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Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

During the first scene with the English teacher, he spells "judgment" as the British spelling "judgement", even though he is American. However, this is part of a lesson about The Scarlet Letter, which is written in 17th-century English idiom.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Olive and Brandon are pretending to have sex, both times Olive slaps Brandon, slapping sounds can be heard when she isn't actually hitting him.


When Olive tries to right her wrongs, she talks to Evan in an ice cream parlor to persuade Evan to tell the truth. When Evan refuses, Olive crushes an ice cream cone but, in the next shot the cone she crushed is still there.
When Olive stands at the door claiming Mr Griffith wanted to see her, the 'A' is on the left side of her chest. When he confirms, she walks across the room with the 'A' on the right side. She sits down at the desk and the 'A' appears back on the left side.
After the scene of Olive and Rhiannon sitting on top of the yellow car, the voice over of Emma Stone says "The next day, things took a turn for the scandalous." yet the very next scene Olive and Brandon are both wearing the exact same clothes from the "previous" day.
As Brandon opens the bedroom door to leave after having fake sex with Olive, his hands are empty. As he steps out in the hallway, he is holding his leather jacket.
While preparing to have "sex" with Brandon in the bedroom at the party, Olive is seen taking off her right boot twice but is not seen taking off her left boot.
In the scene where Olive's mother comes into her bedroom (and she's playing the guitar) the dog on her bed is chewing on a toy. In the next cut, the toy is gone. In the next cut, the toy has returned and the dog is chewing on it again.
In the scene where Olive and Brandon are faking intercourse, the pictures will be lopsided on the walls, then straighten themselves up magically.
When Marianne hugs Olive and cries, Olive's head changes from being on the side of her shoulder to being on the top of her shoulder between shots.
When Brandon and Olive fake having sex, the pillows fall off the bed. In the next shot, they're back on the bed.
When Todd gets out of the pool to talk to Olive, his shoulders are dry and in the next cut they are dripping wet again
After Olive spells out the bad word in her peas at dinner and they are discussing what her potential punishment would be, her mother's wine glass moves from being held to being on the counter numerous times.
At the restaurant where Olive is on a date with Anson, Olive's bib changes positions in certain scenes. One scene it is tied around her neck and in the next it looks like its tucked into her shirt, down around her chest, and then back to her neck and so on.
During Olive's date with Anson, the waitress sets down their plates and as soon as she places their cutlery on the table the staff can already be heard singing happy birthday but when the shot cuts to them carrying out the cake the waitress is seen in the line right behind Todd.
In the beginning of the movie right after Olive picks up the paper off the ground, the clip on her necklace changes position between shots.
On Saturday morning when Olive is polishing her toes, the card is already open under her leg and not playing music. In the next shot she is seen opening it and the music coming on.

Crew or equipment visible 

In the end credits, as the camera continues down the street, at the end, you can see a City of Ojai police officer stopping traffic from the opposite end to allow the filming.
In one of the first scenes with Olive and Rhiannon, where they are walking down a school hallway, a mic belt can be seen on Olive's shirt. Emma Stone herself pointed this out in the DVD commentary for IMDb's benefit.
At the beginning of the movie, when Olive and Rhiannon are walking down the main street of Ojai (the street with all the arches) you can plainly see the California Highway Patrol car and the officer holding traffic at the intersection to keep traffic off the street while filming.
In the last pep rally scene in the gym, when a shot cuts to Rhiannon, her face is obstructed by a rainbow created by the camera lens.

Factual errors 

During the montage scene Chris gives Olive movie passes worth $40, which she mentions will expire in her voice-over. Per California law since 1997 gift certificates cannot expire.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

In the scene where Brandon and Olive are in her bedroom, the desktop on her computer shows Olive and Rhiannon from afar. However, in another shot afterwords it appears to be a closeup of the same picture. When talking with her mother when getting the gift from Brandon, the picture changes a lot, but if you watch closely, when her mother is saying her father is a little too straight, you can see her background image change, so it rotates through different pictures.
Micah's age, as described by the other characters, changes from 22 to 20. The first reference (to 22) was probably hyperbole, with the later explanation being official and precise.

Plot holes 

Olive mentions her fake boyfriend at the beginning of the movie who goes to the same college as her brother, but the brother is never mentioned again.

Revealing mistakes 

As Todd is driving Olive home, you can see the speedometer as they drive down Olive's street. Even though they are clearly moving, the speedometer says 0 MPH (miles per hour).
When Olive is doing the live broadcast near the end of the film, her screen is visible and it shows "Start Broadcast" multiple times, indicating that she isn't currently broadcasting anything.
There are jump-cuts in Olive's broadcast, which shouldn't be possible when broadcasting live.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

In the end pep rally scene, Olive grabs a band members trombone slide and pulls it outwards and pushes it back inwards creating a sound going up in pitch and then down in pitch, which is incorrect. In fact a real trombone should go lower as the slide is pulled out and higher as the slide is pushed in which would create the exact opposite sound as depicted in the movie.


In the final pep rally scene Olive puts her feather boa around Rhiannon's neck. In the next shot of Rhiannon it's no longer around her neck but a few seconds later it's back.


In the final pep rally scene, after Olive's singing performance, when principal Griffith charges towards Olive to bring her to his office, he is for some reason wearing a different outfit from when he introduced the Woodchucks earlier in the scene.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Micah caught chlamydia from the guidance counselor, yet she and her husband have not had sex in months. It is reasonable to assume that she had an additional lover besides Micah.

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