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Miley's most honest display of human emotion since deleting her Twitter account.
Organic_630 March 2010
Most writers would sell out by repeatedly writing screenplays that are vastly different from one another. Take Christopher Nolan for example; going from a psychological thriller where the storyline is paced backwards to an Oscar-winning blockbuster in which a world renowned superhero faces off his arch nemesis. Talk about a lack of consistency. A true writer gracefully keeps revisiting the same story over and over and OVER again and a great example for that kind of writer is Nicholas Sparks.

If recycling is healthy for our environment, it has to be with movies too, right? Never before has this man forgotten to add a romantic scene at the beach of an Eastern Seaboard sunset where two lovers mutely stare at one another. And who else can gorgeously stir up a tear-inducing ending as much as he? Forget 500 Days of Summer trying to explore the complexities of falling in love with a Hall and Oates dance sequence and an Expectations vs. Reality analysis. Instead he always remembers to kill off a protagonist at the end. M. Night Shyamalan calls HIMSELF the master of unpredictable twists? Puh-lease! Mr. Sparks's death sequences are so surprising, that you could almost say they're completely unrelated to the genre that the previous two hours were aiming to be.

And when a movie like Precious thinks its portrayal of a teenage girl in emotional turmoil is accurate, it's alarmingly mistaken. There, the leading lady is impregnated by her own dad, sadistically beaten down by her mother, all while dealing with obesity and illiteracy on a daily basis. Ha! Like THAT happens in real life. It's really the Last Song's Ronnie who deserves our sympathy. I mean, she has to spend the entire summer in an intimidatingly adorable Georgia beach house, embrace the pressure of getting accepted into one of the country's most respected art schools and endure the creepy smile of her overly kind father. Now that's plausible drama – I only wish I had the guts to sullenly disregard MY dad whenever he greets me with genuine concern. This vision of teen angst fantastically brought to life by none other than Miley Cyrus.

Now there are those jealous haters out there, determined to bring her acting career down. But they don't understand the effort it takes from a performer to purse your lips and cross your arms for 90% of a film. Like me and my fellow Miley fans said – she's just playing herself. It's really those hacks like Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep who are destroying everything classic cinema stood for. Who do they think they are to disappear into the heart and soul of characters they don't relate to or resemble in reality? When I'm watching a character on screen, I want to see the actor playing them. That's what made the most recent, Valentine's Day, so brilliant was that I could watch Jessica Alba being Jessica Alba the whole time yet grow blissfully unaware to her character's traits, abilities...heck, I couldn't even remember her name.

And mad props go out to Greg Kinnear in the role of a lifetime as the "antagonistic" father. A previous family drama of his called Little Miss Sunshine featured too much family and like…drama. It acted like each member had their own ambition and obstacle to deal with at the same time. What a load! This movie knows better, rather by making every other character's problems bow down to Ronnie's. In the Last Song, he delivers this performance, deserving the praise that Mo'Nique received playing Mary Jones. Never mind the fact Ronnie frequently shoplifts and snubs Julliard just to make a point. It's really him who's to blame for everything. How dare you fall out of love and pursue a career that makes you happy, only to have the audacity to want to mend the wounds of your broken hearted family? I rooted throughout for Ronnie as she continuously tried to reconstruct the layers of guilt and avoidance upon his shoulders. That leads me to my one grievance of this movie; a rebellious teenage girl visiting her estranged dad and blames one of her separated parents for breaking the family apart. Really Nick? That's all just too unfamiliar of a premise for me. At best, the closest Ronnie ever came to resembling a character from one of your previous features was Diane Keaton's daughter from Nights in Rodanthe (pauses) Ohhh!
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A obviously bad film.
Walter_Skinner7 August 2011
This is a obvious bad movie. I'm pretty sure everyone that went into the theaters went in and knew this was going to be crap. Everyone at least had doubts about it because Miley Cyrus is given the lead role. If you thought that Miley Cyrus was going to do a good job and show some acting chops then you were probably living in denial. To be fair this movie would had been mediocre even without Miley Cyrus in the lead (although she didn't help things) the reason why is that the book from Nicholas Spark's was crap so the odds were good that the movie was going to blow too. The movie even seemed like it was going to bad after the opening credits. Almost like the movie wanted to be seen as much as the reluctant boyfriends that were dragged to see it.
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seriously- Miley??
pamela pate2 May 2012
What on earth were they thinking?? They have completely ruined the book for a lot of people by putting miley as the main protagonist! The movie does not alway need to be utterly true to the book but the audience usually expects the actors to at least try to embody the characters from the book,to try to feel and express their feelings as they do. Now that is something Miley is simply not able to achieve!Her acting is really bad and sometimes you just want to pause the movie and start doing anything else. Anything that might distract you from what she thinks is acting.I almost did that a few times but I surprisingly managed till the end. If you liked the book, I wouldn't recommend you to watch it. It is not worth it.

