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Season 1

They share hopes, they share dreams, and they share a crotch. Now let the Steves share with you their tender tale about a brand new way to get a boner.
Duck Dirt
This installment of the Steven and Stephen saga will take everything you ever thought you knew about ducks, the inter-net, and society and turn it right on its ass.
I Love Brown Chocolate
This song will stay on your mind, in your heart and around your mouth for years to come.
Steven gets a sweet remote control truck, while Stephen learns the shocking truth about the circumstances surrounding his birth and his mom's vajay.
Mom Drawings
The Steves will terrify you with laughter in this cautionary tale about what happens when you imply your brother has a dong for a face.
Shit Tub
How do twin brothers attached at the genital region take a dump? This and many other mysteries are solved.

 Season 1 

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