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Teens on TV: do they talk your language?

Michael Rosen talks to EastEnders and Skins scriptwriters about how they reflect – and help create – young people's slang

In the sociolinguistics of teen slang there's an absurd circle that goes like this: a group of young people find that they're using a word or phrase – let's say it's the word "zid". They don't quite know how they got to saying "zid", though some swear blind (and swearing is important) they know the kid who made up "zid". Next, they discover that nearly everyone they know seems to be saying "zid"; they're watching TV and someone from a band says "zid"; then a very slightly paunchy chatshow host says, "zid"; your dad says, "zid"; you never say "zid" ever again.

One other part of this sequence is that a journalist sticks a microphone in front of your mouth and says, "Do you say, 'zid'?"

I just about avoided that role this week,
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TV reboots: which shows are ripe for an update?

Remake, remodel, revive - which TV shows would you most like to see given a reboot?

Consider yourself lucky. The recent rumours that Kiefer Sutherland, Josh Holloway and Jennifer Love Hewitt were to star in a reboot of Dallas have finally been denied. And a good thing too: because everything you loved about those actors in 24, Lost and Ghost Whisperer would surely have been jettisoned in favour of big hats and inexplicable storylines. Even by the standards of 24, Lost and Ghost Whisperer.

But that doesn't mean that the television reboot industry isn't big business. On the contrary. Last year we were treated to a reboot of 1980s alien-based miniseries V starring Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost. This year saw the stateside debut of a Hawaii Five-o remake starring Daniel Dae Kim from Lost and this summer it was reported that a retooled version of The Rockford Files was also close to
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Kat's back! EastEnders celebrates the homecoming of Mr and Mrs Alfie Moon

It's been nearly five years since we last encountered Kat and Alfie in Albert Square. So are you glad to see the pair return?

Until last night, there was a hole in EastEnders. Or two holes if you count the weird pawprint-shaped gash that's been carved into the top of Phil Mitchell's bonce ever since he started taking crack. But the main hole – the more relevant hole – was created when Barbara Windsor left Albert Square earlier this month after failing to die in that pub fire.

But now that hole has just been plugged by the return of two EastEnders heavyweights – Alfie Moon and Kat Slater. Although it seems like only yesterday that they both rode off into the sunset, screeching and cackling like a pair of semi-professional Sid James impersonators caught in a bear trap, they've actually been missing from our screens since Christmas 2005.

How popular they'll be is another matter entirely.
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'Minder' remake drops 860,000

The third episode of Minder pulled in almost 1m fewer viewers than the first, overnight ratings figures suggest. The remake of the iconic '80s show, which stars Shane Richie, made a modest start a fortnight ago with 2.4m (9.6%), but last night the audience fell to 1.54m (6.5%). It was beaten by BBC Two's The Rise Of The Superchef, a show investigating the success of Britain's top chefs, which pulled in 1.86m (7.9%) for the 9pm hour. Channel 4's Grand Designs came first during the hour, attracting 4.16m (17.6%), while Nature's Great Events put in 3.73m (15.8%) for BBC One. The Live Fa Cup coverage on ITV1 had a poor primetime performance, pulling in an average of 3.24m (13.7%) between 8pm and 10pm. The BBC came top during (more)
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Richie would make 'Enders return

Shane Richie has revealed that he would return to Albert Square if the storyline were right. The actor, who has joined the cast of the rejuvenated Minder, said he has not ruled out reprising the role of Alfie Moon on EastEnders. According to reports, he said: "I loved it, I had a great time in the three years I was there to the point that I didn't really want to go, but things change. "They've left it open, and maybe one day a producer may come along and say, 'I tell you what, we've (more)
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