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this is very very sad movie to watch
yoav-davni22 October 2010
I used to like the "jackass" series because the cast included cool people who were doing crazy cool stuff ... all were taking part and sharing the humiliation and pain. They really liked it and enjoyed doing it. I liked watching it ... This movie which tries to ride on the same semi success waves it a totally different thing. The previously young jackass member, BAM, got a bit older and is trying to become JonnyK by building a team and leading a so called exploration mission. The problems start with the BAM character which appears as a really bad person and an nasty human being. There is NO DNA connection to Stivo or the "party boy". Not sure what went wrong but during the entire movie he's just molesting and humiliating his gang while actually doing nothing else. This is not fun to watch. After few min' you feel so empathic to those people who really hate this BAM and will do whatever is necessary to get their pay check … the level of abuse is really something new. In addition, there is nothing really interesting there to watch … no story, no crazy things, no cool stuff, nothing !!! Just two abuse stories, one at Finland and one at the states. Bottom line, this is really a sad movie to watch. I truly hope the so called gang made some money out of it, but as it seems, I'm positive that BAM made sure this won't happen and "sold" them the future upside of becoming famous … with a tattoo to prove it …
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Nothing new, allot of old and something.... crappy
sjoerd_d29 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I watched pretty much every movie or show Bam and his crew made and i liked mostly all of it (mainly because of Brandon). But in this film(with out Brandon) nothing original happens. They go to Finland to find Santa. On the way he abuses Novak and tattoos a map on a drunken Hanna. Thats mainly it. So if you like to see how Novak gets drop kicked 5 times, thrown of stairs in a box and some other crap go and have a look but if your looking for more you won't find it here... Maybe I'm getting to old for his stuff but i don't think or hope so. Because i still like the old stuff but this is just lame. Hopefully the next movie or show will be better then this crap. Like always ill give it a chance...
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It was different
melinda200120 December 2008
I like the Jackass stuff better but this was entertaining in a different way. I kinda like how it seems to be mostly scripted but with a lot of obviously unpleasant stuff. Of course that is what us sickos want. The scripting allows it to go to new horrible heights you could never visit in a strictly realistic setting. I kept expecting some character to die. I was also surprised to see that some of these guys can actually act a little. It's a shame that a couple of them can't act, but then I'm sure I couldn't do it either. If more of these movies are made I hope they get some acting lessons. I like the self-parody and would be interested to see more.
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Why the #$&% was this 'movie' made?
Nahcage14 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen fair share of Jack Ass series on the MTV and their movies. Last fall I saw Bad Granpa and even it was decent though it really was a one joke movie which did get old pretty fast. I have also seen the Dudesons original series in the beginning of new millennium. So I'd say that I'm not new to this 'genre'.

And now we get to this piece of cinema history... The film begins with one of Bams antics throwing snow and flour on sleeping people. This was seen a decade ago in original Jack Ass series and even then I thought that it was one of the lamest skits. Then Bam, for no reason, starts messing around with this guy Novak and trashes his 'new' car. The whole first 15-25 minutes of this movie is just pointless way to introduce the characters to the viewers. Then starts the trip to Finland.

In Finland Bam continues being a total d*ck and abuses his friends constantly. He even makes one of them to get a tattooed map of Finland on his belly. Then a little bit of trash-talking and kicking and beating. Bam is definitely not the kind of 'friend' you want to have even if he is cool. Bam maybe tries to be something like Johnny Knoxville and gather his own crew but the members are soulless dummies ready to face Bams abuse. His weird fascination of Finland and bad Finnish music is amazing.

As a native Finn I can say that there are many facts that are totally wrong in this movie. The 'map' (not on Hannas belly) isn't anywhere close to being accurate. Only the north-south-axle is right. And the Santa Claus doesn't live in Rovaniemi according to Finns, there is just his commercial workshop for mainly Japanese and Russian tourists. Santa really lives in Korvatunturi which also is in Lapland but it isn't as 'cool' place as Rovaniemi. And it would have been some what nice touch to really have Finnish Santa Claus instead of some Yankee guy with awful accent trying to speak Finnish.

There isn't any reason to watch this movie. I wasted 90 minutes of my life and I can't get those ever back. Only reason why I watched the whole movie was that I always watch movie to the end. It was a big mistake and I hope that I wouldn't have done that. Even one star is too much for this.
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