I rated it as 4 just because I liked the other actors (especially dad) and because I still like the book.
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Who knew Miley was a robot.
While in my opinion the movie itself had many faults in the story. The story actually wasn't that bad... it wasn't that good either. However the acting in this movie was something out of a classic horror flick. The worst actor in this movie was its star Miley Cyrus. Many times a line would call for fluctuation in tone or heck emotion. But what was give in was dead pan face with monotone voice. The male lead had his moments of charm and decent acting, but then it would seem as though he took an acting tip from Cyrus. And suddenly he to was dead pan an monotone. The only saving grace of this movie is Greg Kinnear as the father. Cause lets all just face it, it doesn't matter what role Mr. Kinnear is playing he is fabulous. Also as a pleasant surprise was Bobby Coleman as Jonah Miller. The kid is an outstanding actor who made his pain, joy, and adorably little brother incredibly believe able. As he said in the movie to Cyrus's character "you maybe older, but I'm smarter than you", apparently though younger he is also the better actor.
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Waste of time and money
blueeyedbeauty77631 March 2010
I'll admit I was excited at first to see this movie. I had just finished the book a couple days ago and was psyched to see such an incredible book brought to the theater. The book was amazing: funny, romantic, sad, cheerful, pretty much everything you could want in a book. Well, everything that made the book great was taken out in this appallingly horrible movie. It felt torturous to watch what with Miley Cyrus absolutely slaughtering the character of Ronnie. After finishing the book, I realized I couldn't see her as the character, but I figured she couldn't be too horrible. Oh how wrong I was.

I didn't believe Miley Cyrus for a second during the real pivotal scenes in the movie. Her tears/crying scenes were laughable. Her attitude problem phase was obnoxious. The only relationship I believed was the one between her and the guy and that's because they're dating off screen. Oh how difficult it must be to act like you're in love with you're real life boyfriend. I wouldn't even call her performance mediocre.

And then comes the fact that this movie didn't even somewhat resemble the book. They took out the best scenes. They changed nearly EVERYTHING. They cut the preacher and the important back-story of her father. They didn't introduce the slightly similar sub plot with Scott very well at ALL. It was hinted at throughout the book, but in the movie it was sudden and not very well done at all. Actually, the majority of the scenes were done opposite of how they were done in the book, making them really bad.

Scott was more important in the book. Marcus was WAY more important in the book and he was one of those characters that was really kind of creepy. He was supposed to be a sociopath in the book, but in the movie he was just an annoying jerk.

They completely changed Ronnie's reasoning,the reason Will fell for Ronnie, and many more things. In the book they really showed how Ronnie was different than other girls. In this movie,Miley Cyrus made Ronnie seem like every other girl but with an attitudeproblem. Miley played her as such a clingy, needy girl instead of the independent, self-assured, and intelligent girl she was.

Then again, they changed more than they kept. If you want to know the GOOD story of The Last Song, do yourself a favor and buy the book. This movie wasn't worth the time and money.
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One thumb down, One as confused as Miley Cyrus
Joseph Miller3 April 2010
Alright, first I shall note that I have not read the book. I hadn't even seen a trailer for this film before I had gone. I went with my mother and sister who had both read the book and more than enjoyed it. I really had no idea what this story was even about. I walked in with a completely open mind.

