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Brazilian director Afonso Poyart (“Two Rabbits”) proves quite effective at building and sustaining a grim sense of suspense throughout.
The good news is that the movie is half decent. The caveat is that it could have been a lot better.
This paranormal cops-versus-serial-killer procedural is never not ridiculous, but it's often entertaining as well.
The plot of Solace is ultimately too generic - and too silly - to take seriously, which is probably why the film's taken so long to come out. But it has style, and throwback appeal.
A lot of the blame for this misfire must fall on novice Brazilian director Afonso Poyart, whose crackpot editing and fondness for irrelevant zooming don't so much turn this film's screws as loosen them unrecoverably.
The FBI once again calls upon Anthony Hopkins to help them find a serial killer in Solace. Even though he isn't playing Hannibal Lecter this time, he's still the best thing going for this mostly dull film.
The New York Times
Staggeringly silly and visually disordered.
Slant Magazine
It joylessly coopts the hoariest stylistic tics and narrative tropes from your run-of-the-mill 1990s thriller.
The film is ponderous, the performances mostly subdued.
This could be one of those rare and terrifying serial killer cases where the psychotic culprit apparently intends to bore and embarrass everyone to death with bad acting.

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