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Troy Duffy wrote the part of Romeo, the Saints' sidekick, specifically for his friend Clifton Collins Jr.. Coincidentally, the part of Rocco, the sidekick in the first film, was written specifically (and named for) actor David Della Rocco.
Despite its limited release, this movie made more money in its opening weekend than the entire box office run of the first film.
When the brothers meet Rocco at the bar in their dream, a black cat walks past Rocco across the counter. The cat is a sly reference to Rocco's girlfriend's cat Skippy, who Rocco accidentally shot in the first film.
Versions of the "F" word were only used 136 times in the Boondocks Saints sequel, as opposed to 247 times in the original film.
In Noah's voice-over during the drug factory flashback, he says "While the wicked stand confounded, call me, with thy saints surrounded." In the first movie, that line is painted above the Irish flag on the wall in the arms dealer's warehouse.
Three actors in this film have both starred in movies from the Saw film series. Julie Benz and Joris Jarsky in Saw V and Sean Patrick Flanery in Saw 3D. Another actor from the first Boondock Saints was also in Saw V, Carlo Rota.
One of the newscasters is played by Joe Amorosino, a sportscaster for WHDH channel 7 in Boston.
The men who played "the Saints" in the previous film return to their vigilante roles in this film. Few actors have reprized the role of vigilantes in R-rated adventure films. The few other prominent examples include Charles Bronson in the four Death Wish films, Robert Ginty as the Exterminator in Exterminator 2 (1984), and Arnold Vosloo in Darkman III: Die Darkman Die (1996).
Judd Nelson plays Concezio Yakavetta, the son of Giuseppe Yakavetta, played by Carlo Rota in the first film. In real life, Nelson is 1 and a half years older than Rota.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

The first film has a body count of 33, while the second has a body count of 59.

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