The acting in this movie was wonderful. On almost every account also. Greg Kinnear was amazing in the movie and the boy who played the son I was even impressed with. Miley Cyrus seemed to be the only exception. I hated her acting from the moment the movie began. As the movie went forth, I started to change my mind at times. She had no problem changing it back though. She was so off and on through out the entire film. She looked confused at times and when she actually had to show emotion like anger it was as if she didn't know what to do. But enough of that.

The story at times seemed rushed and misunderstood. Everything was predictable. The portions of the movie where I actually felt as though I was supposed to cry seemed to happen so fast that I felt like I didn't have time to understand how the characters felt. There were major holes in the plot that I still had questions about and it drove me nuts at times. There were a couple of times where I actually felt like I was enjoying it but they came and went quickly also. The whole movie, and please remember that I absolutely knew nothing about this story before hand, I felt like I had nothing to look forward to.

In the end I would say that I wouldn't suggest paying to see this in theaters. I definitely wouldn't buy it on DVD and I probably wouldn't even recommend renting it later. If by some chance you get an opportunity to see it for free and you're curious then go for it. I'd also like to mention that, from what I understand from my mother and my sister, this movie completely differs from the book so don't expect what you've read and definitely don't get to excited for this.
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One Song Too Many.
Python Hyena29 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Last Song (2010): Dir: Julie Anne Robinson / Cast: Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Greg Kinnear, Bobby Coleman, Kelly Preston: A long repeated concept regarding last chances to do right. Miley Cyrus and her younger brother are spirited off to their father's beach house for the summer where she is reluctant to reconnect. Director Julie Anne Robinson is backed with fine photography but the screenplay is a cliché ridden romantic farce. Cyrus will go through a predicted up and down relationship with some meathead surfer, will mend things with dad, and save sea turtles. None of this is very interesting and it only serves as an opportunity to cash in on Cyrus's young fan base. Liam Hemsworth has the thankless role of pearly whites boyfriend who goes through a xeroxed jerk around relationship that contains all the passion of a punch to the testicles. Greg Kinnear has the one decent role as a father is is blamed for the burning of a Church. He will die, of course, but he at least has the one bit of dignity in the entire film. Bobby Coleman plays younger brother who does his best but the role is more or less a temporary companion for the Kinnear character while Cyrus is turtle sitting and nearly getting laid. Kelly Preston plays the mother who spends most of the film off screen likely trying to contact her agent and find out why her career has come down to this. The Cyrus fan base will love this film until either the fame dies down or they realize what candy coated manipulative bullshit this truly is. Hopefully the last time we'll see or hear of a Last Song screenplay but that is probably wishful thinking. Score: 3 ½ / 10
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For Nicholas Sparks Fans
gradyharp6 November 2011
Nicholas Sparks has found a formula about teenage angst an finding love despite non- supportive parents: from the number of books and films that use his formula it would seem he has hit pay dirt. THE LAST SONG is Sparks' 14th published novel on the same theme as the preceding 13 and was published in 2009. One year later he transformed that sudsy story (with some help from Jeff Van Wie) into another of his formula films and turned it over to TV director Julie Anne Robinson to map out the predictable story.

For a brief outline of the scant story: begin with a divorced family - Ronnie (Miley Cyrus) and her younger brother Jonah (Bobby Coleman) are sent to spend the summer with their father Steve (Greg Kinnear) in an indescribably beautiful waterfront town in Georgia. Ronnie resents her father and has no intention of being friendly or even talking to him for the summer. But after meeting a handsome guy Will Blakelee (Liam Hemsworth) and beginning to fall in love, Ronnie starts rediscovering her love for music, something she shares with her father. Reconnecting with music revives a kinship with her father which proves to be the most important relationship she may ever experience. And there it is. Mix the story with the usual acidic girls in the town who claim Will is a Lothario, overcome that rumor with some all night watches for raccoons who may steal some sea turtle eggs, pop in some father/son meaningful contact, and there you have a Nicholas Sparks formula.

Miley Cyrus is Miley Cyrus - and for fans of Hannah Montana that works well. The light of the film is the screen presence of Liam Hemsworth who looks and acts like someone who will succeed in movies. Otherwise, just be advised that this is another setting for a Nicholas parks familiar story; if that is to your liking you will like this. If not, then pass.

