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Actually surprisingly good

Author: Halfdan Reschat from Denmark
8 December 2009

Just watched "Ghost Machine" with a few friends (all nerds) and I actually quite enjoyed it. It had some weak points but overall was a interesting and enjoyable movie.

But if you don't like sci-fi and horror combined - stay far away from this one. The horror elements are not that scary and the sci-fi is not that convincing. But my friends and I still enjoyed it - especially because of of a lot of action/soldier/cool moments.

So, yeah. Objective it's not that good a movie - but I still enjoyed it. So watch it with a few friends (and preferable some beer) and you will have a good time.

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Ghostly cyber-terrorist is not very scary

Author: Pete975 from East Kilbride, Scotland
20 April 2010

A couple of computer scientists working with the army borrow their expensive experimental computer equipment to map out a haunted prison, that was secretly used to torture terrorists to death, so they can create an authentic environment to play a virtual reality first person shooter with their stoner buddies. Turns out the prison was haunted by the vengeful spirit of a cyber- terrorist who died there. She hacks into their game system leading to exciting adventures for our plucky band of heroes.

The atmosphere of the prison is excellent, I assume it is a prison in Northern Ireland. Rachael Taylor, playing an army private, love interest and experimental subject really stood amongst the acting performances. The others were playing such very thinly written characters that we learn almost nothing about any of them. Perhaps all the other characters were merely game characters and the whole film takes place in a virtual reality game she has been playing from the start.

The story seems very similar to other films and it really pales in comparison to some of those. The ghost was okay and I suppose the CGI gore is really to be expected in the context of the film. Some of the early action sequences really do capture the authentic feel of the first person shooter games.

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Snappy & Coherent techno-horror

Author: Rabh17 from United States
7 March 2010

This story is a beauty. Don't pay attention to the cheesy art cover.

Some of the characters are formula. And some are not. And the Story itself may seem to be formulaic-- but it's slightly skewed in a different direction. Some good Thought went into this script.

And as for the ghost. . .the beauty of this flick is how your feelings will shift from one direction to another. Stupidity, Pride and Viciousness all end up paying a satisfying price.

And the Horror is not in the Blood Spatters-- but the twisty discomfort that comes from watching torture. No-- nothing a la 'Saw', but uncomfortable just the same.

This movie isn't produced cheaply either. It's a satisfying Saturday Nite Flick. Get the popcorn ready!

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Excellent British Horror

Author: greyarchive-1 from United Kingdom
15 December 2009

Surprisingly good for a low budget horror believable cast and interesting tech story will definitely recommend it to my friends who are both gamers and horror fans.

In an age where gore and cheap copies seem to be the mainstay where special effects and big names are all that seem to matter, this film was well paced and enjoyable.

It was also nice to have a film that didn't believe it needed to be two plus hours long.

If you want a horror film that caters to both gamers and fans of the genre and you can take it for what it is British indie horror movie then I hope like me you will enjoy watching.

Will definitely be keeping an eye on the people who made this.

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Okay SyFy Flick

Author: Tam Le from United States
1 November 2011

I watched it last night on Netflix instant streaming. Acting was good and I like watching Rachel Taylor, but script was too much like the Matrix. There is a software and you get plugged in and live in a virtual world, but there is a creepy woman who was abused and want to kill everyone. We don't know anything about her except she was a terrorist and was sexually abused by a sleezy top rank officer. So now she wants revenge. Cinematography was very good and so was music, but script was just so average. Same gun toting military search for a bad person and one by one they get killed. I've seen it so many times before. well, if you have absolutely nothing else to watch, then this movie would suffice, but look for something else first, unless like me, you wanted to see Rachel Taylor.

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Doom meets Call of Duty

Author: Sherazade from United States
23 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If this were an American movie, it would not have taken them 31 minutes to establish a plot. The graphics were great and the premise of the movie is just like a hit video game but there was also something that was lacking. A bunch of computer geeks upload an anomaly into their favorite video game to corrupt the system, only to find out that a separate entity exists within the game that shouldn't be there and if a soldier gets killed by this entity within the game, they die in real life.

