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Just horrible and horribly unfunny: it will make IMDb bottom 250 (If it gets enough votes)
intelearts16 January 2009
Imagine taking movies with some genuine quality and humor and copying everything and making it all flat,turgid, and OTT, welcome to the horribly titled 18 Year Old Virgin.

Full of the kind of humor that makes even 9th graders groan rather than laugh and without any smarts whatsoever this is one of the most unenjoyable films I have seen in a long time.

Every opportunity to flash some T&A is taken, but my reaction was so what, and it is a movie that aims to be the most sexist, and definitely not the sexiest, movie of all time.

Of the 117 votes cast as I write this 33.3% gave this 10 (err... note to publicity department, flack is OK - but let's keep it less blatant next time...OK?) and a stunning 30% gave this a ONE.... ooops!

I'm sure there is an audience for this, who knows maybe it'll be someone's favorite ever movie - but more than a horrible, horrible plot and a dreadful script is the damn awful acting where lines are delivered without any attempt to get us involved.

It all looks like an attempt to steal your money though oooh isn't it sexy, believe no it's not, avoid like the plague.....please.
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For sure not like my childhood
Nick A19 June 2009
I want to write something intelligent, but I assume that I should choose another movie for that. Oh well, I've seen this one yesterday, so let's see what my inspiration brings me.

I could write about the actors. There's not that many of them (low budget; the same people appear in different places of the house all the time), and they generally don't display much talent. This being said, it could also be the script, making them speak or behave in a very unnatural matter. However, I did like the fact that at least the leading ladies were capable of facial expressions. I truly regret that some highly acclaimed actors miss out on this field. It's one thing to passionately say the lines, but it's another thing to express it visually. I refer to that horrible thing called Zoolander, and the 'look' that means everything (actually the best part of that movie).

I could write about the plot, and then one sentence should do the trick: a girl wants to get some, and for some strange reason it's problematic. No plot worth mentioning, but hey, if you see this movie, it's probably because of the title, not because of the contents.

I could write about the setting. It's a house, and it's a damn big one. Amazing how many bedrooms are allegedly in there, and how many people manage to make out undisturbed. And only one tiny bathroom. As a European I always wondered ... do people actually go to someone's house and soil every bedroom? For sure they don't do that here.

I could write about the camera-work. Not HD, more like a professional attempt to use a handycam, but it only disturbs in the beginning.

I could write about the nudity. Ah, here's the thing, the girls look good. Again I refer to the two leading ladies, who are hot. They should seriously be offered chances in bigger productions, and not only because of their physique, but also because I believe that there's actual talent present. As for the guys in this movie, please don't bother.

Okay, I had my fun writing this. I watched the movie, didn't find it good, but I kept watching because of the leading girls. Also, I admit that in the second half, there were some good funny scenes. I don't regret seeing it, but I would advise the use of alcohol and male friends as company.
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A How-To on enjoying '18 Year Old Virgin'
jabberttp20 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
***some possible slight spoilers below***

(and no it has nothing to due with being high or drunk or regressing back to your pubescent or prepubescent inner child to enjoy this movie)

1) Do NOT view this movie as a spoof. It's not a spoof of "40 Year Old Virgin", "American Pie", or any of a dozen teen sex comedies where the guy is running around trying madly and inanely to lose his virginity for **insert plot reason, however lame, here**. If you think it's a spoof, you'll be horribly disappointed, although it does contain some elements of the afore-mentioned movies I mentioned.

2) Do NOT view this movie as a substitute for porno (if you're into such a thing). If you think it's a porno, you'll be horribly disappointed, although it does contain some elements of porno, including LOTS of T & A, both male and female frontal nudity, simulated male and female masturbation situations, as well as sexual positions and situations, hetero and homosexual alike, as well as simulation of fellatio (don't remember simulated cunnilingus though).

3) Do NOT view this movie as a full-throttle laugh a minute comedy, although I believe it tried to be. If you think it's a full-throttle laugh a minute comedy, you'll be horribly disappointed, as there were too many jokes that misfired and/or were lamer than lame. In fact, during the first 30-35 minutes of this movie, I felt the attempted humor was SO lame that the Director and/or Writer would've been better served to simply ask the vast cast of young (and young looking) actors and actresses to merely tell them a funny sexy raunchy joke, and just mash the best of 'em together.