Grady Harp
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A really poor storyline and poor acting
Tom Smith31 January 2011
Miley Cyrus fans might hate me for saying this, but the makers of "The Last Song" should have hired a real actress for the lead role. Miley obviously doesn't have the talent or know how to act. I had nothing against her, but in this, the first role I've seen her act in, it seemed like she was just playing herself and not playing any part that was written for her.

That said, "The Last Song" is a bust. It's a set of tired old recycled and clichéd experiences and really isn't worth the 107 minutes it takes to watch it. For the most part the storyline is so tired and old. And after watching it I was also disappointed that Greg Kinnear had signed up for it. That I can remember, I've always liked his acting and the roles he chose. But in this case, the writing was so, so poor that even if the makers of "The Last Song" signed up the best actors in Hollywood it couldn't save this film. They'd have to find some writers who were at a minimum mediocre-ish in order to improve this story.

All I can say is save yourself and watch something else.
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A story of summer love and heartbreak
Warning: Spoilers
A fitting quote that speaks volumes of The Last Song, "The pieces all fit together, yet everything was falling apart", expresses the opinions of the watchers of the movie. The Last Song, another installation in the line of Nicholas Sparks' novels-turned-movies, centers on a teenage girl, her summer romance, and her relationship with her father. The movie features big names in acting, like Greg Kinnear and Kelly Preston, while spotlighting new faces in acting, for example Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus. Although Cyrus is not a new celebrity name, The Last Song is her first silver screen acting role. Cyrus is a big name among tween girls for her role as Hannah Montana, and her singing career is starting to take off. However, acting in semi-serious roles or in movies at all might not be in her future. While Miley Cyrus does have a popular fan base to support her endeavors, The Last Song proves that Cyrus does not have the chops to be a great or even good actress, as expressed through her demeanor on screen, as well as through the reviews on her acting.

To illustrate the sub-par acting of Cyrus, the audience should pay close attention to how she acts. Even though the character of Ronnie was already a teen with a bad attitude, Cyrus adds the element of bad acting. In a review for the New York Times, writer A.O. Scott claims that Cyrus "…Most of the time she seems to be… play-acting rather than exploring the motives and feelings of her character." Scott is absolutely true. Cyrus mopes around on screen, not really having much emotion or, when she does, it is sometimes exaggerated. For example, when Cyrus and Hemsworth guard the turtle eggs overnight, she does not really delve deeply into the emotions of her character, but rather just seems to be reading the lines. Claudia Puig, a reporter for USA Today, reports that Cyrus "sulks and sneers her way through her first dramatic role", and that she has "shaky dramatic bets." To counter the harsh reviews, Roger Ebert, a renowned movie critic, believes that Cyrus "seems sincere" and "Her acting is unaffected, she can play serious." Cyrus may have some parts of the movie where she is serious, like when she and Kinnear finish the song and Kinnear's funeral, but most of the time she is not attached to her character. For most of The Last Song, Cyrus demonstrates how unexperienced her acting truly is. An example would be when she and Hemsworth have a fight around the middle of the movie. Cyrus explains to Hemsworth why she is mad at him, but Cyrus seems to not actually mean what she is saying; like she is just saying it to say it. Another scene in the movie that displays her less-than- stellar acting is another scene with Hemsworth. Again, she seems to be saying the lines, but not meaning them or having an ounce of conviction when the lines are spoken. Whenever Cyrus and Hemsworth have a scene together, which is almost every scene in the movie, Cyrus never gives the impression that she feels a romantic connection between her character and Hemsworth's character. The lack of chemistry could be a result from Cyrus's unemotional acting.
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Wake up, Miley
contrerassherry18 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I like romances and tear-jerkers but this one didn't do it for me. Along with Miley Cyrus' mediocre acting, there were little things here and there that distracted me from getting into the movie.

For instance, everybody knows that it's OK to jump into an aquarium and swim with the fish. And the saving-the-baby-turtle scenes just made me think of how 85% are destined to be eaten.

And the vegetarian thing.....

And of course a little kid can master the art of stain glass and finish a window for a church in a week or two.

