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29 Sep. 2009
Removed from the Body
Do you suffer from the creepy crawlies? Imagine discovering a living maggot in your scalp, eating away at your brain...a leech in your nose...or a fly that makes his home in your neck. These hair-raising tales will get under your skin.
29 Sep. 2009
Bizarre Births
Disturbing deliveries, gruesome newborns, and slithering killer infants. Strange babies born to strange moms in the strangest ways. Counting down the animal kingdom's most bizarre births.
6 Oct. 2009
Restaurant Horror Stories
Warning: this will make you queasy. It's our worst nightmare: Insect parts. Animal droppings. Or dismembered creatures. These are the most disturbing Restaurant Horror Stories.
6 Oct. 2009
Do you know what your dog has swallowed lately? Hopefully it's not your fiancé's diamond ring, or that kitchen knife! Uncover the most harrowing tales of animals found in the belly of a beast on Swallowed.
13 Oct. 2009
Giants 2
Their dimensions defy explanation. Their proportions confound science. Animals grown to massive magnitudes dwarfing their own kind. Meet the Giants - the product of limitless feeding frenzies, freak twists of nature and selective breeding.
13 Oct. 2009
The most remarkable anomalies in nature's ongoing search to make the perfect animal coloring. To some, they're omens of evil. To others, sacred spirits incarnate. Counting down the world's most astonishing ALBINO animals.
20 Oct. 2009
Mutants 2
Animals battling bizarre and baffling deformities pushing nature - and genetic science - to the breaking point. Twin terrors. Cranium catastrophes, mangled, missing parts and extreme extras. They shouldn't be alive, but they are.
20 Oct. 2009
Obese Beasts
Huge hogs. Fat felines. Chunky monkeys. They gobble, gorge and grow to supersized weights. But sometimes bigger isn't better. These are the world's most unbelievably obese beasts.
27 Oct. 2009
Medical Mysteries
From the lab to the examining room, these animals' symptoms confound science. Their conditions defy Darwin. Counting down the animal kingdom's most amazing medical mysteries.
27 Oct. 2009
These shocking modern day plagues and infestations will make you wonder if the world is coming to an end. Even the most harmless critters can become a deadly nightmare when they gather in giant droves on Infestations.
3 Nov. 2009
Odd Couples 2
In the wild, they'd normally never meet. In the wild, one animal is predator and one is prey. But what causes bizarre bonds between species? Unexplainable friends brought together by strange circumstance.
3 Nov. 2009
Crazy Canine Companions
Hard to fathom canine-creature connections. Mind-boggling unions formed between man's best friend and the most unnatural companions. One animal should be eating the other, but instead they're BFF's.
10 Nov. 2009
From supernatural creatures to ghouls and ghosts of the grave. When things go bump in the night, it could be a four-legged poltergeist. Counting down the world's most astonishing animal Hauntings.
1 Dec. 2009
Beast vs. Beast
Vicious attacks. Ferocious free for alls. And fights to the death. Hunting, sparring or defending their turf. When animals declare war on each other, the colossal confrontations can be heinousÂ... and hard to watch.
9 Dec. 2009
Caught on Tape 2
When humans and animals collide, it's wild, unpredictable, and sometimes captured on tape. Vicious attacks, head turning escapes, and frightening close calls, all in mind-blowing home movies of life or death struggles.

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