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very scary documentary
davidross2014 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
no reviews for this film? i am surprised. no one wants to hear bad news or the truth. it is too frightening. what will we do when the oil runs out? there are very few practical answers. i think it will turn into a MAD MAX world. too many people not enough resources. at that point it really becomes a dog eat dog world. this film is very informative, but most of all it is frightening. cheap oil has led to massive increases in population. what happens when the oil goes away and the populations remain? answer: WAR! we are seeing it already in the middle east and other places. there is blood for oil, just no one admits it. i caught this film on netflix and suggest you do to. if you really want to know what is going on. your government is lying to you.
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How we so easily choose not to see what is going on around us.
guzadams766 July 2012
Powerful and very well made, should be mandatory viewing for everyone. Subjects like peak oil and climate change are often a turn off for friends as a suggestion for a film, but this is short enough and hard hitting enough that even the most blinkered would think twice about what we are doing to the planet. In a world where lady gaga has 26 million followers on twitter but films like this and their subject matter are still widely ignored... one wonders if mankind is worth the saving. If this film got you concerned and you want to know more.. check out 'Collapse', 'life at the end of the empire' or if just for the facts.. 'Chris Martenson - crash course'
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There Will Be Blood
dallasryan21 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A very intelligent documentary that demonstrates where we are going and 'when' we get there, the chaos that will ensue. It will be Mad Max to Children of Men times I could already foresee.

There's so much going on in this documentary, that watching this documentary is like taking classes in Anthropology, Science, Economics, etc. It will make you aware and make your 'blind' eye see. A woman in the documentary stated to the likes of that our responses as human beings are automatic, and I agree with her. She was saying in some regards that we wouldn't notice things going with the energy supply on our planet, we're more worried about what movie we'd like to see at 3 O'Clock.

In fairness, most of us Americans react in automatic impatient time, most of us are products of our environment, monkey see, monkey do, so we should be shown a smidgen of mercy with regards to that truth I suppose, but seriously we're screwed lol.

I love how I found out how if we used all of our corn in the U.S. that would make Ethanol, that it would still only give us about 7 percent of our gas needs lol. So again, there's many o' blind spots in the world, this documentary wonderfully and well craftily demonstrates that fact. This documentary also pushes a truth, a hard truth that we're going to rebel when changes in our living habits come to a more eye popping fruition, and it's not going to be pretty.
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