And everybody knows that the way to win over a guy is be hostile and obnoxious and reject all his advances.

And Will gets the brother some cookies and milk at the hospital and something happens and they walk away and leave it.

And when you get stuck in the mud, it's a real hoot, isn't it? Throwing mud all around is the best response. And then later you're magically unstuck.

ah well...I did get a little teary at the father-daughter parts near the end. The four stars are for Greg Kinnear.
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over-top-acting by Miley Cyrus, terrible screenplay and poor direction will give you headache
Ketan Gupta21 July 2013
When you have Nicholas Spark's credibility to a film, next moment is to get romantic and feel the love and tenderness after watching his novel- turned-into-a-film. The Last Song , however, will spoil the mood

A moody girl is forced to stay with her father after her parents got divorced sometime back during one summer in Southern Beach where she finds new love and also re-kindles her affection towards her father.

The Last Song was a complete letdown to Nicholas Spark's esteemed novel thanks to over-top-acting by Miley Cyrus, terrible screenplay and poor direction. Frankly speaking , if you have high hopes pinned down on this film , you will be thoroughly disappointed with the pace of the film. It is difficult to find any good scene from the film and that is what will end my review here.

Overall , a very bad film in all the context. You might want to switch over other Spark's romantic based films like Notebook , The Lucky One, The Safe Haven for better watching . Poor 1/5
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Very Disappointing
Nitin Shukla13 April 2013
This is a perfect example of how to spoil a master piece. I am so sorry for Nicholas Sparks who wrote a wonderful book only to be ruined by a bad screenplay, terrible editing and ordinary acting. All those who have read the book should be able to appreciate what I am talking about. Julie Anne Robinson has tried to use her creativity and tweak the story here and there but all she has managed to do is to ruin the whole plot. Some things are just better left untouched is the lesson she should learn out of it. Miley Cyrus is a huge disappointment and it seems she wasn't a good choice in the first place. She failed miserably to do what Mandy Moore did to "A Walk To Remember". On the whole, the movie gives the impression that they have just somehow managed to narrate the whole story in the 108 minutes given to them without really worrying about retaining the emotionally charged plot Nicholas Sparks had created. Thumbs down all the way :(
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"The Last Song"
Brandon Blackwell1 May 2012
A drama centered on a rebellious girl who is sent to a Southern beach town for the summer to stay with her father. Through their mutual love of music, the estranged duo learn to reconnect.

Well you could probably already tell I would have no whatsoever 'expectation' for this movie. It did sound like an interesting film, let's get that straight. It had potential to be something at least average. It had potential to be more, possibly. But there's only one reason why this movie doesn't get it right is Miley Cyrus. If your going to try to provoke the audience to feel something, to move them, do not cast Miley Cyrus. She's a gimmick, and she has no acting talent whatsoever. Her antics are laughable, and her ways to try to "act" are just so funny. The rest of the cast was a bit of a joke too. Who casts two horrible lead actors? I mean, are they really trying to approach nonsense? Are they really trying to make this a serious movie? Because nothing is done in a professional way. The movie looks as if it was produced my a bunch of whiny teenagers who were such BIG fans of the novel. This was directing by a first-timer, but that doesn't give it any excuse for trying to get past the clichés. Did I forget to mention? If your going to attempt to move the audience, creating something the audience has already seen is not going to do anything. Quite frankly, it's going to make the audience cringe.

This movie will only appeal to your teenage daughter. It's a chick flick, that consists of being as formulaic as most everything today. And that sucks, because maybe the movie had potential. But potential that would never be savored. If you like horribly-acted chick flicks with no depth or emotion, here it is. If you like movies in general, avoid at all costs.

