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Plot Summary

  • When Nathan Ford, a former insurance company investigator, is approached by a man asking him to help retrieve some stolen property, he is dubious. When he finds out that the job requires him to supervise and maintain control of three known thieves that he himself caught in the course of his insurance investigations, he's more than dubious. However, the job offers him the opportunity to get some of his own back from the insurance company that allowed his son to die, so he takes it despite his misgivings. When his doubts prove to be well-founded, he persuades his reluctant colleagues to unite once more to reach a more "equitable" settlement.

    - Written by Eideann
  • Bering Airspace CEO Victor Dubenich approaches Nate Ford, a hard drinking ex-IYS insurance investigator, to oversee a crew he assembled: Hardison, Parker and Spencer, to retrieve stolen property. When the job goes awry, Nate calls his favorite grifter, Sophie Devereaux, and the new 5-man crew introduces Victor Dubenich to some Nigerians.

    - Written by LA-Lawyer
  • Nathan Ford worked for one of the most respected Insurance companies in America, where he investigated (often bogus) claims and met no end of scammers, thieves and ne'er-do-wells along the way. When that same insurance company refused to pay for treatment of his terminally-ill son, he quit the business and has been freelancing ever since, investigating and traversing the globe while collecting a paycheck and trying unsuccessfully to deal with the unspeakable loss of both his son, and his wife. On one such stop, he is approached by one Victor Dubenich, who tells Nathan how he feels for Nathan's late son and late wife, and doesn't he wish he could get even with those big, uncaring corporations? Victor tells of the designs for a state-of-the-art luxury airliner, that have been stolen by a rival company, and how Nathan is the only man who has the contacts to recover them. Nathan hesitantly agrees, and recruits some of the best criminals in the business (the lone wolf mercenary, the uber-geek hacker, the clinically insane cat burglar and the world's worst stage actress)... all to settle the score for Victor, and by extension, Nathan too. The problem is that every last one of them - including Nathan - is used to working as a solo act. But with their unique skills, and in spite of inherent personality conflicts, they discover they work pretty well together. And they might even be having fun.

    - Written by Anonymous


Nathan Ford, ex-insurance investigator, drinks alone at a bar. A man comes up to him, saying he knows that he saved his company $20 million by finding a painting...

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