Season: unknown
Year: 2008

Unknown Season

A Bit of All Right

21 July 2008
Britain's MG-A, the "everyman's" sports car, and the Sunbeam Tiger, a British sports car by Plymouth, with a Ford V8. Only on SPEED.

Bond, Blowers, Buicks, Etc.

28 July 2008
Alonzo drives an Aston Martin, a Blower Bentley and an '87 Buick Grand National.

I'm Just Here for the Sex

7 July 2008
Alonzo takes some sexy (Alfa Romeo Spyder) and not so sexy (Citroen 2CV) cars on the road.

Keeping It in the Family

11 August 2008
The Edsel and Ferrari Dino were named after the sons of the company heads.

Party Over Where? Party Over Here!

4 August 2008
Alonzo takes on some big cars, the AMC Pacer, the Hummer H-1 and the amphibious BMW Alpine.

Playin' in the Dirt

18 August 2008
Alonzo samples the Meyers Manx, a perfect car for the beach - or the Baja 1000.

Street Racing Then and Now

1 September 2008
From American Graffiti's '32 Ford and '55 Chevy to Gen X's Honda Civic CVCC.

The Bird Is the Word

30 June 2008
Four wheeled "birds" include the Studebaker Golden Hawk, Plymouth Superbird. Only on SPEED.

Wankels and Wankers

25 August 2008
Mazda's rotary engine RX-8, the Checker Marathon and the Austin 7 London taxi get the once over from Alonzo.

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