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One of the greatest online games of all time.
BadlilRipper16 July 2014
Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow for the Xbox is the squeal to my favorite game of all time Rainbow Six 3 and it did not disappoint. They took everything from Rainbow Six 3 and improved on it for Black Arrow. The single player campaign is fun and challenging as is Coop and Terrorist hunt. But the game was made for its online player vs player game modes which include: Team Survival (teams up to 8 per with one life each) Survival (Free for all with one life) Sharpshooter (Free for all with unlimited lives) among a few others. Where it shines is Team Survival, you can die in a split second if you are not careful. This game requires strategic movement and communication to win. When you have two teams that know what they are doing playing against each other, it is a thing of beauty! The health system is a 4 bar life meter. a headshot is always a one shot kill but if you do get shot and wounded there is no health regeneration which makes it that much more vital to be careful. There are a wide range of guns in this game each being unique. The maps vary from small to big, but all require careful movements as any gun can kill from any range if you shoot right. I played this game and Rainbow Six 3 more than any other game ever and have never experienced the fun endless nights on any other game since this one. Although the online is no more the single player still offers a challenging tactical approach. The best part of this game will never be experienced again unless hooked up locally through a lan. All of that being said I am speaking from how this game was when it was in its prime.
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