***Then a strange and wonderful thing happened. At about the 35-38 minute mark, I actually audibly laughed at a joke. It was a wonderful turning point. And then I found myself laughing at a couple more. Then I found a couple of the humor situations VERY similar to American Pie (the first one - the good one). Then I found myself audibly laughing a couple more times.

***Then I even found one sick joke that even sickened me (something I thought was near impossible to do). Later that joke's sickness was a bit mitigated, but...

***Then I remembered that even in GOOD comedies like American Pie (the first one - the good one), 40 Year Old Virgin, and Superbad, they had some jokes that fell flat and/or short of the mark, too (admittedly not as many though). Heck, some of the American Pie sequels (won't mention which ones) were actually lamer than this movie in toto.

4) Do view this as a comedic drama, much like the ABC Afterschool Specials of yore that I used to watch as a pubescent or prepubescent youth. Just the dirtiest most raunchy Afterschool Special that you can imagine.

5) Do view this as a movie with a message (yes it's there), much like the ABC Afterschool Specials of yore. The message isn't necessarily rocket science or horribly deep, but neither were many of the Afterschool Specials' messages, either.

6) Do view this movie as educational. Believe it or not (and I'm a 44 Year Old Non-Virgin ;-) ) I learned a new sexual position! Thus saving me from having to read the Kama Sinatra, or whatever it's called - lol. I'm eager to try it out, I just need to find a female partner my age that's limber enough to assume said position. ;-)

And finally...

7) Try to find in this movie an actor or actress of the opposite sex (or same sex if you're homosexual) that reminds you of someone you know, or used to know. It makes it quite a bit more interesting. The Rose character (Lauren Walsh) reminded me of a younger version of a someone I know. In some actions, but mostly her looks and especially expressions at times. This certainly helped the hour and a half go by pleasantly for me. ;-)

Thanks for reading and now go ahead and enjoy the movie!

(for what it's worth, I rated it a 5 ;-) )
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Challenge in the sense of watching it till the end
srbasket19 April 2009
Out of tons of the movies of the same thematic, this one is the far worst I have ever seen. Very bad acting, sound synchronization is also disastrous (I was expecting to see the microphone at some stage, but I couldn't, so that's plus). Conversation is worst then in the majority of adult movies, same accounts for the script globally. Humour is copy/paste from different movies, so it's not worth commenting any more... My recommendation is: JUST SKIP THIS, don't waste your time Rating: Sinjce 0 is not allowed ps. I finished it after 3 days (my friend recommend it to watch it, and I don't understand if he was joking, or he was in the weird mood)
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What kind of movie is this??
syedatif1 February 2009
I think the movie is made with nothing in mind. I don't know how can anyone think that stuff would make someone laugh. The budget of the movie looks awfully low and thats not the point which is giving the movie the worst comment ever. The story is literally nothing, that kind of movie can be done by anyone and seriously this kind of a movie is not at all suitable to any age. That movie has nothing to offer, no lesson, no comedy or anything for instance. Besides the movie is even banned in some countries people in these countries are lucky that you're not watching this horrific and disgraceful movie. And i feel sorry for those people who want to escape and refresh their mind with a good movie and after seeing this its rather corrupting it.
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ice-1023 October 2009
This is the single worst movie I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. I'm Glad I did not pay to see this, Even then this is a complete money grabbing wh**re of a film, and I feel ripped off.

Nothing was remotely funny, entertaining, interesting, sexy, dramatic. It is a pathetic excuse for a film, and coining the title from 40 year old virgin, is just sick, expect nothing like that film, expect 1.5hrs of brain numbing garbage, that physically hurts your head its so bad to watch.

The script is just cut and paste of every major teen sex movie, such that there is no transition or filler, it just jumps from extract to extract, pure laziest way of script writing possible.

The lead cannot act and does not have any realistic reactions to the situations presented to her.

In-fact there's not one thing good about this film, except the DVD case can make a good paperweight, or a spare case for a free newspaper movie.
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I loved this movie....do I need help?
findtara-t6 March 2009
I didn't recognize any of the actors and the beginning took me a little while to get into, but honest to god I laughed my ass off at certain parts. I completely got into the fact that it was a female point of view. My favorite part was disgusting and outrageously funny at the same time. I don't wanna give it away but believe me all my girlfriends can relate.... MY girlfriend told me about this movie(so obviously some else liked it) and I rented it not knowing anything and now I've read some of these comments and I think they are forgetting the kind of movie they rented! If you want Braveheart, go get Braveheart. For what it was it was pretty darn entertaining.
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Nothing New.
veeshman8 December 2009
A regular(lees than regular) teen movie. Boobs, Tits, Pubic Hair, Penis, Kundalini(yoga), Group sex, Gay, Lesbian, A party & Complete nudity IncludeD.

