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Simple, heartwarming and inspiring
Peter Young31 July 2010
I'm in complete awe of this wonderful film. Dasvidaniya easily ranks amongst the finest films of 2008 - poignant, moving, uplifting. It is brilliantly written and narrated, superbly acted and very well directed. This is the story of Amar Kaul, a 37 year-old single man who lives with his old mother and who is diagnosed with cancer. Knowing that he has only counted months to live, he decides to form a list of 10 things he must do before he dies. It's then when the life of this ordinary man turns into an extraordinary journey spanning only several months but leaving countless memories for those who accompanied him on his way.

Those who are very well aware of the style people use to associate with Hindi films, may mistakenly expect the film to be overly cliché and melodramatic. But Dasvidaniya is the complete opposite. It is emotional but without any overdone dramatisation of the story. It is simple, subtle, humorous and authentic, and that's what makes it the more so involving and enjoyable. The dialogues are very good, and the film, though seems to be quite depressing at the surface, is heartwarming and inspiring alike, managing to tug at your heartstrings on many occasions and making you understand how important it is to live life to the fullest and cherish every moment of it.

Vinay Pathak is the film's main protagonist. Pathak is a very unconventional kind of a hero, but his portrayal of Amar is so heartfelt, convincing and sincere that it truly emerges as one of the finest performances of the year, which he will probably be most remembered for. Pathak is supported by a terrific ensemble of actors, all of whom play their roles excellently. Neha Dhupia is lovable in a small but pivotal role as the love of Amar's life, Neha. Rajat Kapoor is fantastic as his best friend Rajiv. Russian actress Manoylo Svitlana is endearing as Tatiana, a prostitute with whom Amar experiences true love for the first time in his life. Sarita Joshi and Gaurav Gera are wonderful as Amar's mother and brother, respectively.

Kailash Kher's soundtrack for the film is great. The songs are well composed and perfectly fit the situations presented on-screen. So does the background score. The film's ending is very optimistic and relieving despite its sad nature. Dasvidaniya is a moving and memorable picture. Shashant Shah is a very promising director, showing a very unique style of storytelling. I highly recommend you to watch this rare piece.
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A story of a common man told in a very uncommon way
shashiladha15 November 2008
(Same as in my own blog - shazl.blogspot) An excellent movie after a very very long time which wouldn't be forgotten very soon. A classy movie with sensational act from Vinay Pathak and other characters fitting in the slots perfectly. A story told with a very subtle tone but leaves a very deep impression upon your soul. A story which you can relate with as soon as it starts and you will try to carry it on even after coming out of the multiplex.

Dasvidaniya is a movie which will make you laugh and which will make you cry and most importantly, it will make you think. I have been thinking since 11:00 PM and I couldn't stop myself from writing this article so that people who are reading it don't miss this movie. Believe me, this movie will move you.

Although the concept is not very original and we have heard similar stories before but the presentation is completely of a new style. No over humorous dialogues, not very tearful scenes; but you will find yourself laughing your heart out at many places and you would fail to hold your tears at some.

I am dying to tell the story out here but then I would spoil the main attraction of the movie i.e. presentation. So go out and watch out the movie at the earliest otherwise you would land up hearing the story from one of your friends or in some article online. And for this movie, I can say that even if you go with over expectations, it will not fail you.

Till then, Dasvidaniya!!!
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Refreshingly heart warming .... a Gem.
kunalkhandwala6 December 2008
In times when the big banners disappoint and the obvious ones turn out to be the unexpected, a film played its subtle chords and rendered itself in the most touching manner to leave the viewer pleased, satisfied and moved. 'Dasvidaniya' achieves more than what the big films fail to. It moves you with only its simplicity and sincerity. Loosely based on the premise of Anand and Bucket List, Dasvidaniya (Russian for 'Goodbye') is an inspiring film that is not even epic in proportions mainly due to its simple nature and outstanding performances with Vinay Pathak being the unequivocal re-discovery of the year. This film is a surprise…. And a very pleasing one.

