The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009) Poster

Plot Keywords

priest ireland
sheep justice
final showdown violence
gunfight gore
gun gun duel
gun battle bullet time
bullet ballet bad taste humour
sardonic heightism
homophobia handgun
machine gun organized crime
police revolver
sunglasses freight elevator
visible narrator genuflecting
double barreled shotgun twirling gun
nonlinear timeline crashing through a window
sliding down a wire texan accent
police tape arsenal
arms dealer shot multiple times
duct tape american flag
crucifix chewing gum
tanning bed switch
massage candle
shrimp cocktail scream
drug lab breath freshener
forklift volkswagen beetle
handcuffs feet
newscast weapons cache
flock of sheep narrated by character
gay slur presumed dead
slow motion scene black comedy
critically bashed cult film
younger version of character writing on someone
warehouse vigilante
tomato throat slitting
threatened with a knife tattoo
tanning salon surgery
subtitled scene stuttering
stabbed in the back spanish
soiling pants silencer
shotgun shot to death
shot through a wall shot in the throat
shot in the stomach shot in the shoulder
shot in the leg shot in the head
shot in the hand shot in the forehead
shot in the chest shot in the back
shot in the arm shootout
ship sequel to cult film
russian roulette rosary
rope rogue agent
revenge returning character killed off
racial slur prison
prisoner pool table
police station police officer killed
police detective pistol
pistol whip panic room
new york city murdered priest
massage parlor male rear nudity
male frontal nudity mafia
leg brace knocked out with a gun butt
jumping through a window janitor
italian irish
irish catholic hockey arena
hit with a hammer heroin
held at gunpoint headphones
hands tied behind back greenhouse
grave friendship
flashback finger gun
fbi agent father son relationship
fantasy sequence falling through a glass roof
falling from height faked death
earplug duct tape over mouth
dream sequence scene of the crime
corpse copycat murder
confessional coins on eyes
cigarette smoking church
cameo brother brother relationship
boston massachusetts blood
blood splatter bilingualism
betrayal beaten to death
bar bartender
bare chested male assassin
arrest 1950s
sequel second part
death of friend death of father
number in title

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