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The Hollywood Reporter
This is one helluva good movie that craves the eyeballs of as many American high schoolers as it can possibly get.
It's the die-hard camaraderie that undergirded this squad and lifted it to the top.
The film is filled with extraordinary characters and equally extraordinary circumstances that Hollywood could craft no better in any feature script.
While More Than a Game is a terrific exhibition of talent, exuberance and skill, it is above all a moving tribute to enduring friendship.
Wall Street Journal
Fascinating not only for its portrait of an emergent--and endearing--superstar, but for the evolution of three teammates the young LeBron came to love, and the hard-driving coach who evolved with them.
A missed opportunity is the effect of the school on the boys, and vice versa. Instead of sociology, More Than a Game focuses on personality.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Unfortunately, producers (including James) went for the easy layup, showing so much on-court action instead of trying to hustle for insights about sports and society.
The result would make an excellent inspirational video for aspiring players, but it's not quite ready for the pros.
The final message is a strong one: Even when the starting forward is one of the best high school players ever, basketball is still a team sport.
More Than a Game is less than a movie.
Like one of those five-minute featurettes on star athletes deployed to soak up time on the pregame show -- expanded to a paralytic length.

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