Amar Kaul (Vinay Pathak) is the symbolic 'loser'. The below average introvert who always gets pushed around or dominated, neglected and lost in the very simplicity of life with aspirations hidden behind the veil of the mundane routines of his life. He is your most unfashionable accounts manager in a private company whose insatiable boss simply reminds Amar of his lowly existence. At home, his half deaf mother lives with a struggling remote to the soap opera infected T.V., always whining, always complaining. While Amar's life is what one can easily identify with because we have known such 'losers' in life, we are surprised by his humble and tolerant nature to the events and people in his life. One day, he discovers that his life will no longer be the same as it has been and before it gives up on him, he should live it up to the very end. 'Iske pehle ki life tumhe kha jaaye, tum zindagi ko pee jaao' is what was suggested to him at a bar. Amar's self appears in front of him and reminds him that fixing the bathroom geyser or putting new batteries in the T.V. remote are not items worthy of his life's list of things to do. Thus, Amar enlists 10 real aspirations and pursues each one with all that he has.

One cannot really tell what the most beautiful aspect of the film is that makes it so heart warming. Is it the story telling or is it Amar's character that Pathak enacts so brilliantly? Debutant director Shahant Shah leaves us overwhelmed with his presentation style that makes the film classy in its own sense while being simple enough with the story telling. The film just flows through to your heart effortlessly and it strikes the right chord that will leave you with a lump in the throat at times or giggling away at the jokes it throws at you. As Amar sets out on his journey to accomplish his aspirations, he faces challenges that throw the reality of life at him but his spirit of living it up enables him to confront that reality with a smile. He is very practical in situations and realistic in dealing with the truth about his life. The subtlety connects to your emotional side and you fall in love with the simpleton 'loser'.

While the film centers around Vinay Pathak, who leaves us astounded with the most remarkable and definitive performance of his career as well as this year, there are some special characters that are worthy of a mention because they have been played by some fine actors. Neha Dhupia is refreshing as Amar's childhood love, his 'chaddi' pal Rajiv (Rajat Kapoor) is at his fine form yet again after the duo split us in laughter in Bheja Fry, Sarita Joshi plays the role of the eccentric mother convincingly with just a few shades of overacting when her son buys a new car…. .Vivek, the estranged brother, the boss played by Saurabh Shukla, Ranvir Shorey as the funky frequenter at the bar and Joy Fernandes in a convincingly hilarious role of 'Savio', the Guitar teacher.

Kailash Kher's melodies are soothing and suit the film's different moods.

The script, dialogues and screenplay with the touch of humour make this film a pleasant story rather than a serious drama and Shashant Shah's direction simply puts all the fine elements together to portray this touching tale in the finest presentation format. Hearts will be warmed with the subtle touches, tears will be shed for the resemblances, laughter will roar after funny dialogues and while one acknowledges the pleasant aspects of this film, the revelation of Vinay Pathak's finesse will only add to the cherishable experience of Dasvidaniya. - 9.09 on a scale of 1-10.
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Simple and Heartwarming
movieboy198817 November 2008
Dasvidaniya is a story of Amar, played by Vinay Pathak who leads a dull and boring life. He makes a daily-to-do list in order to escape his tiresome routine. He lives his life until one day he comes to know that he is suffering from stomach cancer. Then begins the journey of redemption, during which Amar discovers the true essence of life.

Quite a lot of films have been made in similar lines to this film. The 2004 dutch film 'Simon', Morgan Freeman-Jack Nicholsan starrer 'The Bucket List' and back home in India Hrishikesh Mukherjee's 'Anand'. Like all of these films, Dasvidaniya is a delightful tale about the realization through the eyes of a dying man.

Debutant director Shashant Shah manages to extract fabulous performances from the superb bunch of actors. The cast of this film is one of the best ever assembled for a film in the past 5 years. Writer Arshad Sayed is spot on with the dialogues and the screenplay is quite good. The cinematography is mediocre and the music is simple, yet hummable. But the true star of the film is Vinay Pathak who impresses with every shot of his.

