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Fanboy and Chum Chum

Author: jlnajera from United States
17 November 2009

Synopsis: Adults are probably gonna hate it. Children will probably like it, but they don't know why...and that's not a good thing.

Let's start with the theme song. The theme song is 35 seconds, with 5 seconds for the word "Brainfreeze", and 10 seconds dedicated to gibberish. The song, which features a mind-boggling 240 WPM (Seriously. I did the math.), is filled with phrases like "Look at our underwear!", and describes the main characters as "coo-coo and crazy". What's wrong here? First of all, coo-coo and crazy is an understatement, and lastly, normal speaking and listening pretty much has a range between 100 and 175 WPM, with 150 WPM being the ideal range that people feel comfortable. 180 WPM is where people start getting annoyed, complaining that they are being spoken to too fast. This begs the question, why are cartoons today so fast-spoken and hyperactive? However, the theme song is able to be comprehended...if you pause it every four seconds. Sadly, it's not even worth trying to comprehend.

Fanboy and Chum Chum (Chum Chum is voiced by Nika Futterman. Her credits include similar short-lived cartoons and "Give it to me, baby!" in the song "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)") are two very "special" boys. Fanboy wears a purple mask, gloves and cape, with a green leotard that he wears his underwear over. Chum Chum wears goggles and black gloves, and wears his underwear in the same fashion. They are also in terrible need of an orthodontist and an eye surgeon, as Fanboy has large buckteeth, and Chum Chum has teeth that resembles New York City's skyline. They also seem to have lazy eye in an effort to enhance their "zanyness". Kyle (voiced by Jamie Kennedy, who's previous work is far from children's shows) has already received orthodontic treatment, and seems to be a legit wizard. If you haven't found enough causes for concern about this show in this article so far...keep reading.

They are taught in school by Mr. Mufflin, who is a boring adult, fueling the flames of stereotype that cartoons seem to be so ready to provide children about their elders. Mr. Mufflin is annoyed by the boys (and rightfully so...but these clowns are the protagonists, so the kids probably find the teacher to be an antagonist...oh well...), lets us know that the boys have been held back a grade, and will likely be held back another. This comment is sparked by their disinterest in school, instead being more focused on what flavor of grape juice goes best with their lunch. Their hyperactivity is showcased as they flail their hands in the air and shouted constantly to get the teacher's attention for an insignificant matter. Only 2 minutes of the show has passed, and I'm already praying my son doesn't imitate this show.

So we already know the two "heroes" are stupid, hyperactive, and have zero attention span. Then the antagonist shows up: Kyle, a boy wizard. He despises Fanboy and Chum Chum, probably due to their obsession with his powers. In order to try to gain Kyle's respect, they attempt to convince him that they are wizards, also. Failing to dupe Kyle with simple street magic, Fanboy asks Kyle to pull his finger. Kyle refuses, and Fanboy graphically farts in Kyle's face, calling it "magic".

Let's talk about the music score. The music score makes "Tom & Jerry" scores look like John Williams Oscar-Winners. The music score is unimaginative, featuring simpleton accordion melodies for the annoying moments, and pseudo-superhero motifs for the hyperactive moments. Basically, the music is just as likely to knock off a few IQ points as the show itself is. It ain't no "Wonder Pets", let's just say that.

In the "Trading Day" (possibly an outdated "Training Day" reference, meaning it took a long time for this show to be green-lit out of desperation) episode, we meet the equally hyperactive girl, Yo. Time for an outdated reference. She is obsessed with digital pets (a fad that was born in the 90's, and pretty much died there) and Chum Chum. She wants to "own" him so he can fulfill her playground agenda. The kids are revealed to be slaves of commercialism, with every kid buying a toy robot soon after the ad airs. Fanboy imagines owning the toy, which reveals that Fanboy's favorite lunch is a jar of mayonnaise. Yuck. Fanboy fails to buy the toy, becoming the uncool kid in class (as if his hyperactive superhero gig wasn't enough). So, Fanboy makes a deal with Yo, and trades Chum Chum for the toy. Now we are teaching kids that friends and other kids are property? Oh, boy…

