a Tom Clancy thriller", with the focus on real-world-type villains, and not "two men in iron suits fighting each other".
Anthony Mackie read for a part, but did not get the role. He would later play Sam Wilson, a.k.a. Falcon, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Ant-Man (2015), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Captain America: Civil War (2016), and Avengers: Infinity War (2018).
Most of the suits among the House Party Protocol were given codenames and designed for a specific purpose. Marks 15-42 were the suits that received names and purposes. Mark 1 is supposedly listed as "Improvised Escape Suit", Mark 2 became War Machine. However Marks 3-14 were not given names or specific functions.
Unlike Iron Man (2008) and Iron Man 2 (2010), Industrial Light & Magic was not involved with the film's visual effects. Instead, Digital Domain and Weta Digital took over.
Tony Stark was born in 1969.
Originally, Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Pictures were looking to shoot this movie in Michigan, due to the tax incentives. However, due to North Carolina guaranteeing a twenty million dollar tax credit, the producers decided to shoot there instead.
Property Master Russell Bobbitt designed a custom set of ten rings for the Mandarin. These rings are Bobbitt's favorite props from the film.
Production was delayed on August 15, 2012, when Robert Downey Jr.'s ankle was injured in a stunt.
Jack Taggert (the unstable "Extremis soldier" at the Chinese Theatre), Roxxon Oil, and the "Silver Centurion armor" all feature in the 1988 "Armor Wars" storyline in the comics.
Several scenes seen in trailers didn't make the final cut. For example, a scene where the Mandarin (Trevor Slattery) is seen rising up from a throne of sorts in an oriental-esque chamber was at no point included in the film, and neither was a scene where the same Mandarin is hanging someone's dog tags on a knife embedded in a wall. Iron Patriot (Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes) doesn't lift up the mask of his helmet while in the suit at any point.
(at around 1h 55 mins) Jessica Brown Findlay, who appears in the film due to the use of footage from Downton Abbey (2010), was actually considered for a part in another Marvel film, the role of Sharon Carter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014).
Shane Black wanted to do a little more of the "Demon In the Bottle" storyline, but Disney nixed it, as it was already somewhat covered in Iron Man 2 (2010).
Shane Black initally said he had no intention of doing the Mandarin at all, citing the character's reputation as a racist stereotype as the reason.
Audi vehicles are once again prominently featured, having also been shown in the first two "Iron Man" films. Vehicles featured this time around are an Audi R8 e-tron concept car, driven by Tony (and seen falling into the ocean when his Malibu compound is blown up); an Audi S7 driven by Pepper Potts; and an Audi A8 used by Tony later.
According to Kevin Feige, the Mandarin is portrayed with an ambiguous background: "It's less about his specific ethnicity, than the analogy of various cultures and their iconography that he perverts for his own end. We're not saying he's Chinese, we're saying he draws a cloak around him of Chinese symbols and dragons, because it represents his obsession with Sun Tzu and various ancient arts of warfare that he has studied."
Robert Downey Jr. has the distinction of starring or co-starring in every Marvel Cinematic Universe film that's the start of a new phase: Iron Man (2008) was the start of Phase 1, this movie was the start of Phase 2, and Captain America: Civil War (2016) was the start of Phase 3.
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Screenwriter Drew Pearce compared Tony Stark to an American James Bond, for both being "Heroes with a sense of danger to them, and unpredictability". He also likened Tony to the protagonists of 1970s films, like The French Connection (1971), where "The heroes' idiosyncrasies is what makes them exciting."
This marked the first time Samuel L. Jackson did not appear in an "Iron Man" related movie as Nick Fury.
Kevin Feige described the film's core theme as a love story: "The love triangle in this movie is between Tony, Pepper, and his obsession with those suits, and the obsession with technology. Yes, there's a bad guy. Yes, the stakes are very very high. But the real stakes are, is Tony going to be able to set aside spending every day in that workshop tinkering with the suits, in order to focus on Pepper, the one thing that matters most?"
Gemma Arterton, Diane Kruger, and Isla Fisher were considered for the role of Maya Hansen. Jessica Chastain was cast, but she dropped out, due to scheduling conflicts. Rebecca Hall was cast in her place.
At two hours and ten minutes, this is the longest Iron Man (without the other superheroes) film.
(at around 1h 55 mins) The episode of Downton Abbey (2010) that "Happy" Hogan is watching in the hospital, is Downton Abbey: Episode #2.4 (2011).
To date, the highest grossing film in the Philippines of all time, with over PHP 625 million (over 13.9 million U.S. dollars) in box-office revenue.
The first Marvel Cinematic Universe film to be shot entirely digital.
Released in 2013, this film marks the 50th Anniversary of Iron Man.
According to the art book for the film, four other suits were considered to join the House Party Protocol, but were scrapped. A silver and gold suit, with a pointed forehead supposedly named "Bullet", sported large thrusters on its biceps. This suit's purpose was either deemed redundant, or re-worked as the Mark 40 (Shotgun) armor, which was designed for "Hyper Velocity". Two suits featuring a pair of close-combat weapons attached to their forearms (one with twin saw blades, and the other with dual hammer-like tools (Oldboy)) were most likely not included, due that the weapons they possessed, did not fit with Iron Man's style. Finally, an unnamed suit, with a desert camouflage color scheme, apparently equipped with grappling hooks, was scrapped due that Iron Man wouldn't necessarily need grapple hooks, if he could already fly.
First Iron Man movie to not feature Leslie Bibb as Vanity Fair's Christine Everhart.
Tom Hooper was considered to direct the film before the eventual selection of Shane Black.
The film was available for pre-order on home video before it was even released theatrically.
