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Rated Episodes

# Episode User

1.8  A Guide to Armageddon 8.7 38
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8.7/10 X  
John's Not Mad 7.9 65
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.9/10 X  
Murder on the Bluebell Line 6.8 6
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.8/10 X  

Unrated Episodes

# Episode
1.1  How to Pick Up Girls, Win Arguments and Influence People
1.2  Light Creatures of the Night
1.3  The Proof of the Pudding
1.4  Spy in the Sky
1.5  Beyond the Six Second Mile
1.6  Music, Music, Music
1.7  Riding on Air
1.9  The Underground Test
A Case of Spontaneous Human Combustion?
A Chinese Cure for Eczema?
A Fall from Grace
A Hole in Fred's Head
A Man Who Writes Birdsong
A Race Against Time
A Rainforest Remedy
A Slim Chance of Sight
A Song for Annie
A Walk on the Wild Side
A Wolf in Dog's Clothing
Acts of God
Alpha: How to Succeed Without Really Trying
An Everday Miracle
Another Little Drink Won't Do Us Any Harm
Art and Chips
Baby in a Frame
Back to the Drawing Board
Back to the Menders
Before Your Time
Before the Massacre
Bend! Bend! Bend!
Betsy and the Bongo
Big Brother's Little Test
Big Day at Black Rock
Brave Heart
Breaking the Pain Barrier
Breaking the Silence
Bubble Babies
Bugging in Six Easy Lessons
Call of the Deep
Casualities of the Wild
Cause of Death
Challenging Children Baby Love
Challenging Children Crisis in the Classroom
Challenging Children I Want My Boy Back
Challenging Children: A Gifted Child
Claws: A New Kind of Dinosaur
Clockwork Radio
Clockwork Radio Update
Cot Death
Craig's Boot
Curse of the Killer Bug
Cutting a Path Through the Hearth
Dark Side of the Sun
Deadly Secrets
Eating Earth
Eyewitness Evidence... Fact or Fiction?
Faster Than the Sun
Fishman of Saughton Jail
Flying Horses
Food Fights
Four Go Off to Space Camp
Gallop to Freedom
Gina: The Last Campbell
Glimpses of Death
Granny's Greatest Thrill
Gripping Stuff
Handful of Light
Homoeopathy: Medicine or Magic?
Hope for Helen
How to Be Happy
How to Be a Professional Mum and Dad
How to Win Grand Prix
I'm Not Stupid
I, Daedalus
In at the Deep End
Is Love Enough?
It's Not Easy Being a Dolphin
Jean: A Battle with Obsession
Joella's Journey
Keyhole Surgery
Knights of the Shining Piddock
Life on Ice
Lifeline Express
Little Monsters
Live Luggage
Lost for Words
Love Child
Mad Dogs and an Englishman
Mark, His Sister and the Scientists
Miracle Man
Monty Roberts: A Real Horse Whisperer
Move Over 'Babe'!
Murphy's Law
My Best Friend's a Computer
Nerve Transplant
New Lives for Old
Night Terrors
Old Wives Tales
On His Own Two Feet
Once Upon a Time
Operation Otter
Panic Attack
Pigeon Pie
Plastic Fantastic
Pozzuoli: Death of a City
Pride and Prejudice
Prisoners of the Forgotten Plague
Propping Up Pisa
Putting You in the Picture
Racing with the Sun
Ray of Hope
Return of the Bloodsuckers
Revolting Dogs
Riddles of Ball and Cue
Robots: Taking the Biscuit
Round Britain Whizz
Saving Trudy
Secrets of the Cloud People
Sex Acts
Sheer Genius
Shroud of Jesus: Fact or Fake?
Sight for Sara
Simon's Peace
Simon's Return
Simon's Triumph
Simon's War
Sleeping It Off
Spontaneous Human Combustion
Stammering Cured: Andrew R. Bell
Sunshine and Scattered Showers
Sweet F.A.
Talking to Horses
Testing, Testing
The 300 Million Years War
The Bat, the Blossom and the Biologist
The Battle of the Bottle Snatchers
The Battle of the Sexes
The Bike
The Bionic Woman
The Body Out of the Bog: Second Report
The Body in the Bog
The Boy Who Draws Buildings
The Eleven-Minute Mile
The Fall and Rise of Sergeant 'Reggie' Perrin
The Family Game
The Foolish Wise Ones
The Future Is Further Away Than You Think
The Horse That Doped Itself
The House That Bob Built
The Invisible Killer
The Invisible World
The Last Resort
The Long Night of the Lion
The Long Watch: Fifty Years of Radar
The Love Laboratory
The Maggot Mogul
The Magic Picture Show
The Magic of Memory
The Man Who Believes in Body Transplants
The Man Who Walks on Fire
The Meaning of Dreams
The Morgan Treatment
The Most Swirling, Swinging, Sliding, Spinning, Up-and-Down Ride of Your Life
The Mystery of Tears
The Outcasts
The People's Medicine
The Power of Sound
The Quest for Mastermind's Brain
The Quest for the Quagga
The Riddle of Sleep
The Riddle of the Turin Shroud
The Science of Sexual Attraction
The Secret Life of Seahorses
The Snooker Machine
The Steroid Myth
The Struggles of the Swan
The True Story of Joseph Merrick: 'The Elephant Man'
The War of Words Down Under
The World's Longest Drop
The World's Longest Flight
The Write Stuff
To Fly Like a Bird
Tokyo Earthquake
Understanding Rape
Walking Back to Happiness
Welcome to Fat Camp
What's So Funny About That?
Whatever Happened to the Leisure Age?
When It Happens to You
When to Change Faces
Whirlpools in the Air
Why Planes Fly - and Other Things
Why Things Go Wrong
With a Goal in Mind
You Only Live Once
Your Biological Guide to AIDS
Your Child's Diet on Trial
Your Child's Diet on Trial: The Verdict