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TV movie that offers pleasant rom-com diversion.
TxMike4 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is a TV movie and all the actors have experience in various TV shows. Which means the acting is good, but there is no one recognizable in this movie on a budget. I believe that worked in its favor.

The man of the house is a widower with two children, a younger son and a teenage daughter. In a quick series of snippets as the movie starts, we see that the siblings have become experts at working together to drive away new nannies.

Next comes pretty Vanessa Marcil (40, looks 25) as Kate, who has an ailing father and who does volunteer tutoring at the local church. She wants to be a teacher, whenever she has time to complete her education. She needs a job, and along comes the opportunity as a nanny.

The siblings of course do their usual routine to driver her away but she doesn't quit. Kate knows what it is to lose a mom when you are a teenage girl, so she sticks with it as much to help the daughter as anything.

Meanwhile as things begin to work out well in the new job, the dad, a successful and wealthy L.A. architect, takes a liking to Kate. But the daughter, jealous, sets out to sabotage that.

There isn't anything new or Earthshaking about this movie, but the actors and the simple, sweet story make it watchable.
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Predictable but enjoyable
mchase564 January 2009
The Nanny Express is a refreshing but familiar family dramedy. It shows Vanessa Marcil in a way one is not used to seeing her act. She is dressed down, nerdy and if you can believe it...very likable. Playing an all around do-gooder suits her well. She works hard for these kids and her ill father. Her time is stretched but she finds time to tutor underprivileged children at her church. You end up liking her character of Kate very much and you want all good things for her. The rest of the cast works well together and is able to come together to make this film really work. If you're looking for a feel good entertaining movie... this is it! 8/10
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Typical hallmark movie
aaakker21 July 2009
What can I say; this is a typical Hallmark movie. It it's sugar sweet and "suitable for the whole family". However when I say it is a typical Hallmark movie, this is also the weak part of the movie. As with most Hallmark movies, people fall in love after meeting twice, the characters in the movie are almost flawless (for example: the main character: does charity work, watches after her sick father and works full time) and the range of emotions/desires is, shall we say "limited". Also being an American Hallmark film, the church is mentioned frequently and the main character is religious.

In such movies, every character is a stereotype with matching state of mind (sad, angry, etc) and things/situations that would make the viewer think or truly care for the characters are not included in the movie as it is "suitable for the whole family". The movie is predictable and cliché. Not even good actors such as Vanessa Marcil or Dean Stockwell can save this movie in my view without a serious change of the script: something it will never get.

Do not get me wrong: I love movies to be cliché and predictable to a certain point. At the end of the movie I want the main character to gain his or her love interest, have a bright looking future and the "bully/bad guy" to be punished or forgotten. But Hallmark takes this concept to a whole other level. It does not feature the real world but the world we would like it to be. And the way the nanny is winning over the children, just too easy to be believable. All nice, easy and neat. And that makes it impossible to relate to.

If you like your movies to have a shred of realism (even the average romantic comedy has more realism than the average Hallmark movie) this film is not for you as it is not a movie for me. However, if you are a typical American conservative and like your movies to be bright and devoid of anything controversial this is a movie for you. And in that category this is one of the better ones…
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Pretty bad
Laura8 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I usually like most Hallmark movies, yeah some are pretty cheesy, but overall they're pretty good. This one was horrible right from the beginning.

Is it just completely acceptable now for kids to be rude and hateful toward adults and caretakers, and their parent(s) not expecting anything else and not even trying to hold them accountable and discipline them for that kind of behavior?

You know in the beginning of the movie that the mom had died, and they're trying to imply that their behavior is because of losing their mother, but I don't buy it, and they're presenting the kids as nice normal kids, no mention of problems at school, etc. but they must have been brought up without any manners, discipline, and no expectation of respect; they are allowed by the father to say any hateful, disrespectful thing they want and have gone through about 20 nannies (none of them lasted a day) because the kids basically terrorize them, and get away with it each time. It's meant to be funny but it's not and I found it disturbing. The dangerous prank with the kids turning up the oven to 500 degrees to ruin dinner could have resulted in a fire but yet they repeatedly do this twenty times with no repercussions, like this is just a harmless prank? And the regular flooding of the laundry room, wouldn't that have had to be addressed by the father WAY before the 21st time....the kids are allowed to try to start fires and flood rooms in their home on a regular basis? And the later "misunderstanding" set up of course by the vindictive daughter, and the father's reaction to it, is just absurd. Okay, you get the picture of how ridiculous this movie is.

The dad actually witnesses his daughter being very disrespectful to the "new" nanny and doesn't ever say ONE WORD to her, he just apologizes to the nanny for his daughter, and even the nanny excuses the behavior, again implying it's because of someone different being in the house....what!? It's been three years since the mom died. Who wrote this script?

