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  • Casey (Ashley Leggat) finds out from Emily (Shadia Simmons) that cute new Truman (Joe Dinicol) is rating all the girls in their class, and she only scored a 6 1/2 out of 10! She insists she couldn't care less about some jerk's evaluation of her appearance, but she's obviously bothered. She's more bothered when she hears Kendra (Lauren Collins) is planning to use the Truman rating to choose student models for her fashion show. To add insult to injury, Truman seems to be making the rounds of girls Casey and Derek know. First he hits on Derek's (Michael Seater) girlfriend Sally (Kate Todd); the next day he asks out Emily (Shadia Simmons); and then he goes out with Derek's girlfriend Kendra to discuss his new role as co-chair of her fashion show. What is going on? Is Truman trying to bug Derek - or Casey? Turns out Truman's been using the old' rig he rating system then make her jealous by dating her friends' strategy to get Casey's attention. But it looks like his strategy backfired, because now Casey can't stand him. Plus she decides to organize her own alternative fashion show which celebrates girls' individuality.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • Even though she tries not to care, Casey is crushed to learn the cute new guy, Truman, rated her a mere 6 1/2 out of 10.

    - Written by Anonymous


Casey is upset when a new boy at school is rating girls and only gives her a 6 and-a-half (out of 10), and that Kendra plans to use those numbers for a fashion show.

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