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With an outstanding screenplay by Brian Koppelman and disciplined direction by Koppelman and David Levien, a story that could have been generic (or worse, scented with flowery bulls---) turns into a precise, honest, and affecting drama.
Douglas plays Ben as charismatic, he plays him shameless, he plays him as brave, and very gradually, he learns to play him as himself. That's the only role left.
Douglas never makes a false move, delivering a tour de force in human weakness.
What joy it is to watch the man (Douglas) slime himself on camera.
Solitary Man is a wafer-thin film with a river-deep, mountain-high performance from Douglas.
Chicago Tribune
Still, it's a pleasant surprise about an unpleasant guy brought to life by an ingratiating paradox, a movie star who has turned into a wily character man.
The best scenes in Solitary Man find Douglas at his most charming, dispensing nuggets of wisdom to whomever will listen. His may not be an altogether honorable life, but it's a life in full.
As a character study Solitary Man, like Ben, has no center. What he amounts to is a pretty consistent set of attitudes and behaviors which, while shocking, are not all that interesting.
Michael Douglas in Solitary Man, has all the tools of the man who plays him at his disposal. At times in this often engaging, occasionally meandering movie, that's enough to score.
The Hollywood Reporter
This attractive cast may help get an audience, but they will surely puzzle over such a downward-spiraling story that lacks inner logic.
Wall Street Journal
The film's real shocker is its unpleasantness.

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