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It was just so..... flat
blackbriar2462 April 2010
I didn't read the book, didn't want to. A bunch of my friends went to go see this movie, and I went with them. There are a few things wrong with this movie. First, Miley Cyrus cannot act. I mean, at all. It's painful to watch. Second, there is no originality. Just mix up a bit Twilight and most of Dear John, and you've got rather predictable The Last Song. Third, the characters. Ronnie is annoying enough without Cyrus, unbearable with her. She was such a brat at the beginning that I felt no pity the rest of the movie. Will makes several idiotic mistakes that cause Ronnie to have another temper tantrum. The little brother is cute, but irritating at times. Overall, this is just a flat, overrated chick flick that has the depth of a Disney Channel movie.
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A very pointless and inconsistent movie overall. Biggest problem: plot. Or lack thereof.
kuromicherri551 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw this movie today with a friend. Let me start off by saying I'm totally impartial toward Miley Cyrus b/c I think a lot of bad reviews on this movie will only make a point of how bad she is. I really didn't find this to be the case. Honestly, the problem with this movie lies in the story. It was very random from start to finish (as my friend pointed out, starting off slowly and then rushing sloppily to an end to try to tie things together) and had very expected 'twists'. During the whole movie, my friend and I kept predicting the next sequence of events. {The perfect 'everyone's-together-Dad-finally-accepted-my-boyfriend' scene: i turn to my friend, "someone's going to die". Dad gets up: my friend says "oh, something's gonna happen to him", the fact that Will ends up considering Columbia, that they end up together, etc. etc.} Also, this was full of clichés {the fact that Ronnie believed whatever the stupid blonde girl told her and then got all angry with Will for it on a dime, the separated couple gets back together, a child is resentful and rebellious over her parents' divorce, there's a character who's filthy rich but still has problems in his life--all big shocks} And so many random parts of the plot. For instance, Will lost his brother. We can already tell from his mother that his family/life isn't perfect. Why did they even need that? I mean, his father only mentions that brother once during dinner with Ronnie I think. It was very useless to me. And the way that Will was actually connected to the church fire thing through his friend and that's why the stained-glass window is so important and also what eventually causes Ronnie to reject Will was SO sloppily done. It was as if everything was supposed to be connected but it just came out jumbled and messy. THEN we have Ronnie and the acting. I don't blame Miley Cyrus. I don't blame *any* of the actors. Their lines were horrible and awkward. Their emotional ranges were so random I couldn't get in tune with any of the characters. The actors were so close to fitting the molds of their characters but then something would happen and it would get awkward again. And the way they had Ronnie transition from 'rebellious' to softened was choppy and strange. The actors did what they could with their dialogue and characters but in my opinion this was just badly written. I did cry at the end b/c they really do pull at your emotions, what with the song and the light and close-ups of the brother crying, it was hard to watch. But the whole time I was thinking "this really is a bad movie". And that's how I left. Feeling that I had just seen a bad movie. What I will say is that I at least appreciated the acting (making due with those choppy scenes) and a few transition techniques of some scenery shots which were actually quite beautiful and artistic. The highlights were definitely just the settings and scenery, as well as Cyrus' piano playing. But not a movie I'd recommend. Just skip it.
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The movie was lacking
mrsmarohn8 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I was so excited to see this movie, and even though I was on my way to the hospital I had my mom get it out of the mail box for me. I finally got to watch it today, and I have to say I was very disappointed.

The screen play was written before the book so I thought that Nicolas Sparks would have used more of what is in the book for the movie, but I was really wrong. The two main characters in the movie need to learn how to act. It was so obvious that Miley Cyrus has never experienced real life or the loss of someone very dear to her. Also, it seemed like the guy who played Will was only interested in the kissing in the movie. Another disappointment was how the character of Marcus was portrayed. It could have been so much better, and more like the book where he pretty much stalked Ronnie. The actors that played Jonah and his dad were awesome.

In short the movie could have been so much better if Mr. Sparks had taken some of what he had written in the book and put it into the movie.
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love the story.. hated the 2 leads
millicentsambajon4 May 2012
i love Nicolas sparks, really. but when i watched this movie i was so completely disappointed.. specially when you compare it to the notebook and a walk to remember.. the story line is good a tear jerker and gives the importance of family and acceptance, but choose some wooden-acting- novice-actors then you got a recipe for a bad movie.. hated Miley doesn't even got the decency to act and Liam?? enough with the smiling act and heart rob bravado... dude please act.. you are paid to do so!! the only consolation was Greg and the little kid that plays his son.. sad for Nicolas sparks to get such a bad review just because of promotional tactics of newbie actors.. :( just because one is good looking, and the other one is known for her prowes in the music area doesn't mean they can act.. please enroll in an acting workshop!!
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Cliché ridden badly directed from Disney( Touchstone)
Jay Harris27 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is another BAD film from Touchstone. Apparently the magic that was Disney is no more. The screenplay for this mess was written by Nicholas Sparks, He wrote the novel after he did the screenplay,Hopefully he omitted all the clichés that are in the movie.

