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Season 1

9 Apr. 2009
Wench Trouble
In the long ago Maconian empire Krod Mandoon is young, handsome, brave - and very clumsy. (His name is Dork spelled backwards, after all.) With his band of freedom fighters, lusty pagan girlfriend Aneka, devoted ex-slave Loquasto and Zezelryck, a fake sorcerer who talks like the donkey in 'Shrek' he is on a mission to free his mentor General Arcadius. Arcadius has been imprisoned by evil chancellor Dongalor who kills his counsellors for criticizing his trousers and possesses a weapon of mass destruction - which he will activate if he can translate its runic ...
9 Apr. 2009
Golden Powers
Having been told that he is the chosen or Golden One named in a prophecy as the man who will defeat Dongalor Krod saves both himself and Aneka from assassination attempts.
16 Apr. 2009
Our Bounties Ourselves
About to part, Aneka and Krod see that they are on Wanted posters, and narrowly avoid being poisoned by an innkeeper after the bounty. Dongalor is visited by Emperor Zanus's nephew Roderick, a weapons inspector who takes a mutual shine to Dongalor's reluctant girlfriend, though the Eye of Gulga Grymna is successfully concealed. To take the heat off them and persuade Dongalor they are dead Zezelryck concocts a potion which simulates death when Krod and Aneka drink it. Their 'bodies' are taken to Dongalor but Krod starts to wake up and they are saved by a handsome ...
23 Apr. 2009
O Biclops, Where Art Thou?
Ralph Longshaft, who saved Krod from Dongalor, turns up with Grimshank, a warlock. They propose to admit Krod and Aneka to the Elite Resistance Council, on condition that they steal the Bloodstone of Alluvia from a scary cyclops. In fact the cyclops turns out to be a camp bi-sexual, known as the bi-clops, but he does try and imprison Krod and his gang though Aneka wounds him and they escape with the Bloodstone. They give it to the council but Krod is a little put out when, despite their places as council members, Aneka leaves him to go off on a 'sailing' weekend with ...
30 Apr. 2009
Succubi: The Dawn's Early Light
Grimshank tells the freedom fighters that if Dongalor can activate the Eye it will wipe out whole cities. In the belief that a pagan woman's tears can activate it Dongalor captures all the village women but totally fails to make them cry, for it is a known fact that pagan women never weep. Aneka returns from her 'sailing' weekend with Ralph but Grimshank feels she is at risk of capture from Dongalor and gets Ralph to take her to his villa. They have sex but Ralph tells her it is meaningless. Krod and the other men are told by Grimshank to light a beacon to alert the ...
7 May 2009
Thrilla in the Villa
Seeing notices announcing his death,Krod and his band assume Grimshank has betrayed them and, helped by his ex-wife Agnes, sneak into his room,stealing Aneka's tears and a dog's tooth he wears, the loss of which renders him powerless. He explains that he only acted as he did to get into Dongalor's confidence and stop the activation of the Eye. Dongalor arrives and Ralph, the real traitor, who is greedy for wealth, gives him the tears. In the ensuing fight Ralph kills Grimshank and Aneka saves Krod by killing Ralph. Dongalor tells Krod that they are brothers-in-law as ...

 Season 1 

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