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A great film
kell-bailey4 September 2011
Just saw a sneak peek of Warrior. All I can saw is WOW! Great film. Great performances. The characters are deep and believable and the story will probably have you leaving the theater in tears.

The fight scenes were done really well. I've been cage side at hundreds of MMA fights as a photographer and believe me when I say this is some of the most realistically portrayed MMA action I've seen to date on film.

Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Morrison and Nick Nolte all give good performances and I think Nick Nolte had a couple of moments in the film that should be considered Oscar worthy.

I know a lot of people won't agree with me on this and I can understand, but Warrior has bumped Rocky out of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. IMHO (which some of you will consider worthless) I think it's that good.
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Not just for fight fans...
FloppyMeatball27 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
My girlfriend took me to an advance screening of Warrior because I'm an MMA enthusiast. She told me she did not expect much. She ended up leaving the theater in tears.

The fighting in the movie is almost an after thought. What the movie is really about is a broken family trying to get on with their lives. You have a recently sober father trying to earn the forgiveness of his sons for destroying his family years earlier, one son trying to provide for his wife and children, and the other son trying to earn money for the family of his friend and fellow Marine who died overseas. All of it comes together seamlessly and provides for a truly gripping movie.

It's emotional without being sappy. It's funny without being goofy. It's inspirational without going over the top. It's hard to say anything bad about it. Even if you have no interest in martial arts, you will get something out of this movie.

I highly recommend this movie for men AND women, fight fans and average Joes alike.
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Emotions on par with The Fighter, one of the top combat sport movies since Rocky, one of the best of 2011
Stephen Cook31 July 2011
Every so often you'll come across a combat sport movie that manages to find just the right balance of drama and action – that is, more drama than action. When fights are justified with backstories full of crushing emotion, they become all the more intense and gratifying.

Warrior brings to the table the world of mixed martial arts, where punches, kicks, holds, and everything else goes. The inception of new international tournament "Sparta" puts on a collision course Paddy (Nick Nolte), Brendan (Joel Edgerton), and Tom Conlon (Tom Hardy), all part of an estranged family torn apart in the past by abuse, favoritism, and abandonment. Tom resurfaces in society to enlist the help of his formerly alcoholic father Paddy to train him for the tournament, while at the same time Brendan revisits his UFC training in hopes to win the $5 million purse for his struggling family. The two underdogs face some of the toughest MMA fighters on the planet, but the true struggle appears to lie within them. Paddy battles for forgiveness against the resentment of his sons, Tom fights to prove to himself that he is strong, and Brendan struggles to come to terms with his older family while trying to support one of his own.

The fantastic thing here is two protagonists entering the same tournament. Each brother has his own respectable reasons for fighting, a fact that is sure to divide the audience when it comes time to choose which one to root for. The story truly is gut-wrenchingly powerful and presented in an engaging fashion. Little by little through the film's dialogue, we are allowed a glimpse into the past hardships of the Conlon family, and the characters' motivations for retaining such hatred are revealed gradually. Through the incredible acting talents of Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, and Nick Nolte, this confused and passionate chemistry really comes alive. All three actors put up some of the most convincing and heartbreaking performances of their careers; and seeing as how The Fighter garnered so many Oscar nominations, I can't see why Warrior will not do the same. My only beef with the movie is its clichéd climax and rather bleak inconclusive ending, though it still does good to the emotional schism the movie intended to create.

Warrior is one of those sports films with a magical mixture of emotional and physical battle. It's a wonderful story showing how sometimes the world's strongest forces are insignificant in comparison to the troubles of a scarred family. Warrior is without a doubt worth a visit to the theater. One of the best of 2011! And whether you're an MMA fan or not, the adrenaline-pumping fights will have you up and cheering and applauding.

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A wonderfully, well written story
nyharlemeve10 September 2011
This movie is truly, truly OUTSTANDING! I am in complete shock over the performances in this film. Nick Nolte, as usual, gives a gritty, gut wrenching, emotional performance that left me buckling at the knees. One of my all time favorite movies of Mr. Nolte was Rich Man, Poor Man, absolutely a god given talent! The performances of Mr. Hardy and Mr. Edgeron were academy award winning, I would love to see more of them by far! I cried throughout the movie, and when it was over, I could not wait to tell everyone about it. A terrific ensemble cast and movie that certainly should be up for Best Picture!! A definitive Oscar nod for Nick Nolte, and if it were up to me, Mr. Hardy and Mr. Edgeron would walk away with one as well! If you have not seen this movie, drop what you are doing, run to your nearest theater. This movie is truly what being a performer is all about! My hat is off to you all!!!
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FANTASTIC MOVIE...can't believe it hasn't gotten more attention. 10/10
nyUconn22 September 2011
Grab your popcorn, buy your soda..and get ready for a great movie.

From start to finish, this movie will have you hooked. There is no weak spot in this movie. The acting is amazing. The story is great. The music is catchy. You will get emotionally invested throughout this story.

This movie will make you FEEL something. This movie will ENTERTAIN you.

This film has great drama, action, and story. I walked out of the movie being so impressed, and in shock how this hadn't gotten more attention or done better at the box office.

