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The beauty of The Joneses is that the salesmen are as much the victims as the people they're deceiving.
The Joneses manages a deft blend of the sexy, the sad and the silly. And Borte doles out his secrets and surprises in ways that make it easy to keep up with these Joneses.
Before it gives itself a chance to deliver on that promise, however, it morphs into something different -- something often resembling a soap opera, just with prettier sets and less-passionate smooching.
Surprising, inventive and crisply, merrily written and directed by Derrick Borte, The Joneses is a brisk, captivating entertainment. Think Ozzie and Harriet on speed.
A sharp sendup of suburban conformity and American materialism, The Joneses does burn through its credit by the end. But it's flashy enough to catch our eye, and keep our interest nearly all the way through.
Crass materialism and ridiculous marketing ploys are skewered by writer/director Derrick Borte in this uneven cautionary tale that starts off incisively funny, then devolves into preachiness.
Miami Herald
Though it's entertaining when the tone is light, The Joneses can't quite keep up with this sort of complexity.
Unfortunately, the movie's second half drags, never again achieving the first half's level of narrative dexterity.
The ending feels a bit rushed and incongruous, but the film never leaves behind the humanity of its characters.
This cautionary tale might be easier to swallow if all that stuff didn't look like it came from a Sky Mall catalog.
An overobvious and underwhelming satire about American consumerism run amok.
The Hollywood Reporter
What could have been a biting black comedy taking product placement to the logical extreme instead is so obviously predictable that even a savvy cast led by David Duchovny and Demi Moore can't sell it.

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