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jerstein1-660-14160513 February 2010
Anyone who knows how SEALs operate would see many things wrong with this movie. About half way through it just became unbearable. I was willing to let the current ARMY uniforms that were not even available back in 91 slip by. Seal teams are comprised of more than 5 people and when one is injured, someone is there to pick up the slack. They don't recruit from the outside and just magical appoint that person as a NAVY SEAL on the deck of an aircraft carrier. the writer of this movie should have known his audience would not be gullible little kids. Second, a Chief is not called sir, or commander, or captain, or any thing other than Chief. that is just plain NAVY tradition. he is not instantly promoted to Master Chief, then back to Chief. They could have at least learned the rank structure. Also, they don't use Desert eagles that are really BB guns(you can tell because it doesn't "blow back". HALO jumps are not from helicopters, performed with gas masks, you need oxygen. and the FINAL STRAW was the communication equipment had RADIOSHACK on it. COME ON!!!!
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Quite possibly the worst SEAL movie ever.
Firestorhm3 December 2009
Let me start off by saying I hate writing reviews like this. I went into this movie knowing it was something of a lower budget "indie" flick supposedly based on a true story, but bought a new copy off the internet as soon as it came out anyways. I'd seen a trailer of it on-line, and it looked pretty decent. What my wife and I got was not only the worst SEAL movie ever, but just a flat out BAD MOVIE.

Without going into too much detail or spoiling anything, this movie deals with the first gulf war back in 1991. There are so many continuity errors in this film, I don't know where to begin. For example, it shows regular Army soldiers wearing new "ACU" cameo pattern uniforms that they didn't even have back then. There was also another time when some of the SEALs are putting some of their weapons into a bag. You could see the orange tip of one of the rifles, indicating it was actually a plastic air soft rifle. There's simply too many things to list.

I thought the acting was pretty bad, not the worst, but it wasn't that great. I don't think the Naval Special Warfare community was represented very well by this film. I'm in the military so maybe I'm more critical of this movie than others. Be that as it may, I don't think the writers or directors even contacted a real SEAL (or anyone in any branch of any military) at any point during the making of this film. I'm not familiar with the "true" events this movie is based on, but I would highly suggest reading a book about it (if available) instead of watching this movie.

During the film, I kept hearing my wife "sigh," indicating her discontent with the movie. She'd say, "I'm trying to stay focused on the story, but...(sigh)." I totally agree with her. The movie jumped around a lot and was loaded with stock footage of fighter jets, bad special effects, and terrible continuity.

If you're a die-hard SEAL movie guy like me, you'll probably watch this movie despite my searing review. But you've been warned! If I could get 90 minutes of my life back, I would love to. I usually get a little enjoyment out of bad movies, but this was beyond terrible, and didn't even have that "funny" enjoyable aspect that many bad movies have. Keep in mind, this review is based on THE MOVIE, not the actual events or the guys that were involved in them.

Bottom line: Save yourself the time and skip this movie. Seriously. I don't think you can comprehend how bad it is until you actually see it. Watch at your own risk!
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this is the most unexciting movie ever
saqib1423 December 2009
listen people do your self a favour and avoid watching this movie. the guns are without and triggers , the flashes and sparks are all computer generated , the explosions are all fake, the cut scenes are all copied from other ones and it has unnecessary things e.g they keep on showing the same building getting bombarded over and over again. there are pointless scenes and so unrealistic. the directors really did have a tight budget. so if you want to see this movie you might as well search it up in a search engine and watch it online. there is no point in buying dis movie or even renting it. i admit the acting was fairly good but there was no realism at all, as in one seen they had to save a kid from dying because he got shot. so obviously the seals would have medical packs or something because its obvious who would go into combat fully prepared and without field dressings, they know they are dealing with guns someone is bound to get shot. so if it was a real life situation they would've been fully prepared
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avoid, avoid, avoid
robertasmith28 February 2011
There is nothing about this film that is good. The acting is bad, the dialogue trite and the direction and editing laughable.

It tries for pathos and delivers something only the mentally retarded could possibly enjoy.

It is supposedly based on a true story. God help us if special services soldiers are so wooden and inefficient.

I have only scored this 1 as 0 isn't available. And the just goes on and on with spoken words written by an idiot who specialises in cliché.

Do not buy or rent.
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This filmmaking team . . .
bullseyejack-880-91437616 October 2011
. . . should drop to bended knees with their collective faces in the dirt and BEG Seal Team VI for forgiveness. IT. IS. THAT. BAD.

