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‘After Porn Ends 2 ’ Review

Stars: Brittany Andrews, Lisa Ann, Aubrey Gold, Darren James, Johnnie Keyes, Chasey Lain, Bud Lee, Janine Lindemulder, Ginger Lynn, Georgina Spelvin | Directed by Bryce Wagoner

As you can probably tell by some of the reviews I have here on Nerdly, I am a fan of classic pornography. Between the early 70′s and mid 80′s, there were many classics not just being churned out, but being released with as much care and attention as some of the biggest “legitimate” films of the era. Performers who could genuinely act, directors with actual artistic vision, script writers and talented individuals behind the scenes. These were actual films. Fast forward to today and although there is still some genuine talent, one can’t help but feel that the industry has lost some of its artistry and craftsmanship. Instead of performers who can deliver lines, we now have a pretty face with a shelf life
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‘After Porn Ends': What 9 Porn Stars Did After Their Careers Ended (Photos)

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‘After Porn Ends': What 9 Porn Stars Did After Their Careers Ended (Photos)
What do porn stars do when their lives in the adult film industry end? That’s the question at the heart of documentary filmmaker Bryce Wagoner’s film “After Porn Ends,” and its new follow-up, “After Porn Ends 2.” The film looks at the tragedies and successes of people who left an industry that famously uses up young talent. Some have no regrets about their years in the industry. For others, a career in the adult industry has proven to be a conduit to certain despair. Johnnie Keyes: Johnnie wasn’t the first black adult performer, but he was the first black Porn Star.
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Jimmy Buffett Fans Get Their Own Doc: ‘Parrot Heads’

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Jimmy Buffett Fans Get Their Own Doc: ‘Parrot Heads’
There are Grateful Dead-loving Deadheads and then there are Jimmy Buffett fans: so-called Parrot Heads. And yes, it’s high time a film about them get made. A documentary about Jimmy Buffett’s iconic following comes out on demand in January 2017. Also Read: Jimmy Buffett Not Canceling North Carolina Shows Despite 'Stupid' Anti-lgbt Law “Parrot Heads” covers this loyal and dedicated group of Jimmy Buffett fans and delves all the way back into the origins of the unique sub-culture. Directed by Bryce Wagoner (“After Porn Ends”), the film chronicles what started out as a small group of friends. It
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On Life After Porn

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On Life After Porn The director of the new film After Porn Ends discusses his findings. By Daniel Addice If you've ever had a moment of clarity in the middle of an internet-porn binge and wondered, "Hey, I wonder what the future has in store for the two (or more) naked people on the screen before me," well... you're not alone. Director Bryce Wagoner's new documentary After Porn Ends follows twelve retired porn stars attempting to settle into a new life. We spoke with Wagoner about the film and his findings. What inspired this film? I was working on the set of another film, and a couple of guys across the stage were laughing about watching "vegetable porn." Which is exactly what it sounds like it is. My buddy A.J. said, "Man, how the fuck do you live your life [...]
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Review: After Porn Ends

After Porn Ends

Stars: Mary Carey, Asia Carrera, Luke Ford, Nina Hartley, Houston, John Leslie, Shelley Lubben, Amber Lynn, Neil Malamuth, William Margold, Sandra Margot, Crissy Moran, Richard Pacheco, Raylene | Directed by Bryce Wagoner

After Porn Ends is a documentary that examines the lives and careers of some of the biggest names in the history of adult entertainment and what happens to them after they leave the business and try and live the “normal” lives that millions of other Americans enjoy. Asking questions about what makes a man or woman go into porn? Can adult stars really live a normal life after porn? And what the hell do retired porn stars do?

Featuring interviews with some of the most famous and infamous porn stars of the past four decades, including superstars such as Nina Hartley, Asia Carrera, John Leslie, Amber Lynn and Mary Carey, After Porn Ends starts out as
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‘After Porn Ends’ Trailer Explores The Long Moment After the Climax

In 2007, porn star Sasha Grey went on The Tyra Banks Show as part of her transition into acting that doesn’t require penetration (although she probably hasn’t ruled out working with Lars von Trier just yet). Her blunt defense of the industry as she had navigated started a new conversation about pornography which yielded a lot of discussion and hand-wringing but very little internal change. Still, it would be disingenuous to claim porn doesn’t have a firm place in our culture; it’s an industry that pulls in billions of dollars of proof that it caters to a specific need that’s in high demand. The new documentary After Porn Ends has taken a look into that fascinating industry from the other side of it. What happens when a porn star wants to quit? By interviewing and examining the experiences of stars like Asia Carrera, Houston, Randy West and others, the
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[Interview] Producer Christopher Mallick Discusses ‘Middle Men’

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Middle Men yet (check out my review here) then you’re missing out on one of the more original and exciting films to come out this year. For those who have seen the film, you would know that its based on a true story, but what you might not know is that its based on one of the films producers Christopher Mallick.

Mallick is a maverick in every sense of the word, emerging victorious from the Wild West of the burgeoning Internet culture and commerce. He is now using his success to follow his dream of making movies. He’s also got a great mentality about the process, trying to remain true the way it was done when films were truly great and only producing original content. I was fortunate enough to have a lengthy one-on-one interview with Chris where he
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Trailer for the Documentary Exxxit: Life After Porn

When you stop to think about it, porn is a fascinating subject. Even going back thousands of years, we can see pornographic images on ancient artifacts. Of course, then you have to stop and ponder if people were jerking off to porn pottery. But it’s always to serve a practical purpose. Trying to review it as cinema reminds me of Kevin Nealon’s bit about “Interesting…more interesting…really interesting…completely captivating…not so interesting.” So does this make the performers nothing more than subjects?

That’s why I first found the idea of the documentary Exxxit: Life After Porn a cool approach to the subject. There’s a line Ron Silver said in a canceled Fox TV series that no one remembers called Skin: Porn is a like a tattoo and there’s no way to get rid of it. That’s true, but porn stars are
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[DVD Review] Dead Like Me: Life After Death

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Bittersweet. Wholly bittersweet. Dead Like Me: Life After Death presents fans of the original series with a quandary. What is Dead Like Me without Rube (Mandy Patinkin)?

The new Dead Like Me feature film, reprising the plot of the ill-fated television series, answers that question but in a way that most fans will find lacking. By most accounts, getting 70% of an original cast back together 5 years after it ended (quite abruptly, I might add) would seem like a dream come true. Did we notice Laura Harris, who played Daisy Adair, was replaced by Sarah Wynter? You bet your ass we did. Did we care as much? No. What really gets at us - eats at us - is the void left by Rube's absence.  Sure, they play it off decently well in the story but you can't replace the grounding character of
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'Dead Like Me: Life After Death' DVD Date and Details

If you're missing the ol' Dead Like Me crew as much as I am, you're going to be excited to hear that MGM will be release Dead Like Me: Life After Death, the made-for-dvd movie on February 17. Also arriving the same day is the Complete Collection, featuring both season and the feature film. In the feature, when Calvin Kane, a slick businessman who couldn't care less about helping the newly dead, takes over Rube's Head Reaper duties, all hell breaks loose, bringing out the worst in Daisy, Roxy, and Mason. George, however, is determined to set her latest, botched reap right, especially because the boy who was supposed to die, Hudson Hart, is her little sister Reggie's secret boyfriend. In the process, George and Reggie re-connect for real, for the first time.
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