The dad obviously has money, how about he tells the kids that if they can't manage to treat the person he hires to help them and take care of them with basic respect and decency then he will have no choice but to send them off to boarding or military school, or how about one of those tough love camps....I bet that would get them in line pretty quick, and after the second -being horrible to nanny- incident, not the 21st!

It's obvious they were going for a Sound of Music theme here, but it didn't work.
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The Nanny Express-Familiar Sound of Music Theme Out There Shines Again ****
edwagreen25 June 2009
Remember how the Von Trapp children got rid of a succession of governesses until Fraulein Maria showed up and captured their hearts as well as their widowed father. We have basically the same outline in this marvelous film.

A woman with a tragic past, an ailing father and a mother already dead, becomes a nanny to two of the most obnoxious children imaginable. They have harassed previous nannies out but she turns the table on them and immediately wins the love and respect of the young son. Problem is that she can't get to first base with the 15 year old daughter. The latter is a conniving teenage stinker. When she sees that her father is falling for the nanny, she tries to get her dance instructor interested in her widowed father.

This is also a story of human faith and perseverance. It works remarkably well with an outstanding cast.
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Also Noticed Similarity To "The Sound of Music."
drpakmanrains17 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Having read the reviews of this film here and on Amazon and Netflix, I wonder why those who don't like the Hallmark formula bother to watch. You know going in that the film will not be edgy, nor have overt violence, sex, or swearing, and will usually be predictable, prettier than life, and usually have some tearjerker sentimentality. This one does all these things, but I truly enjoyed it immensely. And by the way, I am not a conservative, as one reviewer believed anyone who likes this kind of fare must be.

This film follows the "Sound of Music" plot points of a Nanny who takes on unruly children of a widower. Vanessa Marcil shines in the role, and the film also has small parts by veteran actors Stacy Keach and Dean Stockwell. Unlike the 20 or so previous nannies, this one soon wins over a young Uriah Shelton, the excellent star of the later 2011 film "Lifted", but can't make much progress with his 15 year old sister, who is still hurting over her mother's death in an accident. And while you know what will eventually happen, the performances and script are quite good overall, and this, at least for me, was one of the best Hallmark films. Have a Kleenex or two ready near the end. And if you don't like Hallmark films inherently, don't bother to watch and then knock it mercilessly.
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Unoriginal cash-in of Nanny McPhee
Conor Sky29 March 2012
Please note I lost interest in this film halfway through, so this is a slightly inaccurate review, but still display's my feeling's I felt while watching this.

A typical cash-in of the ever-popular Nanny McPhee, this film boast's a typical family film character roster; bittersweet mother (or in this case, nanny), rebel teenager, deadbeat dad and a little brother who is mainly a supporting character and has little plot of his own.

The film has little original content, a sick father that makes the viewer feel bad for not enjoying the film, but not much else. Humor? Nah, unless you are some 80's chap that always has their head in the past, at other family films, then yes, the whole thing is a comedy festival. There's soppy moment's and a dash of romance, nothing you haven't seen before.

Unoriginal content, typical plot line and typical character development plus kids playing jokes, maturing and having boring paced character development, while the viewer has more idea what's going on moreso than the actor's make this film a real stinker.
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Notably unrealistic but still enjoyable
Jack Vasen29 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Kate, played by 40 year old Vanessa Marcil, does not make sense. A woman like her, even if she is supposed to be low 30's, does not just exist for 15 or so years in the situation she is in, her father's health not withstanding. She goes somewhere; she doesn't sit still. She is intelligent, hard-working, motivated, and loving. But OK, let's accept that.

Emily is a totally spoiled rich kid. She has learned she can get away with anything and do anything to the nannies, even in front of her father. Clearly her father has never disciplined her in any way, ever. True, much of the motivation is her deceased mother, but nevertheless, this behavior is ingrained in Emily and she is not going to magically change overnight.

We have two good actors in the leads and we quickly see their attraction and we want it to happen. Marcil plays a wonderfully loving, patient, even nurturing woman.

Kate's final effort to reach Emily so that she will "keep the faith" is huge and self-sacrificial. It could have been so much more emotionally, but the movie plays this through too quickly. Even so, I had tears.

The movie also didn't quite sell David's love-sickness after Kate leaves. It was there for Emily to see, but we can't tell if she picked up on it. It kind of looks like she does, but the self-centered, pity-me girl we saw for most of the movie wouldn't have.

And where did Emily go between the church scene and the school scene. Staging the final scene requires a gap here so that we can get the kids in the classroom, but the gap doesn't make sense.

OK, so I've really torn this movie apart. But I so love Kate and her love that fills the movie from start to finish that I ended up really enjoying the movie.
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Adorable movie with great chemistry among main pair
jpsjoy3 April 2017
Adorable movie! I love Vanessa Marcil and the male actor in this, and together they have awesome chemistry! The little boy is adorable, and the girl is challenging but it gives the story depth. If you're looking for a feel-good rom-com with good actors, this is it! Easy, inspiring and gentle flick.
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