The Social Network (2010) Poster

Plot Keywords

harvard facebook
website twin
lawsuit computer
social network competitiveness
creation intellectual property
arrogance deposition
entrepreneur blog
billionaire false accusation
betrayal by friend young entrepreneur
year 2003 reference to disneyland
jewish american charles river
apology reference to cole porter
fraternity pledge chinese american
interracial romance sex in bathroom
fashion reference to irving berlin
dormitory class differences
go go girl reference to adolf hitler
loyalty reference to teddy roosevelt
cutthroat business tactics police raid
reference to victoria's secret disloyalty
underage sex dual role
three word title social retardation
panties cracker
creator cracking
hacker hacking
narcissism business tycoon
competition private club
anti materialism rudeness
popularity nerd
geek corrupting influence of capitalism
privilege alienation
ambivalence misogyny
dialogue driven storyline dialogue driven
slow motion scene interracial friendship
elitism indifference
california palo alto california
anger travel
ambition break up
macguffin revenge
opportunist prank
business partner business card
e mail opening a bank account
check snow
police station underage drinking
interracial relationship computer crash
rivalry throwing a bottle against a wall
playing a video game champagne
reference to google jewish
asthma inhaler critically acclaimed
manipulation chicken
wealth betrayal
boat race greed
montage strip poker
lesbian kiss raised middle finger
socially awkward office
san francisco california rich kid
identical twins what happened to epilogue
cocaine arrest
end of friendship rowboat
crew contract
fire extinguisher fire
paranoia bong
falling into a pool zip line
new york intern
rain lawyer
nonlinear timeline sarcasm taken literally
nightclub stanford university
laptop computer sex
deception lying
vomit fraternity
hazing restaurant
lecture doorknob
investment sex in a bathroom
interracial sex interracial kiss
2000s cell phone
brother brother relationship twin brother
classroom mismatched bra and panties
woman in bra and panties wild party
marijuana joint cigar smoking
cigarette smoking fraternity party
scene during opening credits friendship
algorithm computer hacker
college student harvard university
cambridge massachusetts boyfriend girlfriend relationship
breaking up with girlfriend character repeating someone else's dialogue
college roommate drunkenness
pub bare chested male
blown cover noise
internet insult
based on book

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