Composer Brian Tyler is the third composer to score an Iron Man film, following Ramin Djawadi for Iron Man (2008), and John Debney for Iron Man 2 (2010).
President Ellis is a nod to Warren Ellis, co-creator of the groundbreaking graphic novel, "Extremis".
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(at around 57 mins) Tony calls one henchman "Westworld". The sequel to that movie, Futureworld (1976), starred Blythe Danner, the mother of Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts).
Sir Ben Kingsley (The Mandarin) and Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark) played the title character in biopics directed by Sir Richard Attenborough: Kingsley played Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, in Gandhi (1982), while Downey played Charlie Chaplin in Chaplin (1992).
The Mandarin's lair was shot at the Villa Vizcaya (exteriors) and at a private South Beach waterfront (interiors).
This was the highest-grossing film in Malaysia, grossing about fourteen million dollars.
As with one of Shane Black's previous works (Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)), one of the main protagonists is attacked at his beachfront house by helicopters, while he's with a woman.
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Two identical Boeing VC-25A aircraft serve as Air Force One. The VC-25A is an extensively modified 747-200B, the first of which began service in 1990. The next-generation Air Force One airplanes will be based on either the Boeing 747-8 or Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and will begin service in 2017.
Andy Lau was in talks to play the role of Chen Lu (Radioactive Man), but dropped out upon the birth of his first child. Daoming Chen and Wu Xiubowere considered for the role, before finally Xueqi Wang was cast.
Sir Ben Kingsley plays The Mandarin, while Robert Redford played Alexander Pierce in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014). Both actors were in Sneakers (1992), with Kingsley playing the villain, and Redford the main protagonist. Now, both Academy Award winning actors have been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Though Scarlett Johansson (Natasha Romanov, a.k.a. Black Widow) does not appear in this film, she and Rebecca Hall, who plays Maya Hansen, co-starred in Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008).
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Stan Lee: (at around 1h 3 mins) The Iron Man creator plays the beauty pageant judge. Of the three Iron Man movies, this is the only one, in which Lee's cameo does not involve him playing, or being mistaken for, another celebrity.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The post-credit scene with Dr. Bruce Banner was Robert Downey Jr.'s idea.
This is the first Iron Man film, and the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that doesn't hint at the events of future films in a mid-credits and/or post-credits scene.
The film's post-credits scene was originally meant to have Tony Stark blasting off into space to meet the Guardians of the Galaxy. Iron Man was going to have a cameo role in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) (an homage to his being the Guardians' latest member in the comics), but this was scrapped, when Robert Downey Jr. said he may not reprise his role as Tony Stark in the future. Instead, Dr. Bruce Banner appeared in the post-credits scene.
Maya Hansen originally had a more elaborate death scene. After Killian shot her and left, she was supposed to drag herself to a computer terminal to erase all "Extremis" data, and then, as if to atone for her sins, touch one of her plants, causing it to explode and kill her instantly. The scene extension was filmed, and deleted from the final cut, but can be viewed on the bonus material of the Blu-ray edition.
Gwyneth Paltrow enjoyed wearing the suit on the day of shooting the Malibu attack, showing it off in front of her son Moses Martin, who had accompanied her that day: "He thought it was the best thing that's ever happened to him. So the suit did a lot for my relationship with my son."
(at around 34 mins) When Maya, Tony, and Pepper are discussing the huge stuffed bunny in the living room, Tony has hung a stocking for his J.A.R.V.I.S. The stocking just so happens to be the same colors as Vision (red, green, and yellow), the android, into which Tony and Bruce turn J.A.R.V.I.S., in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015).
With Mark Ruffalo's cameo as Dr. Bruce Banner in the post-credit scene, this marks the first time that an actor has played the Hulk comic book character in more than one theatrical film. Bill Bixby played him in productions made for television, Eric Bana played him only in Hulk (2003), and Edward Norton played him only in The Incredible Hulk (2008).
A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) is the scientific organization headed by Aldrich Killian. In the comics, it was a straightforward terrorist organization, and the evil counterpart to S.H.I.E.L.D., which originally was an offshoot of Captain America's World War II enemies HYDRA.
The dragon tattoos on Aldrich Killian's (Guy Pearce's) chest are of another Iron Man villain: Fin Fang Foom.
According to Kevin Feige, every Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 movie has an homage to the Star Wars saga in the form of a character losing an arm: -In this movie, Aldrich Killian loses an arm during the battle with Tony Stark. -In Thor: The Dark World (2013), Loki cuts off Thor's arm on Svartalfheim. -In Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Bucky lost his arm during his fall from the train. -In Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Gamora cuts off Groot's arm during the group's initial scuffle on Xandar. -In Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Ultron cuts off Klaw's arm in rage when trying to buy vibranium. -In Ant-Man (2015), Yellow Jacket loses one arm, through it shrinking first before the rest of his body shrinks uncontrollably against Scott Lang in the final fight.
The idea of the Mandarin being a false face, was Drew Pearce's idea, and Shane Black took to it like a shot: "Who would be fool enough to declare that he is an international terrorist?"
The final line was originally written as "I am Tony Stark" to mirror the first Iron Man (2008) movie's ending, but eventually it changed to "I am Iron Man" to enhance the mythical qualities.