Hope to see more such films from him. Be sure not to miss this one. Its one of the best films of the year.
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Disappointed ! ! !..
parminder-s-sandhu15 November 2008
Yes friends I am truly disappointed by the way people judge the movies I had once heard someone say "Good movies wont be made until we have good audience" and I firmly believe in the saying.I was at the multiplex today and could not digest the fact that I had only 3 shows for a movie like dasvidanya whereas 10-15 shows for a crap movie like Dostana.. and in light of current situation I don't see this movie to survive unless there is a strong word of mouth publicity.

I personally liked the movie very much along with my friends,the movie had its share of sad and happy moments and this was one of those movies which you do not want to end but unfortunately they have to at some-point.

Sadly there weren't many audience in the auditorium- but no regrets. Its better to be in a bunch of quality people then to be in the dumb crowd.

Thumbs up for all the cast and direction and hopefully we will see more of the team coming soon..
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Dasvidaniya - a movie that touches the emotional string
raghavramaiah-11 December 2008
Dasvidaniya.. the best goodbye ever. Is that one movie which manages to pull down that tear you shed way back when you watched Aamir Khan's TZP. Dasvidaniya is one of its kind. Now damn you people who think this story is a lift off from the English movie The Bucket List. I can very well tell the writer may be just influenced while he was actually writing the story of Dasvidaniya and its nothing more than a influence. He's managed to write a gem of a script and another gem of an actor to compliment it. Who else could it be who could've played the role of Amar Kaul better than Vinay Pathak. He plays Amar Kaul, a 37 year old lonesome man who only has his mother as the person in his life. Following which he finds his sudden illness during its last stage. The movie starts pacing well, when he does all those things he ever wished to do once after finding out about his illness.

The characters that follow in his life after that are to watch out for. Movies of Vinay Pathak do not end without Rajath Kapoor and Ranvir Shorey making their appearance and yet again all three of them compliment each other. The roles of Amar Kaul's mother and his childhood love interest played by Sarita Joshi and Neha Dhupia respectively have done their bit convincingly. Its definitely the career best performance of Vinay Pathak. This is not the first time you've see him pull off such a stupendous performance. He adds that extra quotient to the movie as he always does. The music is the icing on the cake. Kailash Kher provides that special touch of music which embraces you as you continue watching the movie. Summing up.. Dasvidaniya becomes a must watch!!! Its a movie you're gonna remember for a long long time to come. High time Vinay Pathak is respected as an actor.

An obvious 10 on 10 for Shashant Shah's Dasvidaniya. (MUST WATCH)
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Milestone Movie
Siddharth Dasgupta16 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Rare comes movies containing performances so restrained, warmth so resurrecting and wit at its best. (in Bollywood) The Protagonist, Amar sketches a character of a man who leads his usual middle-class, mundane and uneventful life, which is presumably already dead, only to find out he is suffering from stomach cancer. Decides to carry forward his life with the remaining moments raring to go, prepares a "to do list before i die". Accomplishing the deeds, one by one, is a treat to watch specially sequences like revealing out to the women you loved all your life, no matter she is happily married right now and standing against up to your devilish boss. The Spanish twist, the prostitute angle only adds some magnificence to the story. Each and every performance were sparkling, whether it is a small cameo or a humongous role. Way to go HUMANITY..!!!!
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What's wrong with reviews-this is one of the best movie in this year
user-from22 November 2008
can't believe this movie having flop talk... something wrong with reviews across some websites... this movie deserve best rating!!! not sure what else they are looking for this movie... this is best movie...great acting and direction...heart touching scenes... yet again fantastic music from Kilash.... wow would recommend all my friend and family to watch this movie...I completely agree with other user "I had once heard someone say "Good movies wont be made until we have good audience""...Excellent... Amazing and a Superb movie....kudo's the entire cast and crew...all the best guys!!! keep making such wonderful movies....
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kg-shrikant20 November 2008
Great job Director, crew and last but not least Vinay Pathak. Same crew who did magic in Bheja fry, but its totally different. All the actor in the movie have done brilliant job. I seriously feel the movie to be strong contender for National award for terribly good performance overall.

