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  • The uproar in Pemberley is increased with the announcement of Darcy's engagement to Caroline Bingley. At the same time the news that Lydia has gone off with Bingley causes distress in the Bennet family. After Amanda's fervent words, Mr Bennet feels obliged to duel Bingley and is hurt in the event of it. In an effort to get help and find Elizabeth, Amanda unexpectedly returns to her twenty-first century. Darcy, on following Amanda into the present-day London, feels at a lost and face to face with his alleged wife-to-be. Elizabeth now works as a nanny is quite familiar with the technological inventions of our time and even the Mr Darcy-Colin Firth phenomenon - and thus realizes that she has just met her intended husband-to-be. Elizabeth is informed of her father's injury and with Amanda and Darcy she sets of to Georgian England to enter the Bennet home once again.



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  • Amanda receives a further blow when Darcy announces his engagement to Caroline Bingley. She has little time to dwell on this however when she learns that Lydia and Bingley have run off together. Not knowing what to do, Amanda begs Darcy for help but when it looks like he is reluctant to be involved, Amanda determines that the only person who can clear up this whole mess and get things back on track is Elizabeth Bennet.

    Feeling sure that Lydia and Bingley are in Hammersmith, Amanda travels there with Mr and Mrs Bennet. It's a very different place from the one Amanda knows, little more than a village. There they are met by Wickham who skilfully covers for Amanda by telling the Bennets that Amanda's parents have gone to Bath and have taken Elizabeth with them. Wickham takes Amanda and the Bennets to Bingley and Lydia. Bingley insists that nothing happened between Lydia and himself but Mr Bennet doesn't believe him. Suddenly Darcy shows up and attempts to cover for Bingley but it's too late. A furious Mr Bennet challenges Bingley to a dual and they fight before Mr Bennet falls and strikes his head. He is badly wounded and Amanda tells Wickham to send for a doctor. Amanda, fearing for Mr Bennet's life, is desperate to find Elizabeth. She dashes from the room pursued by Darcy and dives through a door...and stumbles straight out onto a crowded London street in 2008.

    Amanda heads straight for her flat where she is met by her boyfriend Michael who tells her that Piranha got Elizabeth Bennet a job as a live-in nanny. Michael agrees to give Amanda a lift on his motorcycle to where Elizabeth is working. On the way, Amanda suddenly yells at him to stop. Standing in the middle of the crowded street in the same place where Amanda previously materialised is Darcy who is staring in wonder and astonishment at his surroundings. He tells Amanda that he followed her and would follow her anywhere because he loves her and has been in love with her ever since he danced with her at the assembly rooms at Meryton.

    Amanda takes Darcy on a bus to meet Elizabeth who has cut her hair and seems fully settled in her new life. Elizabeth recognises Darcy's name from reading about 'Pride & Prejudice' on the Internet and says that the two of them have been married for over 200 years. Amanda tells Elizabeth about her father and the three of them head back to Amanda's flat. They meet Piranha and Michael on the way. Michael is distinctly unimpressed with this strangely-dressed man who is taking such an interest in Amanda. Darcy is equally unimpressed with Michael and the two of then nearly end up in a fistfight but Amanda manages to stop them.

    Back at the flat, Amanda tries to make Darcy and Elizabeth go back without her but the door won't stay open and slams shut unless she goes with them (Elizabeth points out that it is Amanda's will that opens the door, not hers). Back at Longbourn, Darcy says he's tired and goes straight to bed. Later, Amanda sneaks into his room and watches him sleeping. She kisses him gently on the lips, also noticing that he is clutching a small piece of paper in one of his hands. Elizabeth greets Kitty, Mary and Jane and is introduced to Mr Collins. Like Amanda, Elizabeth is infuriated that Jane didn't marry Bingley.

    Mr and Mrs Bennet return to Longbourne later that night, along with Lydia and also Wickham. Mr Bennet is still woozy but clearly on the mend and is grateful to Wickham for his help. Arriving at Longbourne, Mr Bennet is overjoyed to see Lizzy who treats his head wound with TCP that she brought back with her from 2008.

    The following morning, when Darcy appears downstairs he claims to have had 'strange dreams' and seems to back to his normal, arrogant self, declaring his intention to return to Pemberley immediately. Elizabeth takes an instant dislike to him but Amanda tells her to persevere and Elizabeth and Darcy take a walk around the grounds together. Meanwhile, Bingley has shown up and is hiding in the garden. Jane goes to see him and Bingley tells her that nothing happened between him and Lydia. Jane tells him that she loves him but nothing can be done because she's married now and the two of them kiss and tearfully part.

    Lady Catherine de Burgh shows up unannounced and declares her displeasure that Mrs Bennet has done nothing to encourage a courtship between Lydia, Kitty and Mary and Collins's brothers (who showed up uninvited at Longbourn before all the commotion with Lydia and Bingley). Mrs Bennet shows her 'ball buster' side by standing up to Lady Catherine and throws her out of the house. Jane also does her bit by standing up to Mr Collins. Lady Catherine leaves but asks for a word with Amanda in private. Lady Catherine warns Amanda off Darcy and ends up striking a bargain with her: if Amanda will disappear, Lady Catherine will have Jane's marriage annulled. Lady Catherine is distracted when she sees Darcy walking with Elizabeth, and warns him to stay away from the Bennets. She returns to her carriage where Caroline Bingley is waiting, but Lady Catherine forbids her from going after Darcy and tells her driver to start the carriage. Caroline dissolves into tears, and as the carriage is departing, Wickham appears and hands Caroline a handkerchief through the window of the carriage. Caroline and Wickham seem quite taken with one another.

    Overjoyed, Amanda tells Jane the good news but Jane is horrified, worried that she will be the subject of scandal and disgraced by society. Fortunately, Bingley appears at that moment and tells her that he will gladly marry her the moment she is free from Mr Collins, and will take her to America for a new life. The two of them lovingly embrace.

    Amanda watches as Darcy bids Elizabeth farewell. He tells Amanda that he doesnt know why it is his duty to court Elizabeth, but if this is what Amanda wishes he will adhere to duty. Darcy and Amanda share a long, lingering look and Darcy leaves for Pemberley. Elizabeth tells Amanda that Darcy has invited her to Pemberley. She says she can learn to love Darcy but admits that she cant imagine being as happy as Jane and Bingley. Amanda begs her to persevere and Elizabeth reluctantly agrees. Resolving to return to 2008, Amanda tries to fight back the tears as she makes her way upstairs to the magic door. As she opens it, a small piece of paper falls out. It looks just like the piece of paper Darcy was clasping in his sleep. Unfolding it, Amanda sees it is the bus ticket from hers and Darcys bus journey to Elizabeth. Darcy has written some words on the back that Amanda reads: Not one heartbeat do I forget. Amanda realises that Darcy was only pretending to believe that 2008 was all a dream. She also realises that Darcy will never love Elizabeth the way that he loves her and she jumps into a carriage to follow Darcy to Pemberley. Meanwhile, Elizabeth talks to her father and tells him that she intends to return to Hammersmith. Mr Bennet is sad to see her go but says she will disappoint him if she stays and so agrees.

    Amanda reaches Pemberley and meets Darcy on the terrace overlooking the pond. Darcy astonishes Amanda by attempting to make her laugh and she is equally surprised to see him smile. Darcy tells her he only smiles in private and the two of them embrace and kiss passionately.

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