Fanboy starts to play with the robot, who is designed to do nearly anything you tell it to do, and never runs out of resources to fulfill these orders. Weird. Yo, meanwhile, is making Chum Chum carry her on his back and run like a pony. Fanboy begins to realize that he made a bad trade. Out of frustration, he tells the robot to "suck an egg" (my kid had better never say that), and the robot grabs a chicken out of thin air and sucks an egg out of it. That was the last straw for me. Some events ensue that destroys the robot, and Yo, who has since placed Chum Chum into a large glass dome to keep him as a human Tamagotchi pet, tells Fanboy that since her robot is broken, he has nothing to trade, therefore making Chum Chum hers (since Chum Chum is still apparently property). Fanboy pleas, and before you know it, they are both seen inside the glass dome, acting out for Yo's amusement.

What can children learn from this show? Well...nothing you want them to. I can tell you I'm sure of that. This show earns an "F", and will probably join the long, long list of cartoons from the 2000's that didn't make it 3 seasons.

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One word- Painful.

Author: IndecisivePigeon from United Kingdom
24 July 2010

Okay, I will start off saying that I am a fifteen year old girl who generally enjoys cartoons that are aimed at younger audiences. For example Spongebob Squarepants, Fairly odd parents and so on... I am usually very open minded about kids shows as they have a certain extent of 'immature' humour. But this show just take immature to a whole new level. First off, the animation is crap, it's bright and I just think generally painful to look at. The theme song...well 'nuff said. The characters are stupid and annoying. The humour is mainly 'pee pee' and toilet jokes which I believe is VERY unoriginal and just overall pants. I wouldn't suggest anyone over the age of four to watch this- it's just terrible. It's one of those kind of shows where you can feel your IQ dropping as you watch it. Definitely a no-go.

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If kids actually like to watch this, then this should be a wake up call...

Author: abrown975 from United States
16 July 2010

Yes, yes, yes. I understand that this show is meant to be funny and not educational. I get that part, in fact we all get that part. I understand that there is nothing wrong with a good ol' escape-from-reality television show. I understand that not everything has to have a lesson or moral attached. I understand that kids sometimes just want to laugh. But the thing I don't understand is WHY kids laugh at this. I mean, when you really think about it, this show is nothing but farts, "pee pee" jokes, bright colors, annoying characters, and REALLY annoying voices (Chum chum. I rest my case). So, we should all ask ourselves "Is this what I want my kid to watch?" Come on, at least Disney Channel tells jokes (corny jokes, but jokes nonetheless) instead of just dancing around and shouting "babababa" for no reason. This show is a perfect reason to question today's comedy. I mean, really? Is this seriously what child-safe humor has been reduced to, while once it was something clever, like seeing the world from a toddler's P.O.V. on "Rugrats", when now it's random farts and other annoying noises on "Fanboy and Chum chum"? Not only is this show using randomness and annoying sounds/voices as a foundation for child humor, but what does this teach your child? It teaches them to act hyper and annoying all the time (including school)! Sure, shows shouldn't always have to teach children good things in order to be an acceptable show, but it shouldn't have to teach children bad things either. So, we all have a choice. Either let kids watch educational television that will feed their minds but might bore them as well (like "Caillou") , let kids watch something funny and educational that lets them laugh and learn at the same time (like "Fetch With Ruff Ruffman"), let kids watch something noneducational yet funny without coming off as edgy or random (like "Avatar: The Last Airbender"), or let kids watch something noneducational and more random and annoying than funny that, well let's face it, rots the minds of children (like, you guessed it, "Fanboy and Chum chum"). If this show wants to be better, first the producers need to take out all of the unnecessary farts, annoying noises, random stupidity, and other mindless factors. Then, they need to replace them with actual jokes and other things that children can laugh at and actually know WHY they laughed. Either way, something needs to change, and if nothing does change, then I would not predict a very big or prosperous future ahead. This show deserves * out of ********** stars, and the only reason I'm giving it any stars whatsoever is because it has Jamie Kennedy in it, who happens to be a funny man* (when he's not doing shows like this).

RECENT EDIT: *I take it back. He used to be funny; now he sucks.

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...really? This show is real?

Author: Joshua Cimarric-Penczek from Austin, Texas
4 August 2010

Wow...this is one of the worst shows ever on Nick. Nick has had many bad show recently. Including Zoey 101, Back at the Barnyard, Yakity Yak, Mighty B!, the new episodes of Spongebob (the old episodes are good), Victorious, and so forth. At the time, I thought the worst show on Nick was the Naked Brothers Band. But now, there's this show.