I'm amazed to see this master piece which has been made with sincerity to emotionally appeal to any human being. Vinay Pathak has been fabulous throughout the movie. I feel he deserves Hollywood along with great. This movie will catalyze the and motivate originality in Bollywood. This movies touches your heart from every corner and imbibes some thought in your mind.
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Simple Story about a Simple Man. Enchanting!!
folkpoet8029 November 2008
Vinay Pathak just keeps on amazing with his acting skills. He reminds me of the magic that Farooq Sheikh and Amol Palekar created in the early 80s with simple stories and outstanding acting. I think most of us can identify with Amar Kaul in one way or the other. Neha Dhupia whom I never thought of as an actress looked beautiful without her make-up and player her sweet cameo beautifully. Rajat Kapoor and all others were equally good in their roles. Neha's episode was my favorite when he acknowledges love for her in the rain. Also the Russian girl did well. All in all, everything was perfect for me in this movie with no overly-done melodrama.

The only thing disappointing was the lack of the ending theme (piano/guitar part) on the OST CD. Kailash Kher has created a poignant yet soulful melody. The ending scene where Amar's brother and his friend go over his list was the strongest scene (and the following theme) along with Neha's scene.

I will definitely rate this and "Amal" as one of the strongest movies to come out of Bollywood in a long long time. 10/10
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The Simplest Good bye ever!!!!
ravinder singh17 November 2008
Finally Comes a movie, which reminds us the beauty of simplicity. A forgotten way of life, where we were relaxed, and enjoyed the life; rather than running after the things to acquire materialistic pleasure.

Dasvidaniya, is I must say the simplest goodbye ever. Its a movie about a guy who is suffering from Stomach Cancer and is about to die in next 3 months. So this is the story of those months, where he takes the control of his life, and decides to correct out his mistakes, and enjoy the pleasures, which he totally ignored till this point of time.

A simple story, and also directed very simply, with not a single character going overboard to portray his/her emotions. All the characters in this movie have done great job, except from Neha Dhupia, she was not very comfortable playing the role of a next door girl.

Vinay Pathak steals the show, with his subtle portrayal of the emotions of a dying man. He has kept it simple and stupid. The movies makes you laugh a lot, and also sometimes makes you cry. The songs "Mumma" and "Alvida" sung by "kailash kher" are also very apt to the story.

The movie fill you with joy, but it has its share of drawback, if only you would like to call it a drawback. Dasvidaniya is too simple to effect you, or to impact you. It definitely touches you, but it does not go inside you. As soon as you are out of the theater, it will be out of your system.

So watch this movie with simple expectations, and enjoy this simplest goodbye ever!!!
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imgreat_7921 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Just saw this movie and was completely moved by it. Just have a few words to say.... Excellent... Amazing and a Superb movie. I wish more of such movies are made in Bollywood, instead of pathetic remakes/irritating bollywood formula movies. This movie has an essence similar to Anand and Kal Ho Na Ho but is not shadowed by those movies and it is able to make its own stand. The entire cast and crew have done an excellent job... special Kudos to Vinay pathak for his soulful and heart wrenching performance. The director and the writer need special mention for a creating a very believable and emotional journey of the protagonist.
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yadavanusha12 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Dasvidaniya is bittersweet situational comedy about a man Amar Kaul (Vinay Pathak), whose existence is easily forgotten among the millions of people in the pool of Mumbai's ever- increasing population. Shy and quiet Amar lives a mundane run of the mill life. His existence is non-existent to people around him. His innocence and his obsession for making his daily TO-DO LIST every morning is what motivates him to look forward to the next day.

Discovered with an illness, a doctor gives him 3 months to live. And then begins a journey of a lifetime for Amar, where he sets out to write his FINAL LIST. The List of 10 things to do before he dies, the List that would make his life worthy, before it actually ends.

