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Film Review: ‘The Grounded’

The belief that direct contact with the Earth can cure all manner of mankind’s ills drives “The Grounded,” the latest documentary from Alaska-based nature photographer Steve Kroschel. Venturing forth beyond his personal experience of being healed in this fashion, hero/director/diarist Kroschel embarks on a crusade to interview gurus of “grounding” (aka “earthing”) across the continent and further spread the word of the medical miracle. Throwing in sweeping vistas of virgin snow and orphaned moose as proof of nature’s greatness, and recruiting a motley bunch of believers along the way, the film won’t convert anyone but the already holistically minded.

Having heard of the amazing cure-all via podcast, Kroschel first demonstrates the beneficial effects of the process on his own persistent pain. He then hastens to share his discovery with other suffering inhabitants of the small town of Haines, Alaska, achieving similarly positive results. With the
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