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Absolutely amazing

Author: polysicsarebest from IN
28 May 2009

I've watched all of season one 3 times, so I feel like I can safely review this series now. And you know what? I'm still laughing at something new with every episode.

This is truly a work of genius and is probably the funniest show currently on television. Just consistently mindblowing in every way! So loaded with jokes... the humor is very dry and probably isn't for most people, but there I moments where I almost cry from laughing so hard in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Can't say that for any other show currently on television.

Fake reality shows are not a new concept, and the look and concept and feel of the show might be a reason for most people to write it off without thinking twice. But trust me, give this one a look. It'll be a show people talk about in 10 years from now. A future classic...

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They'll seriously go balls out

Author: Zeynoon Elassal from United States
27 September 2010

You have to understand how extreme this show actually is. Their aesthetic is a wonderful reflection of reality television and the real world. Think of it like this. The deadpan humor is gonna be a lot funnier when you realize that sometimes, peoples grip on reality can be fractured. Jon is borderline insane, but comes off as a quirky character, due to the nature of the programming. But in reality, there are too many people who can't appreciate that attitude we see on reality TV in average real life situations, in which Jon is constantly finding himself in. Visiting his girlfriends house and meeting her family while still being "on" for the cameras, the embarrassment the people around him feel, and how it goes over time. In this situation, Jon's reality show really has no hope. It follows the wreckage something like witness relocation can wreak on a family, while be reminded of the surreal quality of television truly invading and exploiting the private lives of people. It's absolutely insane just how understated the insanity is. Because it's completely serious, that's the point. You just gotta be aware of the elements of the show, and how they carry each other to become an enriched fan of the show. But, at the same time, you can just lay back and let it carry you along without a thought and with it's dead pan delivery, contrasting characters, you'll find plenty of reasons to be entertained.

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Delocated is the best

Author: punker1254 from United States
16 March 2011

I watched season 1 of Delocated, all the way through without stopping. And I literally didn't stop laughing the entire time. When your about to stop laughing form the last thing that happened, something else makes you start laughing again. I'm talking about the kind of laughing that makes you cry or pee your pants. I almost couldn't handle how much i was laughing, and after i got done with season 1 i felt like i had laughed enough for a lifetime. Some of the jokes are really raunchy and some people might be offended by them. So this isn't the show for everyone, I definitely wouldn't show this to my grandma. But I think most modern-era people will enjoy this show.

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Delocated is funny for those that get it

Author: wierdwar from Canada
31 December 2012

Jon is the ultimate likable moron, oblivious to any social norms. This is classic deadpan humour at its best. You have to laugh out loud as Jon Glaser keeps a straight face with the ridiculous things transpiring around him. Wearing a ski mask and talking with a voice pitch shifter add to the hilarious hijinks. Its funny watching the more normal characters reacting to Jons crazy ideas and behaviour. This is so different then most comedy shows. Its good to see something fresh and original get a chance to grow. If its not you style of humour go back to mainstream sitcoms and let the fans of this show enjoy this offbeat gem.

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Good or Bad? Somewhere Between the Two.

Author: Matthew Robb (nightmare2626) from United Kingdom
5 November 2013

I went into this unaware of anything except for the title and the basic premise. After watching all 3 seasons (and the epilogue episode) I feel I can give a fair opinion of the show; for the most part, it sucked. Its problem seems to be that it wants to be random but only half tries most of the time. This is perhaps why Season 2 is the best, since it succeeds in gaining a great balance between dialogue, story, and being random but ultimately being cohesive (the best example of this, and the best episode overall, is Season 2 Episode 5 "Jon He Does It" AKA the prank episode). The end of the series is completely underwhelming and makes you question why you even watched this at all; the "reveal" of Jon's face and all of the events that come before it seem like an attempt to clear up as much of the story as possible, when story was never all that important (there are inconsistencies between episodes, whatever allows that week's story). I'm sure most people would have been happy to have left certain threads dangling, since that seemed to be the nature of the show established in the very first season (e.g. the unexplained changing of the characters who hang around Jon). It still gets a 6 out of me (which keeps flickering to a 5) because it does have genuinely funny parts and I feel that if I was more of a fan of reality television I would be laughing even more. It seems to rely on subverting the tropes of that genre as humour in and of itself far too often but the fans of reality shows are too busy watching the new Kardashian's Toddler Shore shows to bother with anything else so who are these jokes actually for?

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I'm sure the writers are well aware of what they've made.

Author: Bash_McNasty from United States
30 August 2009

This show is coming from the people to blame for Wondershowzen and Xavier: Renegade Angel. If you haven't seen those, maybe you want to check them out before trying to watch this.

The show is about somebody in witness protection on TV, which is obviously ridiculous. Being the only person walking around NYC in a ski mask with a voice-modulator at all times is pretty obvious. The show is goofy and absurd, obviously. I think he's voice sounds funny as hell the way it is, same thing with Xavier's voice, and sometimes that alone is enough to make me laugh.

If you aren't into this kind of stuff, then you're not, and you should stick to some laugh-tracked sitcom on ABC or something. Not as good as Wondershowzen or Xavier, but still a show worth watching.

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If this is funny, then I just don't get it.

Author: LAmitch from United States
11 February 2012

So I saw Jon Glaser on the Conan show this week, and learned of "Delocated." I thought the concept was interesting, so I set the DVR to record a few old episodes from season 2 which are playing nightly now. I could not finish either of the first two episodes recorded, so I canceled all future recording. Where I found it so bad that it wasn't even watchable, I'm open minded enough to realize that others may like the show, and that must be the case as they are now airing season 3.

I couldn't put my finger on what it was exactly that made me dislike the show, so I started reading user and critic reviews to see if I could figure out why I found the show not funny... Sad, if you will. I believe the reason I hate the show is because of its very nature, a reality TV spoof sitcom. Since its inception, I have hated all reality TV. I do give a pass to "talent shows", but I don't watch those either. And I also dislike fake reality shows, like Lost and Survivor. I have watched The Office a handful of times, and tried watching it again this year when James Spader joined the cast because I usually like him; still cannot watch it. I guess for me, fake reality TV is every bit as bad a genuine reality TV.

I would say if the premise of Delocated sounds interesting to you, and you at least like fake reality TV, you might want to give this show a try. If like me you think reality TV, whether genuine or fake, is the first sign of the impending fall of human civilization, you should probably just skip this show as it will only help to prove what you already know.

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Great Concept Gone Wrong

Author: Icekiller22 from United States
12 February 2009

I had a lot of hope and great expectations for this show, but it ended up being a great idea with poor, poor dialogue. It was hyped for quite some time due the strong reputation of the producers and cast involved. I love the work Jon Glaser had done with Conan, Assy McGee, Wondershowzen and all others. Jon Glaser, the lead character and dad, does not stop talking to allow any chemistry to develop with the other characters. The one liners are unfunny, unoriginal, and the swearing and outbursts do not compensate. Each scene is irrelevant and inane. There is no fluidity to the editing and the scenes could go in any order; as if a bad sketch show. Strong named cameos do not help increase the standing due to the poor use of them.

Jon Glaser disappoints with a poor writing, directing, and an all around show. Overall, not worth the less then 15 minutes it airs.

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