When I saw a preview for this show, I honestly thought "Is this a joke? Would people REALLY be stupid enough to make this show?". Then I saw the first episode. As I predicted, it was horrible. I thought "Wow. This will never catch on. Never." Well, so far, its almost completed it's first season, which blows my mind.

The show is about these two boys named Fanboy and Chum-chum. They wear superhero outfits, with their underwear above their costumes. In their pastimes, they like to make fart jokes, damage peoples properties, make more fart jokes, make weird mutated monsters, make MORE fart jokes, and did I mention THEY MAKE FART JOKES?????? Thats literally all they do! 95% of these jokes are about poop, farts, butts, pee, toilets, and so forth! Arrgghh! Well, let me tell more about this terrible show! Lets start with the theme song. It's probably the only good thing about the show. While not good at all, it's pretty catchy. There seems to be a lot of bad shows with catchy themes (Power Rangers, Pokemon, Yakity Yak, My Friend is a Squirell, etc.).

Then...the animation. While bright and colorful, it's painful to look at. I don't know how to describe it, but its awkward to look at...maybe it's because all the characters are poorly designed and are ugly. I don't know.

Speaking of characters, they suck. ALL of them. Like I said, everyone is ugly and unappealing. Everyone looks like they belong in a mental hospital! They all act like that too! There's a character named Boog (great name huh?) who's body shape is a hot dog. There's another person named Yo, who is the love interest. Usually, the love interest in a movie\show is either sexy, has a great personality, or both. Well, this character has NEITHER of that. She looks like the little girl from Orphan (2009) if she turned into a hippie. All this character does is stalk the two boys and says "Yer sooooooooooo coot! I wanna hugg yoo!" OVER AND OVER again.

Like I said above, the jokes are putrid. 95% of these jokes are about poop, farts, butts, pee, toilets, boogers, etc. Like heres a joke from the first episode. "I fart bubbles! Tee-hee!" or "Your the best poop ever!" C'mon! Who wrote these jokes, toddlers? Who finds this funny?

And finally, the episodes. Wow....I might puke! But whatever. The first the episode is about this evil janitor named Mr. Poopy. ENOUGH WITH THE POTTY JOKES!!! Anyways, Mr. Poopy is basically a rip-off of The Emperer from Star Wars. I would call him a spoof, but he is just WAAY to similar. Another episode rips-off a movie. What movie do you think it is? Its gotta be a well known movie right? Wrong! They rip-off The Mist (2007)! That isn't even a classic film (yet). What kid has heard of The Mist? Who would spoof an R-rated guts-and-gore horror film thats barely 3 years old? Another episode does a joke on Maximum Overdrive (1986). Again, what kid has heard of this film? Its might be more violent than The Mist! What were the writers of this show thinking? Were they high?

There have been many horrible shows in the world. But this might take the cake. This show is....horibblufuckis! I babysit many kids, at least 25. NONE of them like this show I swear. Everyone I know absolutely hates this show. We can all prayer that this show gets canceled before it can insult are intelligence much longer.

1/10. Dreadful show. DREADFUL!

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Nothing less than an insult to your intelligence.

Author: stcanard5 from Canada
24 September 2010

Nickelodeon has done me plenty of wrong in the past five years. The Penguins From Madagascar is the only exception, and after that wonderful show, I thought maybe Nickelodeon had turned itself around, and Fanboy and Chum Chum wouldn't give me a brain aneurysm. But...if you liked The Penguins From Madagascar, you'll want Fanboy and Chum Chum destroyed, and vice versa. Fanboy and Chum Chum is a show with no dignity, class or individuality. My younger brother and I tried watching a few episodes, and it's so unwatchable that we couldn't heckle it properly.

It's been explained in detail by other reviews here just why the show is so awful...hideous character designed, forced gross humour (one episode had a twenty-five second sequence of burping), and story lines so anti-climatic and predictable that it's disappointing. I say "disappointing" because I've been trying to get my work submitted to an animation studio, mostly action-adventure fantasy projects, and knowing a show about two disgusting children with irritating voices and ADHD was approved and *brought to life* actually makes me feel worthless. Apparently this generation of children deserve only loud in-your-face Spongebob Squarepants clones.