A college girl (18 years old) who tries to get the attraction of her dream, soul mate. but he hates "Virgins"(Odd :P) so during a party she tries to loose her Virginity! In this quest she finds her real soul mate.

Acting - less than average(*Lauren Walsh{Rose} was bit good) Story - huh, no story at all Music- nothing special. Humor- 5/120 mins u can show your teeth

Rating- American Pie 01- 10/10 >>>>> 18 year old virgin - 1/10

If u r really free of work like me.. no harm Watch
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I had horrible expectations and I was pleased at being let down - This is actually a pretty funny movie!
Raglan2211 March 2009
I had read other's reviews and had low expectations going into this movie, but i decided to watch it anyway and I am glad I did! It started slow and I initially wondered if it was indeed a complete waste of time - the opening scene was pretty much a low rent 1 for 1 rip off of American Pie, but I stayed the course like a true republican and after the first ten minutes it got WAY better. The plot revolves around relatively the same idea we've come to expect from all these sex comedies - hot girl in love with a hot guy who's in love with someone else, all the while hot girls best boy bud has been secretly lusting after her for years and a lusty friend (who happens to be female in this movie (and who happens to be quite hot)) who pushes her prudish friend into situations in which comedy ensues. Pretty straightforward but the fun comes from watching the actors try their hardest to make the outrageous plot points seem realistic - both the male and female protagonists here have some pretty hilarious scenes.

Overall I'd give this movie at least a 6, maybe even a 7 just because I was so pleasantly surprised by how fun it was. It also had ample nudity if that's your boat and the girls are all hot. If you have an hour and a half and you wanna see a fun movie then go ahead and watch this.
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Awful; Only one reason to see this movie, Self education
A.J.17 May 2010
The only fun this about this DVD is the first time special on the Special Features section. It is a great extra of that cast talking about their first time having sex. Bring back some good memories. Not worth watching (i.e. renting, downloading, buying) the movie. If you can find the extra somewhere online, watch the extra feature. Do not waste your time with it. There is only one reason to see this movie (DO NOT BUY THIS MOVIE, rent it), to see what not to do if you are making a movie; i.e. writing, directing, or producing; on a low budget. The music is good for a extremely low budget movie. This movie has two lessons in it, 1. What not to do when making a movie. 2. That Hollywood still knows how to make really bad movies.
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Gross...why did i even see this movie..!!!
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, this movie is awful. It has no story line just a girl who is persuaded by her friend to lose her virginity. Her overnight experience is shown in so not funny way. There is not a single scene where I laughed. I certainly need my one and a half hours back. It's a low budget movie with a no interesting plot. I mean why don't you go ahead and watch a porn movie there is nothing new you would find here. I would suggest you rather sleep in bed than fall asleep while watching it. Do not compare this flick with 40 year old virgin. It was far better than this. Okay I would give 1 out of 10 and guess what I am feeling generous by voting even 1.
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Funny, Funny, Funny!
katherine_ajk6 March 2009
A few friends and I rented the movie last week and we thought it was hilarious! Brought me back to high school although I didn't have as much fun. It was def an awkward time for many people in life. I would compare it to American Pie type of humor. Generally these types of films always revolve around a guy so it was refreshing for the main character to be about a woman. Heck we need attention too!

Great movie to sit back and help you forget about everyday life and problems.

