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  • Following the deadly climax of "Green Street Hooligans," several members of the West Ham firm and numerous members of Millwall end up in jail. The GSE quickly discover the brutality of life on the inside, as they are constant targets of the superior numbers and better-financed Millwall crew.


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  • Get ready for the action-packed, no-holds-barred sequel to the breakout hit Green Street Hooligans. Following the deadly climax of the original Green Street Hooligans, members of the GSE and their rivals, Millwall are sent to the same prison. Of course, football is followed fervently by the prisoners....both the outside matches and inside prison games. When overcrowding compels the early release of a fortunate few, fate brings the GSE and Millwall together again - this time in a fight disguised as a football game. The stakes are the highest they have ever been - with death or freedom a goal away. Game on. [D-Man2010]

    This down-and-dirty sequel to GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS relocates the violent fandom of the original into the walls of a British prison. After a particularly brutal gang fight, members of the West Ham and Millwall outfits wind up in jail, only to see their vicious rivalry escalated to even nastier heights. [D-Man2010]

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