Many of the jokes revolve around "random" humour and references to movies the target demographic would have never heard of, including The Boy In The Bubble and The Mist. Random humour is a cop-out to everyone watching. You're set up for something funny, at least amusing, only to get "I LIKE PIE" or something of the like screamed in your face. This happens too much for it to be excusable.

People defend this cartoon with the weathered "it's just a kid's show" excuse. These people have obviously not seen bold things like Batman: The Animated Series, Gargoyles or Avatar: The Last Airbender. Heck, even Jem was brilliant in its own way. These cartoons actually treated their young viewers like they had functioning brains, and could follow a multi-episode story without the characters screaming random words in their face. People have decided that no matter how trashy and stupid a cartoon is, it's "just for kids". I remember the cartoons I had when I was young - this is the late nineties - and some of them were incredible. If I grew up with Fanboy and Chum Chum, I'd have grown up a disgusting and intolerable person. Please, People Who Defend This Show, make your kids watch some DuckTales or Spectacular Spiderman. What your child watches as a kid influences their behaviour and their mental development. I cringe to think a child is growing up to be Fanboy.

So, to reiterate shortly...putrid, unaesthetic character designs. Clichéd plots. Excessive random humour and gross humour. Bizarre cultural references. If you decide to watch it, your brain goes into an automatic defensive shutdown mode because it thinks you're trying to kill yourself. Please, don't watch this show if it's on. Go for some Spongebob reruns from 1998-2002 or something classic you already love. You'll do yourself a favour.

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WOW, definitely the worst show in cartoon history

Author: tr2143 from United States
27 October 2010

When I saw the previews for this show before it came out, I thought it might have been a decent show. Then I saw the first episode. It was a complete waste of my time. Every about this show is terrible; the characters, the story lines, the art style, the jokes etc etc. Everything is unbearable. Now, I have only like the older shows like Angry Beavers, Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats, Hey! Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life etc. I dislike almost every show on Nick right now, especially iCarly and Big Time Rush. But this is a new low for Nickelodeon. I mean, Wyatt Cenac is part of this show, Wyatt Cenac, a former writer of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. One of the writers from one of the best shows on TV, is on Fanboy and Chum Chum. WTF??? We really need to start a petition to cancel all of the crap shows and bring back the '90s!!!

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Rest in piece, subtle humor in kids shows. You shall be missed.

Author: Scott Sonoma (TheSonomaDude) from United States
20 January 2013

I will try to keep this as short as possible. Fanboy & Chum-Chum is beyond a terrible show. It is a filthy, revolting excuse of a children show. I am convinced that this show is some form of government product created only to dull the minds of our youth so they wont rebel. And frankly, it might work. The terrible humor in this show is so jawdroppingly heinous, it WILL kill brain cells.

The jokes in this show don't even count as jokes. Claiming that this show has 'humor' would be like filming your drunk uncle on the toilet after eating raw Indian food and calling it 'an art piece'. If you were to call it humor, then it would be categorized in the 'bad toilet humor for 4-year-olds' section. Almost every joke in this show involves some form of poop, pee, fart, booger, underwear, smelly feet, toilet, or other bodily functions that your toddler would find funny. Even if the jokes aren't all bathroom humor, they are still all extremely predictable and lame beyond believe.

Exibit A: In one of the episodes, there is an antagonist named Kyle who can preform magic tricks. Fanboy tries to show off his "magic" skills by, how else, farting in his face. Exibit B: In the episode "Fanbidextrous" Fanboy recites a famous Beethoven symphony by using armpit farts and burps. Exibit C: In the pilot episode whatever it was called, Fanboy & Chum Chum face off the new evil janitor named Mister Poopitee who roles around in a toilet-shaped golf cart. See a common trend?

While some have praised the animation style, I simply cannot agree. While I will admit it is very colorful and eye appealing to younger once I'm sure, it doesn't get much better beyond that. The animation looks like a bad Wii game cutscene. The character design is atrocious and unappealing. There is a character named Boog, who is your typical jock/nimrod/bully stereotype, who is shaped like a giant hot-dog. Everyone looks like they were translated literally from a toddlers doodle sketches in the back pages of a coloring book. Speaking of characters, none of them are likable. They all have irritating, over the top voices that will make your ears bleed in different ways never before seen by man.