It seems that most films from this once great studio are now cliché ridden,there are scenes after scenes that we all have seen too many times.

This in itself is not that great a sin as many films have an overabundance of clichés.

What does this in is the acting & direction. Julie Anne Robinson did not do a good job at the helm.

Miley Cyrus is the star, besides the fact she cannot act, she is very unappealing, she shows no screen presence at all. Greg Kinneer tries to give a credible her father. Liam Hemsworth is the romantic lead opposite Miley,He at least is good looking& tries hard. Bobby Colemanas the typical younger brother is near perfect.

There are many songs in the film,NONE done live,Miley is supposed to be a singer I do not know what if any songs she sang, nor do I care.

Nice scenery of the coast in Georgia.

It is not even worthwhile as a rental.

Ratings: *1/2* (out of 4) 36 points (out of 100) IMDb 3 (out of 10)
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Can't decide what it wants to be
Gordon-1125 August 2015
This film tells the story of a teenage girl and her brother, who are forced to spend the summer with their father in a southern seaside town. She meets a charming guy and falls for him, but unfortunately life gets in the way.

"The Last Song" is quite a weak Nicholas Sparks story because it cannot decide what it wants to be. Is it a romantic story between two teenagers, or a drama about an estranged father and daughter relationship? The first half is the former while the second half is the latter. The film appears to be a forced hybrid between the two, and is not helped by the constantly grumpy Miley Cyrus. She and Liam Hemsworth don't even look right together for this film. Fortunately Greg Kinnear is very good as the father who has a secret he can't tell anyone, which saves the film a bit.
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Where do we start...
TVfan19 April 2010
It's been 5 years since I've reviewed a movie on IMDb, but oh... I am compelled! Where do we start? One of the producers has the last name of Cyrus, so I guess that explains a lot. But let's forget Miley's "acting" and address the story itself. I've always thought Sparks overuses death to illicit emotion in his readers/viewers (even though The Notebook and Message in a Bottle are two of my favorite films). But that aside, was there a single un-contrived moment in this film? They (whoever "they" is) tried to squeeze every type of plot device imaginable into this movie. So many cliché conflicts going on, I laughed more times than I can count. Hope I didn't disturb the other two people (both teen-aged girls) in the theater. However, hats off to Kinnear for an honest performance.
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Amazingly awful
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I am a pretty big book worm, so when I found out that this was being made into a movie, I made an effort to read the book. I'd already read a few of Nicholas Sparks' books, and their adaptations were typical - missing plot lines etc. - but surprisingly good. But this book was incredible. The plot lines showed major attention to detail, and the twists and turns that this writer takes you on are so convincing.

But enough about the amazing book. Let's just say, my positivity basically ends there. Because the movie was horrible. I was pretty convinced when it began that it would turn out to be a good movie, but as soon as Miley Cyrus appears on the screen, it turns for the worst.

Miley Cyrus just doesn't fit the part. She doesn't actually make an effort to fit into the shoes of Ronnie Miller. Ronnie, in the book, is hardly Miss. Princess, and neither is the character that Miley chooses to play, but there is a huge difference between the two. But overall, I just don't think that she's actually capable of playing a character as deep as Ronnie. And it looks as though she hasn't actually tried.

I give positive reviews for the brother Jonah, and the father. Jonah was quirky and funny without being too dumb. He was funny at the right times and serious at the right times. I thought that the father definitely portrayed the character in the book to a really good standard. In both the book and the movie, these two have a really good bond, and I'm glad to see that this has been maintained.

Now, Marcus and his crew are hardly featured in the movie, which is a real letdown. In the book, Marcus basically stalks Ronnie, but in the movie, he is barely even featured. Blaze is pretty good, but they definitely could have involved her more.

