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Michael Trucco Joins Horror-Thriller ‘The Bye Bye Man’

Michael Trucco Joins Horror-Thriller ‘The Bye Bye Man’
Michael Trucco has rounded out the cast of Intrepid Pictures’ horror-thriller “The Bye Bye Man,” which recently started shooting in Cleveland.

He joins Doug Jones, Douglas Smith, Cressida Bonas and Lucien Laviscount. The film recounts a series of terrifying events experienced by three Wisconsin college students, played by Smith, Bonas and Laviscount. Trucco plays the brother of one the students, whose mind has been invaded by the unstoppable Bye Bye Man (Jones).

Stacy Title is directing from Jonathan Penner’s script, based on Robert Damon Schneck’s short story “The Bridge to Body Island.” Trevor Macy is producing for Intrepid, and Jeffrey Soros and Simon Horsman are producing for Los Angeles Media Fund.

Trucco’s credits include “Battlestar Galactica: The Plan,” “Killer Women” and “Revenge.” He’s repped by UTA and McKeon-Myones Management

Lamf produced Kate Beckinsale’s psychological thriller “The Disappointments Room,” co-produced with Relativity Media and Media Talent Group.
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Mindy Newell: Chariots Of The Gods

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Space travelers in the gray mists of time? An inadmissible question to academic scientists. Anyone who asks questions like that ought to see a psychiatrist.” • Erich von Danniken

“It’s just one more thing to remember to charge throughout our busy days.” • Joseph Volpe of critiquing the Apple Watch

Well, I finished rewatching Ronald D. Moore’s Battlestar Galactica.

The most popular question (dissatisfaction?) I remember floating around the message boards connected with the finale of BSG was: “What, or who, was the returned-from-the-dead Kara Thrace, a.k.a. Starbuck?” And I also remember that there was a lot of frustration and unhappy people who were really angry with Mr. Moore for not giving a black-and-white answer. I suppose these dissatisfied viewers wanted to see an extension of Kara’s final scene with Lee Adama in which, in their imagination, she would say – sort of a Spoiler Ahead!
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2015 Black Friday Deals: 'Battlestar Galactica', 'Home Alone' and More On Sale Now

Amazon is getting in on the Black Friday deals early as in really early and I have the first batch of sale items listed for you directly below, the most notable of the bunch being the the complete Battlestar Galactica series available on both Blu-ray and DVD for $82.99 and $72.99 respectively, which is a savings of more than $209 on the Blu-ray collection. Additionally, Home Alone and Home Alone 2 are available as a Blu-ray bundle for $12.99. Check out the complete list below and stay tuned as I will have more for you next week and whenever they come available. As for these deals, they are available through November 22 so if you're interested get in on it now. Blu-ray Battlestar Galactica (2004): Season 1 Blu-ray Battlestar Galactica 35th Anniversary Blu-ray Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Unrated Edition Blu-ray Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 Blu-ray Battlestar Galactica: Season 3 Blu-ray Battlestar Galactica: Season
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Jack Paglen To Help Battlestar Galactica Transcend To The Big Screen

Sometimes, there’s a movie project that just doesn’t go away. They rumble on in the background for decades, with concepts kept alive only by the sheer willpower of those dedicated individuals involved. Battlestar Galactica is one such project – but now, it seems like it’s one step closer to fruition as Transcendence writer Jack Paglen has been hired to deliver a script.

Created by Glen A. Larson (Knight Rider, Magnum P.I, Quincy M.E) as a science fiction TV series in 1978, Battlestar Galactica ran for one season – ending in April 1979. It featured the premise that would provide the basis for every iteration of the show that followed – that our future humanity has migrated to a distant area of the galaxy, known as the Twelve Colonies, from where they have been defending themselves against a cybernetic race known as The Cylons. During a vicious attack, human survivors flee aboard spaceships,
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Bear McCreary Soundtrack for Blood & Chrome Releases Today, Caprica Coming Soon

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Press Release:

La-la Land Records Re-engages In The Cylon Wars With Two New Soundtracks Composed By Bear McCreary Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome on March 12th

Caprica: Original Television Soundtrack in April

La-La Land Records announces the release of two new soundtracks Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome on March 12th and Caprica: Original Television Soundtrack in April. Bear McCreary (The Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica) composed the music for both series.

