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Plot Keywords

prototype tennessee
terrorist mansion
explosion helicopter attack
small town post traumatic stress disorder
malibu california fight
scientist bodyguard
new year's eve helicopter
terrorist attack marvel cinematic universe
girl in a wheelchair hit by a truck
missing limb speedboat
woman wearing a string bikini ch 47 chinook helicopter
screaming in pain face tattoo
beauty contest woman in a bikini
air force one metal in a microwave oven
water tower collapse air to surface missile
blown off feet bell 206 jet ranger helicopter
reference to albert einstein newscast
burned in effigy narrated by character
dunce cap gearing up
flash forward begins with a quotation
2010s 21st century
year 1999 20th century
power suit subjective camera
terrorist cell tied up while barefoot
tied feet character's point of view camera shot
finger gun missile attack
anxiety attack human bomb
power armor armor
slapstick comedy black comedy
one liner wisecrack humor
scene after end credits cameo
surprise after end credits surgery
fireworks british actor playing american character
old flame villain not really dead cliche
mutation showdown
presumed dead interrogation
torture wheelchair
corrupt politician arrest
handcuffs femme fatale
betrayal double cross
knocked out cover up
conspiracy regret
motel deception
revelation drug addict
axe knife
grenade amputee
filmed killing shot in the head
hit by a car water tower
blockbuster microwave oven
foot chase chase
scar gash in the face
hand through chest police officer killed
sheriff diner
bar memorial
computer hacker computer cracker
boy snow
underwater scene falling from height
limousine cell phone
mob of reporters person on fire
fire hospital
pakistan restaurant
colonel bare chested male
nightmare ambulance
fire truck held at gunpoint
escape rescue
shot in the chest hostage
kidnapping disguise
surveillance security camera
hologram white house
washington d.c. miami florida
berne switzerland hand to hand combat
brawl fistfight
martial arts battlefield
neck breaking gunfight
shootout grauman's chinese theater
christmas tree oil rig
battle combat
severed leg severed arm
regeneration crutches
hotel laptop
cure rooftop
security guard stun gun
toy gun news report
inventor engineer
playboy billionaire
ceo artificial intelligence
robot suit robot
warrior one man army
anti hero action hero
violence death
murder fake accent
actor investigation
babe scientist botanist
virus elevator
party airforce one
u.s. president pirate broadcasting
media manipulation manipulation
media coverage female killer
female assassin assassin
soldier female soldier
ex soldier science runs amok
flashback 1990s
prologue voice over narration
no opening credits no title at beginning
christmas mind control
transformation super soldier
super strength supernatural power
explosive decompression airplane hijacking
helicopter crash missile
shotgun gatling gun
ak 47 machine gun
uzi pistol
exploding airplane exploding house
exploding helicopter exploding body
final battle terrorist bombing
terrorist plot terrorist group
terrorism head mounted display
extremis based on comic book
nanotechnology marvel comics
third part superhero
sequel marvel entertainment
based on comic number in title

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