If you're looking for an Oscar nominating film, this is def not that. But are comedies or chick flicks Oscar worthy?
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Not the best film... But still funny
Massimo723 June 2009
Before watching the movie, i actually checked it out here... i had an expectation that the movie would not be all that great (Due to all the comments and low rating) however after, i didn't think that it was all that bad. It may not be the best film this year, but a few funny parts did lighten up the mood. A rather average cast, however i did think that Todd Leigh performed excellently, making the movie actually bearable. Hope to see him in many more films... hopefully next-time alongside a more experienced cast. To any one thinking of watching this film: Its funny in places, however the lack of experience is quite visible...in both the cast and crew fun to watch 5/10.
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There we tons of funny scenes that I'm still laughing about days later
mosborne-66 March 2009
This movie brought back a lot of silly and fun memories from high school. I think the cast of characters perfectly fit their roles. There were tons of funny scenes and lines such as the guy who called his package a "Lingum" and her's a "Yoni". My favorite line of the whole movie was "No, some of them are ugly". I don't want to give it away so go rent the movie. I also think the music went perfectly with the scenes. "More faster, more faster..." I've been telling all of my friends about this. If you like sex comedies you'll like this. The only thing that bugged me was that with some of the actors, it didn't look like there was real beer in the cups.
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long live naked scenes!
mrdonleone12 April 2009
this movie really rules, no matter what they say about it or how many points they give it I saw this picture with the knowledge that it would be bad because this site told me so according to the points it had at that moment (2.5). how wrong I was! it started with a whole lot a naked video clips and I was embarrassed. I was thinking 'oh no, again this is the movie of someone who believed he could make American Pie over again', but soon it showed me its humor and I liked it a lot! the naked scenes where heavy, cool, erotic, ... it rules! there are some points that prove this movie isn't perfect, but only Forrest Gump is perfect in my eyes. naked scenes are the future! long live funny nakedness!
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More than you expect from a B-Movie
Martin Onassis15 January 2010
This movie is a strange combination of a typical teen party b-movie with gratuitous topless nudity, and the second half is almost entirely a string of sexual situations. It really pushes the envelope in a couple places with its raunch and yet has two competent likable actors in it, especially the lead female, Olivia Alaina May, without whom this movie probably could not have been released. She manages to be both the sex object and yet the innocent character at the same time, convincingly playing a total innocent among the more perverted. This movie is a strong R, so parents and the prudish should have no illusions about its content. It's almost beyond American PIe, close to Woody Allen's Everything..Sex except nowhere near as good.

It manages to have a point to it, and some serious things to say about coming of age in the middle of a lot of over-the-top scenes. It also has a sweet ending to it. I would say it was a brave film, but I think more likely it was obligated to be a b-movie softcore teen American Pie-style film, and the director, writers and lead actress managed to salvage something more.

It's not often you see an actress get nearly nude on multiple occasions and yet still respect her acting ability. I hope industry people see this in the film and don't tar her for it. She reminded me of a young Susan Sarandon. There are a fair amount of technical glitches, and it is clearly low budget, but I found it original, funny and charming. I think its main lead actress May has obvious star quality, and the lead actor isn't bad either.
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Worst low budget movie Ever
nicolasjovic4 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
First of all the actors are way too bad, they said their lines without any grace, the acting of the extras sucks either, and also too old for doing 17 - 18 year old boys - girls, the budget is so low that all the movie is shoot on sets, and for example on the party scene they where drinking with empty cups, on other one ,one boy is getting high and there is no smoke coming out of his pipe, use tobacco men! the party looks like the most boring party ever, but i tell you, the acting is as as bad as the plot. Why these girl is so desperate to lose her virginity? why the guy who lives at the house let the party goes on with his grandpa in a coma upstairs? where are his parents? his dad or mom doesn't worry about his father in bed? Come on!! I read a review and it said that film students could do it better, and i agree. i haven't finished it but don't waste your time. Horror scenes: girl shaving on the bathroom, girl throwing up on a guys genitals, tantra sex scene.... all the movie stinks!!!
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hanna-221-11342027 March 2016
I do not know what the makers of this movie intended to tell us with it, how they convinced anyone to participate in their project and why it is on Netflix and DVDs of it exist? doesn't anyone watch movies before they get published anywhere? I have to say, this is the worst movie I have seen so far but weirdly I still enjoyed it a little bit. If you watch it ironically with the one-star reviews in mind it could be seen as 10 out of 10, because it's too bad to even be recognized as a real movie which is worth it to even get reviews written, so I don't really know why I did it. Whether this movie is recommendable or not is questionable to me.
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Less is more?
kosmasp26 May 2013
The less is more comparison goes for quite a lot of things. Since this is an Asylum production, this means they don't have that much money to begin with. They also like to make knock offs off Hollywood Blockbusters or at least movies with a funny premise. In this case "40 year old virgin" was clearly their target. But even that was too much, so they made it "less" years.