“In scoring the Battlestar Galactica prequels Caprica and Blood & Chrome, I returned to the unique combination of world and orchestral sounds that defined my previous score,” McCreary described. “But, both prequels had their own distinct approach. Caprica was interlaced with delicate chamber orchestra textures, solo harp and other-worldly source songs. Blood & Chrome is energized by heavy distorted-synthesizers and searing electric guitar performances. Listeners will hear, however, that all three series have a common musical DNA.”

Battlestar Galactica:
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Caprica: Original Television Soundtrack to be released in April

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The Caprica season one soundtrack is finally getting released! Bear McCreary has just made the announcement on Twitter. The soundtrack will be out in April.

The Blood and Chrome soundtrack is coming even sooner. It will be released on March 12th. B&C will have its television premiere this Sunday, February 10, from 8 to 10Pm Et/Pt.

Then, at long last, a multi-cd album of "#Caprica" is coming in April, featuring the songs & score from the entire series, w/ bonus demos.

Bear McCreary (@bearmccreary) February 5, 2013

The "Caprica" CD is happening because of you guys. Passionate fans never let this go. To each of you, I offer a rowdy "So Say We All!"

Bear McCreary (@bearmccreary) February 5, 2013

Here is the full press release from Cinemedia Promotions:

La-la Land Records Re-engages In The Cylon Wars With Two New Soundtracks Composed By Bear McCreary

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome on March 12thCaprica: Original Television Soundtrack in April

(February 5, 2013 – Burbank,
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Was A Web Series Format The Right Choice For ‘Blood And Chrome’?

SyFy's most recent Battlestar Galactica companion, Blood and Chrome, recently completed its ten episode run on the Machinima Prime YouTube Original Channel. Whether you believe Blood and Chrome could become its own series or if you found it to be underwhelming, it's notable that SyFy chose to release the feature in twelve minute web installments rather than one feature-length TV movie, as the channel had done with previous BSG properties. Was the web series route the correct path for Blood and Chrome, or would it have been better suited for TV? Just for kicks, let's compare it to The Plan, a BSG TV movie first shown on TV in 2010. The Plan was penned by Husbands writer Jane Espenson, so in a slightly different alternate universe it could have seen online release. As it was, The Plan hit SyFy in January 2010, and while its ratings are weirdly difficult to find, the
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Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome – are you glad to see Adama again?

Fans will have glimpsed leaked clips of the space-opera prequel pilot – but finally we have a chance to see the whole thing, albeit in small chunks on YouTube. What do you make of it?

When the reimagined Battlestar Galactica reached its climax three years ago there was already talk of spin-off shows. The prequel series, Caprica, showing the birth of the dreaded Cylon robot-race, came and went in a 19-episode single season. Caprica was far from terrible – but despite being set in a colonial empire of 12 worlds, planet-hopping and outer-space action were kept to an inexplicable bare minimum.

As a response, Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, another prequel series placing the action between Caprica and BSG, was mooted. The idea was to cover the Cylon war from the point of view of a young Ensign William Adama, later to become the gruff Admiral Adama. It was to be all conflict:
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Blood and Chrome premieres online this Friday

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Well, holy frak. The sequel has a release date.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Blood and Chrome will be released online on Machinima Prime's YouTube Channel in ten 7-12-minute installments starting this Friday, November 9.

The full two-hour pilot will air on Syfy early next year, and an unrated version will be released on home video some time after that.

Refresher course from EW (because it's been a while):

For those who haven’t followed the B&C saga, the project was originally developed as a series for Syfy following the conclusion of the critically beloved Battlestar Galactica reboot and its movie spin-offs The Plan and Razor. BSG vets David Eick and Michael Taylor are executive producers, with Taylor writing the script from a story by Eick, Bradley Thompson and David Weddle. Jonas Pate (Caprica) directed.

The prequel follows young William Adama (Luke Pasqualino, UK’s Skins) during the first Cylon War.
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'Battlestar Galactica' prequel being released online Friday -- Exclusive

'Battlestar Galactica' prequel being released online Friday -- Exclusive
It’s a three-year wait for more Star Wars. Six months for more Star Trek. But guess what? Battlestar Galactica returns in only four days.

Universal Cable Productions’ long-awaited Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome has not only found a distribution outlet, but it’s getting a super-close premiere date. Plus, there’s a rather spectacular new trailer (below).