Amar is symbolic of all those people who have always wanted to do things but kept them on hold.
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Best movie of 2008
bisprad6 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Usually all of us make movie-watching decisions based on the reviews we read – IMDb, Rajeev Masand on CNN-IBN, Khalid Mohammed in Hindustan Times or Raja Sen on rediff. If you read at least a couple of these reviews, you usually get a very good idea of what a particular movie is like. I have another personal test – admittedly a sort of rough indicator. In case of mainstream Hindi movies, just look at the schedule of a multiplex when the movie is released. So if a movie has 6-7 shows a day, it's a decent movie – while movies with just 1-2 shows in the first week are just bad. In case of a 'multiplex movie' like Johhny Gaddaar, it's the second week schedule to watch out for.

However, sometimes these calculations go quite wrong. Dasvidaniya is one such movie. (In its second week, its running just 2 shows a day in all multiplexes – and all major reviews have given it two stars, blaming the slow narration and/or ridiculing the contents of the final list). And I thought it was one of the best movies of this year.

Just for those few of you who don't know what the movie is about, it's about a common man – Amar Kaul – who leads a very dull and inconsequential middle class life, with nothing to look forward to except for his obsession with 'to-do' lists. He makes them everyday, ticking off things that he accomplishes – till he gets to know that he is terminally ill and has just three months to live.

As he did during his lifetime, he decides to make a final list – 'Things to do (before I die)' and sets out to fulfill them.

But this movie is too much to be summarized by just this one line! Sure that's the essence, but the movie has to be watched to appreciate the wonderfully tender moments captured by the director. Vinay Pathak plays the man with just three months to live, who suddenly has to fulfill a lifetime of ambitions – wishes which had been buried under the daily grind of existence. And the beauty of the script is in the things he chooses to put on the list. Nothing exotic or deliberated. Just simple heartfelt desires that probably most of us have – buying his first car or going on his first 'foreign trip'. Seeing his first and only crush Neha one final time - or meeting his childhood best-friend Rajiv before he dies.

Some experiences are heartwarming, like his mom's reaction on seeing the new car - and some bittersweet, like finding out Neha is now married and a mother. There are many more touching moments - the final parting between Rajiv and Amar and making peace with Vivek – which linger on after the movie. Vinay Pathak gives a wonderful performance, first reflecting desperation, then a breakdown and finally a wistful acceptance of fate.

Kailash Kher has given his unique touch to the music – and while Alvida is the number which everyone is humming, the Maa song is very nicely picturized (without too much overt sentimentality) – and is catchy too.

Not all is perfect with the movie though – Amar's alter ego's appearance is a little jarring and he should have had less screen time. The Russian's popping-up act is also a little weird – but it also gives the movie its unique flavor. And if you think about it, how much money would an account manager's provident fund be left with, after a Rs. 9 lakh car and a round trip to the US ?? And wouldn't you want to leave it all to your mother instead?

But inspite of these loopholes, this movie is one of the most warm and thoughtful movies to come out of Bollywood in sometime. The director cheekily doffs his hat to mainstream movies Kal Ho Naa Ho and Munnabhai – and indulges in a bit of genuinely funny situational comedy, but you would remember the movie for touching your heart in its earnestness and simplicity.
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V for VJ - V for Vinay
chromedreamer8 January 2009
When MTV first came to cable it was like a dream come true to for us, the music lovers. Back in those days we’ve really enjoyed it for few years, (remember Danny McGill, he was a cool VJ.) Slowly MTV India took over. For a starter, they did a very good job for a few years.

Then somethin’ happened, they broke in to two parts & some of them formed Channel V. They too did well at the beginning, I don’t know if that channel now exists or not! Anyways I remembered two unusual VJs from the V, Vinay Pathak & Ranvir Shorey. Together they also hosted a show called Football Crazy. I wonder if they were as good as Danny or not, but they sure are good actors now. I look forward to see what they’re doin’.

