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Only two people on Earth are capable of making potentially Earth-annihilating decisions

Author: Memlets from Florida
14 December 2009

I actively hated this movie, and I'm a gal who tends to cut sci-fi movies a lot of slack because I love them so much, even the bad ones.

But this one -- wow.

The single stupidest and most insulting thing about Annihilation Earth (and of too many sci-fi and disaster movies) is that it gives only one or two scientists -- in the entire world -- the expertise and power to make crucial decisions affecting millions (and possibly billions) of people.

Annihiliation Earth is such a movie, in spades. No involvement with any national or worldwide governmental or scientific body -- just Luke Goss and Marina Sirtis getting all tense with each other.

This nation's already poor science literacy certainly won't be improved with preposterous flicks like this one.

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So bad it's good

Author: twatchy from Australia
19 November 2010

This stinker is right up there with Titanic 2 although the special effects are marginally better I guess. The holes in the plot are bigger than those created by the collider - too many to mention but I especially loved the way a doctor and paramedics were waiting outside the undamaged hospital for our hero to hand over some injured kiddies while 30 million people had just been wiped out. It seems that emergency services weren't overwhelmed at all and the deadly radiation our heroic team suited up for quickly vanished so the porno actresses, erm I mean "top scientists" could display their own enhanced colliders in fetching cammo singlets. No further comment is required about Marina Sirtis' atrocious "southern" accent.

It's a shame because the basic premise of this woeful waste of time would probably make quite a good movie and Luke Goss should be given a chance to redeem himself with a decent plot, script and half-way competent cast.

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Not worth the space on my DVR

Author: LilmanHSU from United States
14 December 2009

I didn't expect much from this movie and honestly, I guess I can say I got what I asked for, so I give it an extra star for delivering what was expected.

This movie had a minimal plot, horrible acting, so-so special effects, and too many holes to make it believable. I agree with the other post above that the only thing that was impressive was the ending. Not your typical disaster film.

I have to point out one area that no one has mentioned thus far. The lab assistants -- Did anyone notice the fact that the two women were overly attractive for the role that they were playing. Not to mention their purpose was pointless. They had very few lines and those they did they hardly even got them out without it sounding like it was being fed off a teleprompter.

I love the fact that terrorists got into a facility with loaded weapons without even a problem. My gas station on the corner has better security protocols than this place did. I think the movie would of been more believable had they made it a 2 part mini series and expanded on the terrorists actually circumventing the security within the facility rather than them just showing up and shooting everyone without a single guard around.

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Marina Sirtis In: Stuff Blows Up

Author: Johnny LT from United States
1 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Poor Marina Sirtis. She goes from a steady job at Star Trek: The Next Generation, to being the go-to actress for playing women of a certain age from the Middle East (she even got a turn in the Oscar-winner Crash), and now she's reduced to this. I guess the recession has caused Trek convention speaking fees to dry up, or something.

Anyway, in Annihilation Earth, another entry into Sci-Fi's Bulgarian cinema oeuvre, she plays a vaguely official woman with an atrocious Southern accent who oversees a magical Large Hadron Collider-based futuristic power source. Part of which proceeds to explode, nuking a quarter of France. So she rides the head scientist, played by Luke Goss, to figure out what went wrong and fix it.

That's honestly about all the plot that makes sense, because stuck in the Sci-Fi plot blender is some stuff about a fellow scientist being a suspected terrorist sympathizer, a bunch of catastrophic things happening, like earthquakes, electromagnetic pulses, and satellites being pulled out of the sky, and, of course, a bunch of explosions. Either way, it ends with the world exploding, because Sirtis gives the wrong order. It's a tragic ending, especially because this film didn't get taken with it.

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Annihilation -- bad screenplay, bad acting, bad science, bad film

Author: economista from United States
13 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One extra star is for an ending that puts this wretched group of actors out of their misery.

Marina Sirtis' attempt at a southern accent was as bad as Andie McDowell's attempt at a British accent in one of her early films. It was completely unnecessary to the plot and was a terrible distraction that highlighted the overall poor level of talent in this truly awful film.

The characters talk about high levels of radiation but enter the radioactive zone with no ill effects. Characters drive around the countryside for no reason than to fill space in the empty storyline.

Syfy (formerly Scifi) has offered some superior series (Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Stargate, etc.) but always seems to fall short on the films produced for them.

A film can overcome a modest budget and limited special effects with a good story and good acting. This film provides nothing of value.

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David, it's all your fault!