Aldrich Killian was a very minor character in the comics, and the mystery of his suicide is what leads Iron Man into the plot involving Extremis. In the film, he has been upgraded to major villain, incorporating elements of the Mandarin (a businessman who employs Extremis for his own purposes) and Mallen (a terrorist who ingested Extremis).
James Badge Dale summed up his role as Eric Savin as: "Ben Kingsley is the mouthpiece. Guy Pearce is the brain. I'm the muscle."
Roxxon Corporation is a fictional petrochemical company, Marvel's counterpart to the real-world Exxon Corporation. In this film, the Mandarin captures a Roxxon executive and executes him on television as retribution for an oil spill by the tanker Roxxon Norco (the ship on which the climactic battle takes place). This is a reference to the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, one of the worst man-made environmental disasters in history.
Brandt (Stephanie Szostak) was meant to return in the final battle, and be killed by Pepper. This was changed to Killian surviving, and getting killed by Pepper, as a form of poetic justice, for him causing her to suffer.
(at around 1h 50 mins) When Pepper is revealed to have survived the fall into the fire, she punctures a House Party Protocol suit, taking it offline before tearing out its arm for her to use. This suit appears to be the Mark 7 (though it could be one of the miscellaneous suits from Marks 8-14), despite it clearly being blown up during the attack on Tony's Mansion, along with the six previous suits before it.
(at around 47 mins) When Killian walks into the room where "The Master" is about to record, on a screen to his right is shown a line cue, most likely for The Master himself. "But I assure you he will take the last dose of medicine. Even if I have to give it to him myself."
The destruction of Stark's Malibu mansion was filmed at the EUE/Screen Gems Studios water tank (exteriors) and on a special soundstage in Wilmington, North Carolina (interiors). The soundstage was built on a special moving gimball, which allowed the entire set to be tilted forty-five degrees, and reset easily.
Originally, Trevor Slattery (Sir Ben Kingsley) was to take Extremis, believing it was a new drug, and explode from it. This was changed to having him get arrested at the end.
In the comics, Ellen Brandt is an agent of A.I M., who tried to steal from biochemist Ted Sallis, who turned into the supernatural Man-Thing, and burned her face off. In the film, she is just sent in pursuit of Stark. However, she has minor scars on her face in an homage to her comic portrayal.
Shane Black explained the concept of the Mandarin being a front for Aldrich Killian, as a play on perceptions and expectations: "I wanted to do an interesting story choice, something that was about our own fear, and our own ways of viewing villains. What if he's sort of this all-things-to-all-people uber-terrorist? What if he is the myth, and in the end, that is what we're dealing with: a created myth perpetuated and cobbled together from popular consciousness?" Producer Kevin Feige admitted it was a huge risk to do, "But it's sometimes important to break with tradition, even at the risk of alienating some purists. Shane had really great ideas about identity and anonymity and false faces."
(at around 1h 30 mins) Trevor Slattery, a.k.a. The Mandarin, is shown to be watching Liverpool playing Chelsea in a game of soccer on television. The goal was scored by Daniel Agger, making the scoreline 3-0. It is suggested that the character is a Liverpool fan, as he cheers the goal. While the events of the movie happen at Christmas time, the game took place in real-life on May 8, 2012 (which means he was watching the game for the first time via video tape or disc).
"The Mandarin" is an invention of Killian's A.I.M. outfit. The mansion from which The Mandarin's broadcasts emanate, is in Miami, Florida. "Miami" spelled backwards is "Imaim", "I'm A.I.M."
The plot incorporates several storylines from "Iron Man" comics: The "Extremis" arc, which involved Tony Stark developing, and using the Extremis virus, a nanotech version of Captain America's serum. Tony Stark is ousted, and rendered a homeless vagrant, and while wandering around, befriends a civilian, who inspires him. The Mandarin seeks to use Extremis as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. The "Invincible Iron Man" arc, where Stark goes on the run, and War Machine and Rescue appear in his place. The "Armor Wars" arc, where Tony Stark fakes his death, due to constant harassment by Firepower. The "Enter the Mandarin" arc, where Iron Man clashes with the Mandarin.
Brandt was originally considered as Killian's henchwoman, instead of Savin. She would've even emerged, instead of Killian in the ending moment, with Pepper engaging her in a fight.
Rebecca Hall has stated that her character was originally to be the lead villain in earlier drafts of the script, but her role was severely reduced, and the lead villain became male, when studio suits insisted that kids wouldn't buy a figure of a female villian.
(at around 1h 24 mins) When Pepper Potts is being injected with Extremis, Savin mentions to Killian, that she is still in Phase 2. This is a nod to this movie being the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's "Phase 2".
Tony's chest shrapnel is the only injury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that lasted more than one film, and set a record for lasting four films. It was removed at the end of this film.
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The town where Iron Man crash lands, is Rose Hill, Tennessee. It is really Rose Hill, North Carolina. The producers updated the main street in the small town, and made it their own little backlot for about six months. They even turned a building housing a church group into a bar, and put in a diner in another.
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In the first Iron Man, the background flag behind Tony when he is first filmed for ransom, it is the same logo (the sword in the center and circle of circles with middle Eastern writing) of the terrorist group where the Mandarin quits speaking and the audio is cut from the "footage."
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Each Marvel superhero movie has a main theme:

-Iron Man (2008) and sequels - Weaponry and technology.

-The Incredible Hulk (2008) - Mutation and nuclear power.

-Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) and sequels - Experimentation and espionage.

-Thor (2011) and sequels - Mythology and religion.

-Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) - Extraterrestrial life and cosmic beings.

-Ant-Man (2015) - Telepathy and control of animals.

-Doctor Strange (2016) - Magic and witchcraft.

-The Avengers (2012) - Alien Invasion.

-Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) - Artificial Intelligence.
(at around 1h 21 mins) "Anyway, the point is, ever since that big dude with a hammer fell out of the sky, subtlety's kinda had its day." This reference to Thor was made by Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) to Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) while he was being held hostage.
Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) discovers that the Mandarin (Sir Ben Kingsley) is actually just an actor hired to play that part. In Without a Clue (1988), Dr. Watson (Kingsley) hires an actor to play Sherlock Holmes, a role later played by Downey.
(at around 1h 13 mins) The backpack worn by Tony Stark when he infiltrates the false Mandarin's safe house, is a Maxpedition Sitka.
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When Tony Starks mansion is being blown up by the Mandarin, and to save Pepper Potts, he sends the Iron Man suit to cover her, that was seen in which could be said she was "Rescued". The name in which she takes when having her own Iron Man suit (Rescue).
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