Recently I saw two great Indian films “Dasvidaniya” and “Oh, My God”. Both of those are very different from each other, both of them are very funny and well scripted. The lead player of both the films is surprisingly The Sloppy Vinay Pathak! Both the directors came up with their debut film. I don’t know where the hell they came from but they sure know how tell a good story which is very funny & at the same time has a moral.

I recommend everyone not to miss these two Hindi films!

Milu Aman

Dhaka, Bangladesh
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An Endearing Farewell
Chrysanthepop27 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Though it might bear some resemblance to 'Anand' and 'The Bucket List', 'Dasvidaniya' is very much its own film (and far better than 'The Bucket List' and 'Kal Ho Na Ho'). With its sheer subtlety, simplicity and touch of humour, it reminds me of the beauty of Iranian films. Rookie director Shashant Shah gives the film a unique treatment. It amazes me how a first time film director could make such a subtle film with so much attention to detail and astonishing use of symbolism.

'Dasvidaniya' could have easily become just another melodramatic tearjerker but Shah's wonderful sense of humour and poetic narration make this more than a pleasant experience and the character Amar Kaul is so big hearted (but at the same time easily relatable) that the viewer, while sympathizing with his illness, feels joy as he achieves his goal and shares his triumph. The entire film focuses on Amar Kaul, a typical loser and loner who works at a call centre(?). But, as the story continues, we discover that Kaul is no longer a mere loser. He is and has always been a man with a big heart but just like many he just lost his way somewhere in life and now strives to make the best of his last couple of months and live his life. Arshad Sayed deserves mention for the terrific screenplay and humorous and witty dialogues.

Vinay Pathak is phenomenal. Finally he gets the lead role every good actor would dream of and he totally nails it. This is easily one of the best performances of the year. He is supported by a strong cast that includes: a food-addicted bossy Saurabh Shukla, a vivacious Neha Dhupia, a fine Rajat Kapoor (with whom Amar shares everything giving him the bigger part and keeping the smaller piece to himself...including that of life), an eccentric Sarita Joshi, a hilarious Joy Fernandes, a convincing Gaurav Gera, a flamboyant Ranvir Shorey and a refreshing Manoylo Svitlana.

There are quite a few songs but I loved them all and they add to the expressions of the scene's mood. Kailash Kher can surely sing passionately.

'Dasvidaniya' is one of the rare Indian films of the year (and quite simply one of the finest) where it all, that is, direction, screenplay, acting, music and so on, beautifully fits together. This is a must see gem for everybody.
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Makes your heart bleed: How a common man lives out his dreams
Souvik Chatterjee18 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
There are times when a movie makes you feel like crap, and there are times when a movie makes you realize life is good. Dasvidaniya falls in the later group. Dasvidaniya is the story of a common man who is terminally ill. He makes a wish-list... and lives each thing one by one. This movie will actually make your heart bleed. Because the story of Amar is our story. We do not live our dreams because we have the illusion that the end is far and we have enough time. But later realize time eluded us and we have not lived a single one of our dreams. This movie shows you what life can be only if we strive to achieve what our heart says. No time is short if you enjoy and live out every moment of our lives. Vinay Pathak, as usual, is brilliant. So are all the others. I simply never thought I would some day watch a bollywood movie where all of the characters are perfect and all the actors are at their best. This is truly a milestone. Everything about this movie is perfect, except for the 'Love' aspect of it. Vinay finds love in the arms of a Russian 'less-than-honourable' lady. Something about the situation here does not feel right. Their encounter is realistic but not their relationship. This movie truly deserves to be sent to the Oscars in the foreign film category, for India - and not craps like Devdaas and the rest of the bunch (I do not ever remember what they were!). This is what true movie making is about. This is called portraying true emotions on screen and sucking you into it. Its a shame that this movie has been defeated at the BO. I guess Indian audience has to go a long way to choose this over Dostana or the latest Bond flick.
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Not The Best GoodBye Ever...But One Of "The Best Movie Ever"
dearketan16 December 2008
Sorry I have no words to describe this movie. But If I don't describe my comments won't be seen here, so I have to write something that this article comes up.