How this show has been nominated for seven Daytimes is beyond me. This show is horrible in every meaning of the word. It will make you rip your birth organs out just so your next child will never suffer from this show. I think I just lost 30 brain cells just thinking about it. Please hear my plee and avoid this show like the Black Plague! You and your children will thank me.

Also, not only does the show spoof stuff like Star Wars and Jaws, but also The Mist and Maximum Overdrive...weird choices but whatever.

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Lameboy and Dumb Dumb is more like it

Author: drybones87 from United States
22 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh my god. I think i wasted 12 minutes of my life watching Fanboy and Chum Chum. First of all, this is a show about two dimwitted boys wearing superhero costumes going around down making everyones life suck. And there are some minor characters. Yo some digital pet obsessed girl. Oz, the owner of a store that doesn't sell anything. Lenny, a guy working at the Frosty Mart, constantly annoyed by the boys. Janitor Poopitein i believe it is is the school janitor, who is just a big star wars rip off at times. And Boog, a guy who likes beating up idiots like Fanboy, who seems to be accident prone. Wow...perfect character choice right? I mean, it is the best show i have ever seen in my life! WRONG. This show constantly uses stupid potty humor. I have yet to find ONE EPISODE that doesn't have a fart in it. And why do they wear super hero costumes? I mean, they were only mentioned in one episode really. In one episode its really hot outside and chum chum said "Its so hot my mask is running!" I know. The WORST PART is the theme song. It goes so fast, and it is impossible to understand. After i hear it, i want to punch my TV, and take some Aleve. And Boog, i feel sorry for the guy. In one episode, he gets eaten. In another, he gets a giant sign crush him and gets no help from anyone. And in another, he gets his money burned, flown away in a bubble, and stuck with chipmunks, which he apparently is allergic to. So this show is worse than sticking a hatchet in your head, and listening to a chalkboard being scratched. Don't watch unless you want to be subjected to torture.

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THE worst show on Nickelodeon.

Author: atakyle from Seward, Nebraska
17 October 2010

Just so you know, there are about 3 or 4 other shows on Nickelodeon (including the new ones) that are bad. But this?! This is abomination! This show is probably the crudest, strangest, dumbest and without a doubt the worst show I've ever seen. Here's why:

First of all, this show is a DISGRACE to Michael Jackson. Why? Because there's this little kid wearing MJ's Beat It outfit (which is pretty cool if you think about it). But they had to ruin it by making fun of Michael! This character says "shammon", "Aaow!", etc. And they made his voice high which is incredibly obnoxious and twice as annoying as Fred on YouTube. But that's just ONE character! Also, the animation is stranger than Tim Burton's movies! In fact, they don't even look like human beings! Anyway, the humor is REALLY bad. In fact, some of the humor is just Fanboy and Chum Chum just running around screaming like maniacs and wearing underwear on their heads! Who the heck would find that entertaining?

Everything is on this show is disturbing and gross. Some images are so gross that I changed the channel immediately after I saw it. The plots are horrible and unnecessary. There's one episode where they try everything to get a ticket to see a movie! What kind of a plot is that?

This show is a bad influence on children. Everything is horrible, and I simply cannot wait until this show is cancelled. Just don't even watch it...

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Nickelodeon passed on Adventure Time to greenlight this heap of garbage

Author: Michael Lysaght
22 February 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, so by the time this show started airing, I already was growing out of the age demographic of its programmes. (Save for maybe Avatar - The Last Airbender, that was a masterpiece) So I'm probably in my midteens, and I notice my younger brothers watching this show and from the first nanosecond I saw it, I knew that everything about it was going to be ugly. Even down to the animation being unbearably grotesque, there is nothing redeeming about this show. It is the absolute basic and base level of entertainment. Toilet humour throughout. Yeah, because that doesn't wear thin after a while.

The worst thing about this show is that it was greenlit by Nickelodeon, instead of Adventure Time. Probably one of the biggest mistakes Nickelodeon has ever made. Cartoon Network have hit the goldmine because of Adventure Time in terms of creative material whereas I've lost track of whatever the hell Nickelodeon has been broadcasting these days.

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