Here’s the raw essentials: BSG: B&C is a prequel movie being presented as ten, 7-12-minute episodes on young-male-targeted entertainment company Machinima’s YouTube channel, called Machinima Prime. The first episode will be released on Friday, Nov. 9, with the
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Blu-Ray Review: ‘Battlestar Galactica: Season Four’ Finally Closes HD Chapter

Chicago – The high-def releases for “Battlestar Galactica” have been somewhat baffling. The problem for Universal was that A.) They had started releasing the series on standard-def when Blu-ray took off and B.) They needed a way to milk one of their most impressive cash cows for a bit longer. Consequently, the chance to individually buy all of one of the best science fiction programs of all time didn’t come until 2011. But that day has finally arrived with the release of the impressive “Battlestar Galactica: Season Four.”

Blu-Ray Rating: 5.0/5.0

Stick with me here. It’s going to get complicated. Technically, the entire run of “Battlestar Galactica” was available in July of 2009 but only in an expensive complete series set (currently running over $200). If you had a few seasons on standard that you were fine merely upconverting, you still had to open the wallet for the full series.

Battlestar Galactica
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Exclusive: Composer Bear McCreary talks Human Target, Blood & Chrome

"If you only watched Human Target broadcasting on Fox, who knows what you heard? Because the compression can be really weird"

As if composer Bear McCreary's cult credentials weren't impeccable enough, with acclaimed and commercially successful releases and performances of his music for Battlestar Galactica, he's also provided the soundtrack to the likes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, looming AMC creep-fest The Walking Dead and Fox's Human Target, the soundtrack of which is currently on release...

What can you tell us about Human Target itself and how you became involved with it?

Human Target was a project I got involved with when the series creator, Jonathan Steinberg called me in for a meeting and told me about the show. This was before the pilot was even shot, so right away this guy was thinking very seriously - most of the time a composer isn’t brought in until
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10 days to go until Caprica returns - a new round of updates

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With only 10 days left before Caprica returns, different news bits are coming in from different places and hopefully there will be more of them in the next couple of weeks. Syfy has sent out screeners for episodes 1x10, "Unvanquished," and 1x11, "Retribution," to a bunch of TV bloggers and journalists, so we'll probably be seeing some reviews soon enough. Until then, here is another quick round of updates:

Michael Hinman (Airlock Alpha) has tweeted the writing and directing credits for the next two episodes. "Unvanquished" was written by Ryan Mottesheard and directed by Eric Stoltz, and "Retribution" was written by Patrick Massett and John Zinman (who had previously written the episode that introduced Vergis, "Know Thy Enemy") and directed by Jonas Pate.

Doug Drexler (CGI supervisor) has posted the Caprica 2010 Emmy Presentation Book over at Drex Files.

Some cast updates:

Sasha Roiz tweeted that he is currently filming an episode of House.
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A 'Battlestar Galactica' Sequel Comic By Edward James Olmos? No Frakkin' Way!

"Battlestar Galactica" aired its final episode more than a year ago, but the story of Admiral William Adama isn't over yet.

In an interview with Screen Junkies, leading man Edward James Olmos — who played Adama and directed numerous episodes of the series, including the telemovie "The Plan" — revealed that he's currently working on a "Battlestar Galactica" sequel in comic book form.

"I'm going to go there. I'm going to go there in a graphic novel," he said. "Pretty soon I hope. I don't know. It just depends on whether people can get behind it and understand it for what it is. I think people will."

Olmos, next seen opposite Seth Rogen in "The Green Hornet," wants to find out what happened to Admiral Adama after he settled on Earth.

"I want to know what he's doing right now," said Olmos. "I kind of was left with him sitting about to build his cabin,
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Caprica at Comic Con - panel reports & interview with Alessandra Torresani

  • CapricaTV
Caprica had a panel at Comic Con earlier today and, even though there aren't any videos online yet, a bunch of people tweeted updates throughout the hour (you can go through my Twitter feed to see what was said & some pics people took). At the panel were Ron Moore, David Eick, Alessandra Torresani, Sasha Roiz, Magda Apanowicz and James Marsters.