Author: MartianOctocretr5 from Redondo Beach, CA
13 June 2010

"Colliders" have gone berserk. They're some kind of mega-efficient energy providing devices (I guess), and now they're colliding with Mother Nature. I think. Things are blowing up.

One of the premier scientists in the world, who engineered this technology talks on his cell phone a lot. Usually to an almost unrecognizable Marina Sirtis (Star Trek, Next Gen). "David, this is all your fault. You better stop these disasters." She then hangs up, waits for another catastrophe to occur, then calls him: "David, you really need to stop these disasters. Now, David." It really started to sound like Hal 9000 after a while.

Anyway, what story there is, takes the normal course in a "world may end because of bad science" movie, with a very obvious but still nonsensical ending. As for Marina, she's probably still yelling at David.

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"The Killer Teenage Mutant Supercollider That Blew-Up the Earth" ?!?

Author: thesteg from United States
17 December 2009

Forget arguing about the acting - this movie should have been named "The Killer Teenage Mutant Supercollider That Blew-Up the Earth" or something along those lines. Categorizing this as a stupid movie would be an insult to all stupid movies in existence. At one point even my 9-year old nephew said, "Why does only one man know how to fix the problem instead of 50 or a hundred people?" I just shrugged and told him I did not think the movie was going to get any better. I was right.

There was never a moment of excitement, drama, anticipation, happiness, sadness, or other entertainment quality throughout this dreadful film. There was only the prolonged agony of enduring the immeasurable ludicrous science and technical mistakes, the incredibly lazy screen writing, and the shameful directing that resulted in a truly horrid movie.

If I find this DVD on sale for 10 cents, I will buy about 25 of them (That will be $2.50 at the register), toss the discs, and reuse the empty cases (I will be wearing a fake beard and sunglasses so no one in the store will recognize me and think I would actually be buying these for gifts).

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Hilariously bad, w/a couple decent effects.

Author: TheEmulator23 ( from S. Lake Tahoe, CA
15 December 2009

I like Luke Goss & think he should be in bigger things than this sort of garbage. He was great in both "Blade II" & in "Hellboy II: The Golden Army." In a lesser known role he made a bad film almost tolerable in "Cold & Dark." He needs the right role to become a big star. I guess as long as Guillermo del Toro keeps doing films we'll get to see more of him. This film is about as generic as you can imagine. I've seen worse special effects but the so-called plot is terrible. Talk about miscasting, Marina Sirtis is completely unbelievable in her role. It's already written badly but she was completely wrong for this. If you want to watch another terrible disaster flick that somehow the syfy (Quite possibly the worst renaming of a channel EVER) channel keeps pumping out, well this is fun to laugh at or with. There is worse stuff out there, but it sure as hell gets better. Skip this & keep hoping we see more of Luke Goss in the future because he has the ability, but even Tom Hanks couldn't make this better than this mess. This is of the same vein of "Angels & Demons" (that is not a compliment) but with 1/100th the budget. Again it always comes down to a decent script, & even w/the budget of "Avatar" ($300 Million plus) this would still stink.

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Don't bother... the ending doesn't justify the means of getting there

Author: kewaynco
12 December 2009

From the start, it was unbearable to watch Marina Sirtis try a southern accent. She was never a great actress, her only claim to fame being the annoying Betazoid on STNG. And her acting was painful there. I seem to remember her in another SciFi disaster flick and her acting there was only marginally better. I thought she'd ruin this movie. But she didn't, she only made the torture more unbearable. To this they added two panting, sweating, whiny-voiced porn stars in unnecessary roles. What in theory should have been a good plot line was ruined by crummy dialog, trite and tiresome clichés, and horrendous acting. This was a disastrous movie, even by SyFy "original" standards.

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I'll never get those two hours back

Author: tender_vittle from Canada
5 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't know why i didn't turn this awful movie off. It was like watching a shriner car wreck, i just couldn't look away but I got a good laugh at least.

The acting was forced and very poor. Marina Sirtis used to be a half way decent actress but that hokey fake accent and halting... way... of...saying.... terrorist every three seconds was irritating. Not to mention the fact that one second she has a down south drawl, then a Texas drawl, then a Kansas farm girl thing.

My 5 year old writes better stories with crayons, ie: the two lab assistant porn stars "oh my god he's been like shot, oh no, now i've been totally like shot too, i don't feel well"

Another person said the girl that played nya was like the UK Meghan fox, well the original was annoying enough and we don't want her, now we get stuck with a British version that sucks worse... KEEP HER, and if you ever see this movie for sale, buy it and use it for skeet shooting to save some other poor sap from wasting two hours of they're life to.

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