This movie is a MUST SEE. And I'm pretty picky. Enjoy.
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Loved IT!
cervantese1 September 2011
I had the pleasure of watching this movie last night. I went since its a "guy" movie my husband was the one excited about it more than I was. I must say I was more than impressed with the leading men in this film. It has been a long time since a movie has had me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails as this movie did during the fighting scenes. If you are looking for great acting, family drama, awesome fighting scenes than this is the movie for you. After we left the theater we couldn't stop talking about it. I will definitely go see it again when it comes out. We really enjoyed it! Nick Nolte was amazing, and even my husband I think cried in a few scenes, (last time that happened was during Marley and Me) so I must say this movie is a MUST SEE!
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The best of 2011 and one of the best ever!
Danes10110 September 2011
OK, Lets talk about the the big pink elephant in the room first. Yes, the movie has a similar storyline from movies of the past. And yes, it may be, to some, "just another fight movie. However, Warrior has the audacity to challenge the cliché's and still manages to stand out from the rest. Bottom line, Warrior is a well written and directed emotional roller coaster that will have you at the edge of your seat. With a star studded cast and top notch acting, the performances were solid and believable. Nick Nolte in particular did a fantastic job with his role and will have you nearly in tears. As the movie progresses you will be torn on what you would like to see happen for the climax of this entertaining thrill ride. Movies with this much emotional power connected to the characters only come around every once in a while. Go see this movie to finish off the summer or forever regret not supporting what is sure to be a classic!
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Best Fighting Movie Since Rocky
wildaboutmovies1 May 2011
I had the pleasure of seeing Warrior at 2011 CinemaCon, walking in not knowing a thing about the movie, other than it was a movie about 'fighting.' And though a MMA movie (Mixed Martial Arts), not boxing, per se, for the genre, fighting, Warrior delivers a much better story than The Fighter, and is on par with Clint Eastwood's Oscar winner, Million Dollar Baby.

Expect a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nod in 2012 for Nick Nolte. And superstar status for Tom Hardy.

Warrior, though a work of fiction, plays out like a true story; two brothers at odds with each other and their father, in the town of Pittsburgh, who resort to prize fighting, one for the money, the other to prove himself a man.
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ctarheel-315-53598611 March 2012
The official trailer itself is a little bit of a spoiler. I didn't even have an IMDb account and made one just to rate this movie. One of the best iv ever seen. First movie iv ever cried during, and i cried twice lol. Whether your a guy who likes fighting movies or a girl who doesn't know what MMA stands for, this movie will blow you away. Seriously, I don't know how anyone could watch this and think it wasn't at the very least, a Very Good movie. It kept me on the edge of my seat, and its also more realistic the most fighting movies. Watching rocky and most box office fighting films, there tends to be over-dramatized punching noises and the boxers seem to fight without attempting to guard themselves. Aside from the realistic fight however, is a very emotional drama which is sure to move anyone who pays attention to the film.
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Best Sports Movie this year. One of the greatest fighting movie of all time
Kris DeCastro6 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Over the past few years we've been receiving quite a lump sum of MMA movies due to the rise of the sport. But movies like Never back down, and fighting just doesn't cut it with their cliché man against man rivalry, with their over the top inaccurate MMA-like action. Then there came Warrior. Was it just another MMA movie with over the top hardcore action? Well lets find out.

What pulled me into the movie at first was the trailer. The trailer didn't have hardcore rock or scenes of "You're not the best around here you can't beat me" shenanigans. It had the sense of two brothers trying to solve their own problems while trying to deal with each other and their former alcoholic father through the use of a huge MMA tournament named Sparta. In which revealed in the trailer they eventually have to face each other.

The story of Warrior although is very MMA suited, you will see about more drama than there is action. Not that there is a problem with that, but it's always great to see how everything unfolds. A former MMA fighter now Physics teacher Brendan Conlon (Joel Edgerton) faces financial problems with his house and is slowly getting back into the mix by competing in underground fights. But the education system finds out about his antics, thus for he is suspended without pay. So he uses this to train full time, and compete in Sparta. Whereas former Marine Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy) a war hero who is suffering through PTSD, decides he wants to fight in Sparta to give the prize money to the family of his fallen friend. Then there is the father Paddy (Nick Nolte) a former alcoholic who is trying to reach out for his sons for forgiveness of being a family wreck. Who in return is being used as Tommy's trainer, bet is being neglected by him as well. Then Brendan although neglecting him as well, is trying to deal with his own problems and has no time for him.

As for the fight scenes of the movie, I can say I am an experienced Martial artist I've trained in several styles. Although I am not a pro MMA fighter yet, I've watched enough fights to actually comprehend how MMA fights are like and the rules and whatnot. Warrior has put in really great choreography of an authentic MMA fight. It was as if I was watching real fights on the big screen. Although there were some over the top moves here and there, most of the techniques portrayed in Warrior are applicable in a real life combat situation.

The performance and screenplay, all were simply amazing. Tom Hardy's performance was astounding, as so was Nick Nolte's. The appearances of Nate Marquardt (UFC), Anthony Johnson(UFC), Erik Apple(Strikeforce), Roan Carneiro(Freelance) and Kurt Angle(TNA) did a really good job being actors of the movie while being able to retain their athletic ability of being professional athletes in combat sports.

The movie had a unique way making you feel absorbed into the movie, getting to know the characters and feeling attached to them emotionally. Warrior is an emotional roller coaster that will make you laugh, really tense, and even leaving the theater in tears. Whether you are the MMA athlete, fan, trainer, enthusiast or an average movie goer, This movie is for you. Definitely one of the best movies I've seen this year.
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