Key points (from Twitter):

Is #Caprica coming back? "I firmly believe" Caprica will get a second season, Ron Moore says. Says second half of S1 (Jan) "hits its stride" - Mo RyanThey're in the last stretch of wokring out the show's return for a seond season with SyFy. Budgets and schedules depending. - TV Guide MagazineRDM says what BSG & Caprica have in common: They're both about the question, "What is it to be human?" Caprica is the start of that conversation - Mo RyanCaprica's endgame? "We have to get
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Win a Copy of Battlestar Galactica: The Plan on DVD

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We’re big fans of the recent update of the Battlestar Galactica series.

The epic search for Earth and identity spread over five seasons was an amazing piece of television and looks simply incredible on Blu-ray and DVD.

The entire run of BSG is out on Blu-ray and DVD will be out in the UK on the 10th of May and we’ve got three copies of this prequel to the series to give away.

Here’s the official synopsis of The Plan,

This two hour long Sci Fi Channel feature film is set in the reimagined version of the Battlestar Galactica fictional universe. The prequel to the series begins before the attack on the 12 colonies and consists of newly filmed material and a compilation of clips from the TV series and mini-series.

In Battlestar Galactica: The Plan the cylons began as humanity’s robot servants. They rebelled and evolved
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What’s coming up in May

Here's what you've got to look forward to in May, in terms of movies, TV shows, DVD releases and games...

Last month, we trialled putting together an article at the start of the month to let you know what was coming up in the weeks ahead. We asked you if you wanted us to do it again. You said yes. Thus, the following article is clearly all your fault...!


Lots to watch out for in May. Iron Man 2 is already tearing up the box office in the UK, with its Us roll-out coming on May 7th. Conversely, we get the terrible remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street on the 7th, which the Us got last week.

A much better bet, and arguably the film to beat this month, is Chris Morris' terrific Four Lions. We've got a review of that here to explain more about it
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CBC Picks Up Action Comedy 'InSecurity'

  • The Cultural Post
CBC, Canada's public TV network, announced that it ordered 13 episodes of the action comedy InSecurity (formerly known as The B Team). The production on the show's first season will begin principal photography in July 2010 in Regina, Sakastchewan, with additional shooting in Ottawa, Ontario.

The series star Natalie Lisinska (Young People Fucking, Chloe) as Alex Cranston, a rookie agent of the fictional National Intelligence and Security Agency (Nisa).

Each week, Alex and her team of espionage misfits take on a mission vital to Canada's national security. As Canadian spies, they get to go where others can't go thanks to the Nisa's budget. Besides, they do what others don't want to do. However, even though Alex and her team always screw up, they always manage to get the bad guys and make the world safer in the end.

Joining Lisinska will be William deVry (The Bold and the Beautiful) as the political-savvy
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Blu-Ray Review: Second Season of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Available in HD

Chicago – Releasing seasons of hit shows that have only been available for a few years in the first place on Blu-ray can be a tricky proposition, especially when it’s not the first. What fan of “Battlestar Galactica” doesn’t own the second season of this great show? If you’re one of the few who hasn’t completed their collection because you’ve been waiting for HD, today’s your lucky day.

Blu-Ray Rating: 4.0/5.0

The first decade of the new milleniuum has arguably been the best in history for television science fiction and one of the most important programs of this new golden age has been Syfy’s (God, I hate that new name) “Battlestar Galactica”. The show has been completed and all of its seasons now available in standard and HD versions with season two getting the standalone treatment for the first time this week, after being only
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Unreported World | Das Rheingold | Ashes to Ashes | The Door and more | Watch this

  • The Guardian - TV News
Unreported World | Das Rheingold | Ashes to Ashes | The Door and more

Unreported World

7.30pm, Channel 4

Is Nigeria's sectarian violence really down to a Muslim-Christian clash? Journalist Peter Oborne and director Andy Wells say no: instead, this is a deep-rooted struggle for power and land, one which the government is powerless to contain; there are even allegations that the military may be behind some of the outrages. In village after village, we witness the aftermath of the massacres, including bodies thrown down wells and blackened patches where human beings have been burned alive. Civil war looks all too inevitable.

Das Rheingold

8pm, Sky Arts 2

This production of the first part of Wagner's Ring Cycle is notable for being staged by the Spanish company La Fura dels Baus, whose futuristic set includes an avant-erotic, almost S&M nymph scene and lava-like projected video backdrops, of which Wagner, a believer in the
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