Will, played by Liam Hemsworth, was pretty good, I found. I'm probably a bit biased seeing that I'm an Aussie myself, but as soon as he spoke, I was a bit sad. Most Aussie actors these days ditch their rightful accent, and the only time where I noticed his was when he tried to sing. I suppose you can't keep it out all the time. The way he played Will was... alright. Not brilliant, but probably better than his gf.

Overall, this movie lacked the feeling of the book, as it left out major scenes and plots. It was a real letdown, because I walked into the cinema expecting an experience true to the book, and if it had been, it would have been absolutely amazing.

But without a doubt, this was amazingly awful. My only advice - sit down and read the book instead of wasting your money on a ticket and the unnecessary popcorn.
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not worth the money IMO (contains spoilers)
rockbunny7 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
i know that the story was written for Miley and that the book was actually written after the movie, but i can say that i am very disappointed in the movie. i love Nicholas sparks, and his books have been turned into some wonderful movies, but in this case, the movie was so badly done i was quite angry.

miley did not show the range of emotion she should have in order to make me feel for her there should have been SO much more story into her friendship with the girl from the town and backstory on the fact that she has had run ins with the law before and that it was a big deal when she got framed for stealing the record. instead it was mentioned.

there was a lot missing other then just that. like why the church was so important to her father and the friendship between him and the pastor and why it was so important for him to finish the window.

IMHO the best part of the whole movie was the little brother. he hit every note that was given to him.

this movie made me very sad in that it was done so poorly and i wont be telling anybody they should spend their money to see it
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Does someone always have to die?
gregsonproductions16 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well another Sparks movie where someone just has to die. It's getting old and dare I say expected, which ruins the story, when one is just waiting to see who the grim reaper will come calling for.

Miley Cyrus did an adequate job in this movie. At least she kept it clean. The film was contrived, cliché and lackluster. Kinnear as always shines on screen. Too bad he had so little to work with.

My young daughters begged me to take them to the movie as they are obsessed with Cyrus. Unfortunately for them, after her recent antics and attempts to 'grow up', I will be curbing their adoration of this young woman.
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Wrong...just WRONG!
cardsfan240410 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I read the book prior to seeing the movie and because the book was exceptionally outstanding, I was excited to see the movie. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! Now I know that all movies cannot be exactly like the book or they could get really long, but you CANNOT expect to take out MAJORITY of the important details from a book and expect to movie to be good. So many details were left out. For example, Marcus basically stalked Ronnie through the book and was supposed to be the sociopath. He was in the movie once, maybe twice.

I was also very upset with the idea involving the fire in the church. In the book, Will believed Scott started the fire and continued to have him confess. However, it was brought to light that Marcus and his fireball tossing gang were responsible, thus making Ronnie forgiving of Will.

Another HUGE detail I feel that could have been included fairly simply was the fact that Ronnie's mom was actually responsible for the divorce because SHE cheated on her husband, so he left. That was not even touched on in the movie. It was just accepted that her dad was the problem

While I'm going, the wedding scene was wrong and the background of Ronnie's father was pretty much missing. His background with the priest was not in the movie, making his appearance at the end of the funeral seem so awkward and out of place.

Overall, I felt that the movie was very choppy and seemed way too rushed and because many details were ignored, it didn't make a ton of sense. I felt that the only acting that was believable was the scenes between Jonah and his dad. The one very touching part of the book that was left from the movie was the scene between Jonah and his dad in the hospital when his dad explains everything. I was crying so much while reading it and then the movie skipped from Miley blaming her dad and pouting as he is dying to her with her BF on the beach. It was very frustrating and I found Miley's acting to be less than true. I felt like the true depth of emotion that I felt in the book was missing in the movie and that Miley's reactions were abrupt and fake. Her relationship with her dad was horrible but seemed to magically fix itself with no explanation.

In the end, I left the theater extremely MAD. I was expecting to cry a lot but only cried when seeing Jonah finish the stain-glass window and at the funeral. I felt like coming home and reading the book again.

I would not recommend that you spend money to see it. If you can see it free, try not to leave part way through.
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