The actors (All the actors) have once again shown that you don't need to be a big star or you don't need a big budget neither do you need a big banner to make a good movie in fact their movies are the worst.

But "DASVIDANIYA" is one of the best movie ever made. And the simplicity of the movie touched me a lot. The Mr. Amar Kaul express his love to Neha. In the dumb-charade way was a Scene Stealer. I think that was one of the best scene of the movie. *Sorry because all the scenes in the movies are best.

The way he completes all the things in life is very good. There may not be continuity in some scenes. But you obviously can ignore it.

"...... D A S V I D A N I Y A ......"
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Dasvidaniya - start making lists
Moksh Juneja13 December 2008
Vinay Pathak was simply amazing in the movie - Dasvidaniya, there are moments in the movie that really make you feel sad, and upset about the character dying, upset to the point being that - Now, he is living life to the fullest. The alter ego of Vinay Pathak wears some real amazing pointed red shoes.

Plot of the movie is there is Amar Kaul (played by Vinay Pathak) being informed that he is going to die, and now he starts wishing that all things that he ever wanted to do and puts it on TTD - Things to do lists that one puts together, then he puts his ultimate list "10 things to do before I die".

Gaurav Gera, as the younger brother and short lived character had an impactful performance, specially when he shared screen Vinay Pathak and mother Sarita Joshi. Neha Dhupia was a the person that he loves the most turns out to be that she has already married and he is very upset about it. Similarly, Rajat Kapoor, Ranvir Shorey - who also have contributed to the movie beautifully. It may not be the commercially most successful movie, but it does touch hearts of the people.

The other thing that touches the heart of the people was the songs were also very to the point, specially when he started singing Maa, it was very meaningful and had it own time value in the movie. Songs have been composed by Kailash Kher, Nareh and Paresh. These guys are the same who have given us "Teri Diwani".

You don't come sad and upset once you leave the hall, but you have that sense of love in you that motivates you to rush back home and spread the love amongst your family, and try and spend time more with them, specially until that feelings lasts.
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Good Watch
visheshbajpai6 February 2009
Taken from the Bucket List theme... the screenplay is done well and the acting is good too...

I noticed that I had a small smile throughout the movie due to the touching scenes and the way the plot unfolds... a bit slow tho.. but still worth a watch. The cast has a lot of common from Bheja Fry, and Rajat Kapoor has done a good crisp performance. The most interesting thing is the way the one shows how we think when we know that we are about to loose the very essence of our life and have nothing to give or take but just good memories and good will. I would recommend a watch, and you will not feel it was a waste of your time.
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The best goodbye ever!
alpez20 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is a beautiful film. And its Vinay Pathak all the way... Although the movie is inspired from the Jack Nicholson - Morgan Freeman starrer "The Bucket List", this movie has taken life of its own. There are brilliant moments in the film - like when Amar and his mother go for a drive in the car, when Rajiv (Rajat Kapoor) bids Amar goodbye at the airport, when Amar finally tells Neha that he loves her or when Amar & his brother make peace. This film is all about moments. Moments that mean a lifetime. And since Amar didn't have much of a lifetime, he wanted to live as many such moments as possible! Words fall short of Vinay Pathak's performance. He carries the film on his wounded shoulders and smiles through the journey. And a very well written story by Arshad Sayyed supports his cause (The Russian prostitute was genius!) Three fantastic songs. Shashant Shah's debut film is soft, heart wrenching and warm. Im sure a lot of females and my friend Harsh will cry through the movie.
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One of the underrated gems of Bollywood
nimishasrivastava29 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
One line review: An amazing watch with a bitter sweet ending that puts a smile on your face.