One thing you can't fault this movie with is trying. It tries to create something and the general storyline is not that much worse than any other teenage movie out there. They also have less clothing than some of them. But even if you give them that benefit, the movie never really takes off. It's too predictable and unfortunately not as much fun as you might imagine it to be (if you like and support independent movies that is). Not a complete waste of time, but also nothing you will remember for long
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One of the Asylum's better-looking movies, but everything else is lost in translation as a result
TheLittleSongbird19 May 2013
18 Year Old Virgin for me is not one of The Asylum's(notorious for their movies being awful, but there's something about their awfulness that intrigues me into seeing if anything of theirs is tolerable) worst, though a lot of the commentators here probably will disagree. Unlike their bottom-of-the-barrel stuff, 18 Year Old Virgin is one of their better-looking movies, the way it is shot is not too slipshod and the house looks great. However, 18 Year Old Virgin is also one of those movies where effort is made into making it look good but at the same time it forgets about bringing anything funny, original or as much as a story. I will say before moving onto what was so bad that the soundtrack is not too bad, it wasn't inappropriate and it sounded nice, it was just that it was also on the generic side and it was one of those soundtracks that I'm not going to remember in the long run. Moving on to the many things that was wrong with 18 Year Old Virgin, I found absolutely nothing funny about it. I like comedy just as much as the next person, but the humour here was crude and tasteless to the extent that I felt uncomfortable and that my intelligence had been insulted afterwards. And before anybody defending this movie gets condescending saying I have no sense of humour, I do love comedy and I knew what sort of comedy to expect having heard the kind before many times, it just isn't my kind of humour and I imagine that's true of others as well so you do have to accept that while you may find it funny others are not going to. 18 Year Old Virgin also has nothing original about it, everything seems heavily borrowed from other movies that have done the humour to much funnier and less predictable effect. As for the story, what was it again? It just jumps around with no order or sense of structure, and seems just an excuse to string along many scenes of sex and nudity, which just seemed to be there for the sake of it. Everything just gets thrown at you at such a pace that you aren't given time to breathe or relax, and each scene is more irrelevant than the one before it. The characters are just obnoxious stereotypes and seem to be just there with seemingly no reason and not adding anything to what little there is of the story. The acting indicates a lot of inexperience with everybody, especially the lead, looking lost and going through the motions. There is little chemistry and personality, and they look awkward as well. All in all, doesn't look too bad but everything else just got lost in translation. 2/10 Bethany Cox
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Wake up Americans..
ckk759321 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
There are certain points that I feel others should know after watching this film:

1. First of all, wake up Americans. I mean those who just think they knew the whole world just by touring a few countries and thinking they are the next generation encyclopedias. It's not. At least come from those dreams. You just failed.

2. In the picture, a character refers to his penis with the name "Rama". It is a holy name in Hinduism and how can the director give that kind of name. Is it just ignorance or stupidity? Or stupidity out of ignorance? People can't just understand if I tel you in these words. Instead I'll put it clearly like this. Imagine the same person naming his penis as "Jesus Christ" and the heroine christening her vagina as "Holy Mary". It seems very disgusting, right? So is it when you use names of other religions.

3. I don't want to hurt the feelings of others. But just wanted to let you know that making cheap films with no ethics, but only for the sole purpose of money doesn't make any sense. If you are for making money, there are lot more fields other than film making too.

4. I don't mean to say every director should be like a Scorsese, Coppola or Cameroon. But at least they should have the minimum knowledge about the basics of film making.

This movie is just another crap made just for money. I would certainly recommend you to abstain from watching it. It's just waste of your precious 90 Min's of your life watching it.
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The audio editing is so bad...
eliasbats23 February 2010
Let me get this straight: I gave this movie a 3 because of the boobies and stuff, otherwise it's so lame it doesn't worth even a review. The only reason I write one is to curse all the people involved in the recording, editing and mixing of the sound (SOUND DEPARTMENT PEOPLE: you could make the film not to suck so badly, but you failed this too.)

OK, clearly the sound guys either are NOT professionals (scratch that, they are not even enthusiast amateurs) or they have serious ear damage. These are the only reasons to justify the horrible, horrible sound.

1) There are so many overdubs (voice overs) in the film, that I'm starting to think that the original recording must have been very crappy. But suppose that we are generous enough to forgive the (drunk) recording guy -- mistakes happen, so OK, the production phase did not work out. 2) So let's go post-production: I understand that the overdubs are recorded in a super "dry" environment, like a studio, so you NEED TO DIRT THE OVERDUBS SO THEY CAN RESEMBLE AN ORIGINAL RECORDING. Is this really so difficult? Really, it seems that some dialogs are suddenly interrupted by a third person voice, sometimes it's even creepy. I caught myself several times thinking "What? Where the hell did that voice come from???" 3) The mixing is freakishly bad. Period.

