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Creepy Cures
Uncover the shocking ways animals become medicine with these Killer Cures. Traveling around the globe, see how different cultures approach healing with a little help from the animal kingdom.
21 Oct. 2008
Killer Cures
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15 Apr. 2010
Primates Gone Wild
Apes on the edge and monkeys on the verge. It's Mother Nature's most insane primate behavior. Counting down the world's most astounding stories of Primates Gone Wild.
15 Apr. 2010
Under the Influence
Astonishing addictions. Curious cravings. Mind-altering meals. Are these bizarre beasts following Darwin's design...or are natural highs going out of control? These are the world's most astonishing Animals Under The Influence.
20 Apr. 2010
Venom Cures
These are all close encounters with animals that can kill. But what kills can literally heal you. A matter of life or death.
13 May 2010
Peculiar Pets 2
Lightning fast snapping jaws. Slippery slimers. Rotund rodents. And powerful, predatory cats. They're unruly, untamed and possibly murderous. Can humans ever really temper mother nature's design? Some people dare to keep these creatures in their homes.
13 May 2010
Way Too Freaky
It's the most outrageous footage you have to see to believe. We're digging deep into the freaky files-giving out awards for the most eccentric and extraordinary footage finds. Here are the top ten Way Too Freaky clips.
20 May 2010
Dodging Death
Dogs and cats that shouldn't be alive. Victims of catastrophic tragedies...frightening freefalls...and extreme climates. These are the most amazing stories of animals Dodging Death.
20 May 2010
What's in your toilet? Almost any critter, big or small can get stuck in the sewage! Find out what's lurking underneath and where animals have been Trapped.
28 Sep. 2010
Color Freaks
Alien colors. Mutant shades. Disorienting DNA. These twisted tints of fur, feathers, and skin are all too real. These are the animal kingdom's most mystifying and eye-popping pigment extremes. Uncover the world's most astonishing Color Freaks.
28 Sep. 2010
Furless Freaks
In an animal kingdom filled with feathers and fur, they dare to go bare. But what happened to their hair? Mysterious medical conditions. Rare adaptations. Even genetic engineering - uncover the secrets of the un-naturally uncovered.
5 Oct. 2010
Don't Eat That!
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5 Oct. 2010
They Should Be Dead
Trapped, flushed and, as they cling to survival can these animals beat the odds and fight their way back from the brink? Counting down nature's most incredible close calls... They Should Be Dead.
12 Oct. 2010
Bizarre Looking Cats
An ancient civilization once worshipped them as gods. We cultivate them as pets. But some of these backyard beasts are in a class by themselves. How do these extra-ordinary cats defy their species, and survive?
12 Oct. 2010
More Fat Animals
Gluttonous appetites'. Strange DNA disorders. Can these goliath creatures scale down before its too late? We're counting down amazing obese beasts in...More Fat Animals.
19 Oct. 2010
Etched, inscribed, impossibly imprinted. Creatures altered by ink. Beasts transformed by design. From striking images to bizarre body modifications. Some will stop at nothing to adorn their animals.
19 Oct. 2010
Mad Medicine
Untamed treatments. Animal antidotes. And skin-crawling cure-alls. From killer venom, to exotic elixirs and procedures that defy death. What fuels nature's most extreme chemistry, and wildest Rx? Warning: these stories are not for the squeamish.
26 Oct. 2010
Alien Offspring
Whether pushed, pulled, or exploded into this world they look like they come from another planet. Be warned: these stories will make you queasy. Counting down the animal kingdom's most extraordinary... Alien Offspring.
2 Nov. 2010
Little Animals, Big World
Some incredible, tiny creatures push downsizing to the evolutionary edge. What drives this amazing menagerie of mini creatures? Uncover DNA deformities, strange sub-species, and confounding mutations.
9 Nov. 2010
Smuggled and Seized
When police encounter live creature cargo it's the wildest take downs imaginable. Counting down astonishing case files of animals... Smuggled and Seized.
16 Nov. 2010
Nasty... and on the Menu
Rodents, insects, and wild mystery meats. To some they're recipes for a nightmare. To others, they're delicacies pushing edible taboos to the limit. Counting down the most outrageous, disturbing, and extreme food that's Nasty... And On The Menu.
23 Nov. 2010
Eternally Stuffed
Preserved for an eternal after-life...these strange taxidermies make some cringe in fear or horror. Yet to others, this ancient art is the ultimate form of respect, even worship. Counting down astonishing cases of animals...Eternally Stuffed.
Dangerous Jobs
Whether it is wrangling wild animals or battling colossal creatures, our worst nightmare is their business. Dedicated animal experts put their lives on the line everyday working with the deadliest creatures in the animal kingdom.
Radical Rescues
Whether it's lost killer whales who need to be guided home, or a canine in danger of hypothermia, find out the altruistic side of man's nature through these heroic acts of intervention on Radical Rescues.
In Italy locals drape snakes on the statue of Saint Dominic and parade through the streets, all to ward off snakebites. A frog marriage in India appeases the rain gods and helps bring an end to a drought. These are the world's most astonishing RITUALS.

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