*****Keep in Mind**** there isn't a rated version of this film available so there's a lot of vulgar language, blood/gore/war-type violence and some sexuality in it. Parents you have been warned.

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A perfectly fine, atmospheric Cyber-Ghost Story. No Oscars, but definitely fun and entertaining... Blu-ray: Very Good A:8 V:8

Author: lathe-of-heaven from Sunny Southern California, USA
23 October 2013

Firstly, for a totally Independent and VERY Low-Budget film, they did a great job in putting it together. If you are the kind of person who likes these kinds of films, say like Full Moon's 'ARCADE' (which this one is FAR more polished) or 'THE LAWNMOWER MAN' (although this one here is WAAAAAAAY simpler and cost about 1% as much) then you should find this entertaining.

The point is, is the film made well with what they had? Is the acting decent? Is the script and direction okay? If so, then you have a decent, entertaining film that does PRECISELY what it is supposed to do. I really liked the way it ended too; nice touch...

If you like these kinds of films and you go in realizing that this is just a VERY simple Low-Budget Sci Fi Thriller, and you are NOT expecting ultra-realism and as I am always saying, if you have a good imagination and can easily suspend disbelief, and you don't mind a few Phantastical elements thrown in, then you should enjoy it. Believe me... there are TONS of horrible, lousy, and EXTREMELY Painful Sci fi / Horror films out there (just check out the Syfy channel. Or better yet, DON'T... :)

Definitely a strong '6'...

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"This game, is no game my friend."

Author: lost-in-limbo from the Mad Hatter's tea party.
16 July 2011

Lamentably banal, metallic straight-to-DVD horror sci-fi outing which sees modern technology connecting with a revengeful spirit. Adeptly made with a certain slickness, but the commonplace story is quite ho-hum, as "The Matrix" meets "Stay Alive" or like somebody already mentioned "The Ring", but it comes off very second-rate in most departments. Uninterested performances with Rachel Taylor, Luke Ford and Sean Faris don't help much either. Richard Dormer is your stereotypical officer with a mean-streak. A couple of army computer experts and some gamer friends take some very high-tech software equipment and set it up in an abandon prison to kick back and have some fun smoking weed while creating a virtual war. However an evil entity (a woman computer hacker terrorist) lurks within the confinements and infiltrates the game's network, putting the lives of the gamers at risk. The premise is workable but the execution of it is lazy and repetitive. Many awkward exchanges, cheap predictable jolts, cheesy special effects and a flat pace. The choice of setting though, creates a foreboding presence. Boring, run-of-the-mill cyber Sci-fi Horror where if you end up dead, you're really dead.

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Haunted video game

Author: Matt Kracht ( from New York
8 October 2012

The basic plot: a group of soldiers and their gamer buddies play a haunted video game, where if you die in the game, you die for real.

I didn't have high expectations for a movie titled Ghost Machine, and, when I read the synopsis, I lowered my expectations even further. If all you're looking for is a cheesy, derivative movie that looks like a video game, then I'm sure you'll be satisfied. Otherwise, I'd say you should avoid it, because it's only going to annoy you.

The writing was a bit stupid, but any bad writing was dwarfed by the monumentally bad idea of a haunted video game. The acting and special effects were alright. There's a bit of gore, titillation, implied torture, and an attempted rape. If the story had focused on these elements, instead of recreating a generic console game, maybe this would have been a better movie... but I kind of doubt it.

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Good but too familiar

Author: dbborroughs from Glen Cove, New York
14 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The military is using a virtual reality machine to train soldiers for a variety of situations. When a bunch of the soldiers sneak in one night to use it for their own ends they find that the virtual world is haunted by a female ghost looking to kill them. Will they be able to stop her?

You've been here before, any number of times the question is do you want to see the same story yet again. To be fair it's well done but way too familiar to work, especially when you can pretty much guess what the ending is going to be. Worth seeing, but I'd wait for cable or some other "free" means of seeing it.

5 out of 10

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