Dasvidaniya, Russian for 'good bye', is a story of a last stage cancer patient saying good bye to his life and every person who played a part in it. The name of the movie is also a pun on 'bucket list of ten things to do before I Die' made by the protagonist. Amar Kaul is your average middle class Indian guy. He is a sincere, calm and loves his mother. Every morning he wakes up and makes a 'to do list' of things he wishes to accomplish in the day. He has a non complaining attitude towards the world he lives in, never complaining his boss about the work, or to his best friend about the sacrifices he made. He never smoked, drank or did anything outside his routine of affairs. Amar's world collapses around him when he learns that he is at the last stage of stomach cancer, with only three months to live. This revelation comes with a realisation that in his 37 years of existence, he has hardly fulfilled any of his wishes. The next morning, he wakes up and makes a list of things he wants to finish before he dies. Its a tentative list, with more items added later in the movie, a total of ten of them to be exact, which he does cross off before he breathes his last.

His 'list' reflects stupid desires that we all hold, like buying a new car, going for a foreign trip, learn guitar, confessing to his childhood love! One of the most emotional scenes in the movies arrives during his declaration of love to Neha, his childhood love, through a game of dumb charades, a game they always used to play as a team. Neha is now married and has a daughter, but Amar can't die without letting her know that he has always loved her. Another important scene is Amar's head to head with his brother. After all family is the most important thing and one will go to lengths to save it, like Amar's mumma does by taking him to all the babas to save his life. In the end, he brings all important members of his life together. He leaves a gift for everyone behind. He leaves his house for rent to the agent who sold him car, a record of bollywood song to his Russian girlfriend, an album of childhood photos for his love Neha, his car to his guitar instructor. For his best friend he leaves nothing but for me there was a hidden meaning in that action. He has always sacrificed larger share of best stuff for his friend. His best friend keeps the 'list' for himself as a memoir of the life loving person Amar was!

I would definitely recommend this movie to every person ever. Those of us who complain about the deteriorating quality of Bollywood movies, should definitely sit back and enjoy underrated gems like Dasvidaniya.
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an epic movie
binnycool217 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
this is a movie which will touch your heart. the story is about a guy who is just a normal person who makes his list everyday on what he needs to do daily. he is a simple person who never says no to anyone and does all the work for everyone. now he is about to die in 3 months and does not know what to do. he makes the list of 10 things he wants to do before he dies. The story takes you to how he changes his life in achieving the things to do in the list and how he spreads love around himself and with the people he know.

a must watch film it will take your heart away.

Vinay Pathak is one gem of an actor and he really does this character full justice.

if you haven't seen the movie then you have missed a great movie. so go watch it today.
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general thoughts ...nothing specific.
hmathr24 May 2009
Dasvidanyia is a very nice movie! There is so much artistic talent in the Indian movie industry. movies of this type do not really get the respect it deserves at the box office. However, I am sure that there are many people who will appreciate the movie and consider it extraordinary effort. I will encourage all my friends to watch this movie and I strongly encourage you to watch it. I hope artists like Shashant Shah and Vinay Pathak continue making such movies even though they might not have box office success. Also, I have seen Neha Dupia in two movies now... I think she is very good actress. I hope the Bollywood machine does not suck her in...I feel she has the potential to be very influential as long as she focuses on the art of movie making. She has small role in this movie but she is does a good job. MORE POWER TO THE ARTISTS OF THIS WORLD...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
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movie made with heart .....................
varun23 February 2009
dasvidaniyan comes at a time from bollywood when its status is rising and the reason one can see is from this movie. its not a regular every day movie. it starts with simple but oppressed life of Amar kaul( Vinay Pathak). he is like every other Indian guy one meets in day to day life, hard working , a little scared , introvert , has many hidden feelings but does not show them . then things take a u urn as he comes to know he is going to die. how things change you will have to watch as it is hard to describe.

For me the beauty of the movie was the small things which Amar Kaul did in the movie without speaking any dialogue , like when his mother wants to go into the lift he just holds her from the shoulder. that was beautiful.also Kailash kher voice and the song MAMA is very touchy. i guarantee if u watch this movie in morning - ur whole day will pass very nicely. --------------------
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