But you can give this film a chance! Yeah, if let's say, you are an amateur cinematographer and want to understand which lethal screw ups you must avoid when you make your film. Am i fair or what?
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Well-Written, Totally Underrated Hidden Gem
highway2348 March 2011
I think this may be one of the most underrated movies ever. Yes, it was plainly made on a limited budget, the male lead seems a bit lost at times, and there are some other problems. But it has really good music, tight editing, a very talented and funny female lead, and -- and I think this is the strongest thing about it -- it's well written. Yes, I said it and I'd say it again. It's founded on a solid premise. (Katie loves her friend Ryan because of a kiss she believes they shared when they were kids, but because Ryan won't have sex with a virgin, if Katie wants to have him, first she has to find someone else to sleep with before the night is over.) There's a lot of raunchy humor, but the writer puts some thought into it. A lot of the jokes are about NOT showing the male penis, for instance, which I think puts the movie into the camp of retro softcore like Flesh Gordon and Fantasm (although I actually think 18-year-old virgin is better written than either of these).

The movie seems to have a lot of compassion for Katie and really delves into some of the confusions and anxieties of a young woman confronting sexual issues for the first time. It's really funny how she's simultaneously drawn to and offended by the penis. (I loved the bit when she asks "Is that what it's supposed to look like?", takes a cellpicture of a guy's naked penis and shows it to her more experienced friend...) There's a lot of amazingly Freudian moments in it too. Katie likes to correct people's grammar (and that's another thing, I'm a copyeditor and loved how the writer took the time to make all of Katie's grammatical corrections actually correct, rather than just putting in throwaway lines) and at one point refers to a dildo as a "dangling modifier," which Freud would have a field day with. It's a pun that works on a variety of levels.

I can get why people would hate this movie because of its low budget, or because they're expecting something like "40-year-old virgin" (despite the name, this movie is almost completely unlike 40-year-old virgin), or because it's raunchy. (It's VERY raunchy, much more so than American pie and mainstream movies of that ilk, but I don't mind that. Chaucer was raunchy, too.) But I wanna take exception to people who call the movie "mindless" or "just a T&A movie." A lot of thought went into the writing with this movie and because of that, I found it to be a delightful surprise for more than just the obvious reasons. Naomi Selfman wrote the screenplay and based on this movie alone I'm definitely going to be seeking out other movies she's worked on. Well done, Naomi, and remember, haters gonna hate.
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Terrible...Nothing Funny Whatsoever
miked60225 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Let's just say that the overall story is stupid and simply not believable. There is your basic "masterbation to a friend's mother" scene lifted from the "American Pie" cutting room floor. A shaving scene which really seem to serve no purpose other than to make the movie longer and more intolerable. There is the accidental fellatio on a corpse which, I'm pretty sure, I saw in the movie "Clerks." Won't waste my time on the plot anymore, but I think you get the idea.

The characters are so derivative that they are practically stolen from other films. There's the constipated face making Stiffler wannabe, there's the slutty best friend who offers advice, and there's the closet freak goodie two shoes. Watching this film, you get a sense that theses "actors" are playing the same characters from "The American Pie" franchise (and doing it poorly)instead of creating characters of their own.

This film was made by The Asylum. Every time I think the film company can not go any lower, they seem to find some sub-level of garbage. There is nothing original about this movie....nothing.
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Cure the Craving.
raugust1843122 April 2012
Dear Readers,

If you are even bothering to look at the reviews of this movie, or if you are even bothering to read this page concerning this movie, please, CURE THE CRAVING.

Most people who watch or even bother to read the so-called plot line of a movie like this are looking for or addicted to pornography. Face reality. A man and a woman are more than just a collection of sex organs out for a quickie. Men and women are beautiful creations of God, whose worth is far more than the sums of their parts (or rather, SOME of their PARTS.)

Sex films, XXX, hardcore "R", Playboy publications, all come from the same hate-filled, exploitative source called the evil and perversion of humankind. The end results are all the same.

Rather than even consider watching this "18 Year Old Virgin," please, instead, watch and listen to Tony Litster at curethecraving.com and deal with the real issues. Thank you very much. :)


Richard C. August
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