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Seigi No Mikata is a Japanese television show based on the manga of the same name. It is about sisters living in Tokyo,Yoko and Makiko. Makiko is the smart,intelligent,successful government worker,admired by all,and Yoko is the modest average little sister,struggling with her grades...but in reality Makiko is a devil,manipulating all around her to get her own way. Poor Yoko is her slave,doing her bidding whenever she is beckoned,be it to gather her food or clean her room.Makiko's evil deeds go unoticed by all save Yoko,but to everyone else they always have amazingly positive outcomes which have earned her the name,Seigi no Mikata,the Ally of Justice.

One day Makiko discovers her 'Man of Fate' Naoki,her destined husband,or as Yoko puts it,her next victim.So Yoko is put into overtime investigating and following Naoki to discover what he likes,what he eats,and where he goes so Makiko can adapt her personality to trap him into her clutches!


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