The story (and I take literary license for calling it a story) is somehow connected to Operation Desert Shield, although the connection is tenuous at best. Basically, it's drop behind enemy lines (by HALO jump from a C-130 AFTER going aloft in a helo?) shoot at Islamists, get shot at by Islamists, and use a jumpy camera to give that "intensity of action" effect.

Nevermind that the uniforms are wrong, the weapons are wrong, and the air support comes from stock footage rather than real aircraft.

Then, there's the 10 minute "patriotic sermon" at the end. I haven't heard a diatribe like that since the third "Billy Jack" movie.

The same guy was director, writer, producer, sound department, editorial department and underwater cameraman. He has only one credit on IMDb. This film shows why.

If this is the only thing on TV, go sort your sock drawer. It will be infinitely more satisfying.
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masahiro227025 May 2012
I registered just for this film to call it a turd! Acting is bad,The uniforms are not even right. I can't believe I spent a dollar to rent this wreck of a movie. No patriotism in this movie at all. Just slap a ST6 name on it to make a dollar or two. Rent Act of Valor instead. I really dislike this movie. Rent an Xbox Game instead. Go play airsoft or paintball if you want a rush. Even rent 1991's Navy SEALS with Charlie Sheen instead of this. Ishtar is even a better movie. Wanna see SEALs see Tears of the Sun or Act of Valor. OMG ACU's in 1991? Train wreck on an epic scale. I really think that the company was just trying to jump on the bandwagon after the Bin Laden raid for a quick dollar using the ST6 (DEVGRU) name. How low can you go? Do not rent this movie.
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worst film i seen all year rather watch GI Jane thats better was so bad i made a IMDb account just to comment
ccollins19825 May 2011
i just finished watching this film and and was so moved i had to write a review it is one of the worst films i have ever seen i would advise someone not to bother i know with low budget films you got to expect it not to be on the level of some of the big budget films but this was truly terrible action scenes were boring and it made no sense why would you send a seal team in when you can use a stealth bomber it was complete rubbish...I'm guessing this is going to start a trend of films that are low budget and badly made like with the delta film series that carried on from delta force 1 and 2 ... ..... ......... ............ ........ ..... ..... ...... ..................... ..
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SEAL Unit tasked to enter Iraq for a mission just as Operation Desert Shield turns into Desert Storm
titandiyala26 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Hope they don't use this movie as a recruiting film. "Navy SEALs" was bad, but this was worse. Whoever the 'Technical Adviser' was, he must have owned a Surplus Store and that's what they used to outfit the actors with 'combat gear' for the movie. New guy joins team as replacement. Continuity, gentlemen, continuity: IF you show the team take off to infiltrate an enemy area in a helicopter, the NEXT shot cannot have them HALO jump out of a C130. They never put on a parachute. They put on gas masks, then the next shot shows them diving off the ramp with a HALO parachute on (No rucksacks), then next shot shows them with parachutes and rucksacks in freefall. When they land in the water, (guess they lost the rucks) the gas masks (they were wearing on exit) turn into swim masks with snorkels. Wait for the 'dollar' movie show.
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Did anyone on this production EVER read a SEAL book?
Susanna Bateson21 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm embarrassed that this film was allowed to use the DEVGRU official name thereby misleading future viewers that this thing actually remotely resembled a movie about SEALs. Since when would an Army major feel the need to inform a team member of the importance of their anonymity? The teams don't perform HALOs with gas masks out of a Chinook, they don't 'earn their "stripes" daily, and SEALs say "Hooyah" not the Army equivalent "Hoorah". Navy Flight uniforms? Give me a break! This isn't Top Gun. And in the teams, it's an art and an honor to maintain your kit. You don't just last minute grab a bunch of weapons on a table in an empty hangar out in the open and chunk them in a duffel. Weapons are like a great lover. Your life will literally depend on the nurturing you give those weapons. And if you're going to attempt to make a movie about ANYTHING relative to the military....get the phonetic alphabet correct!! H is Hotel NOT Hippo and B is Bravo NOT Birddog! I had to stop after the first 23 minutes. I cannot wait to ask my friends in the TEAMS if they've heard of this travesty. They've probably never even wasted their time making fun of this. I'm just infuriated about the entire nightmare and would hate for anyone else to waste a second of their precious life!!!

I'm a chick and the incomprehensibly inaccurate items in this piece of junk are so cliché and just plain WRONG I would be embarrassed to put my name on this or show my face in the film industry if I had anything to do with this movie. No wonder nobody ever heard of it before! Pretty sure the last time a member of DEVGRU was clean shaved was during BUDs. And NOBODY switches back & forth from Master Chief to Chief. A modicum of plausibility would be nice. Thank God I didn't spend any money on this!!
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Truly bad
ahicks1344227 April 2012
Where to start? The acting is awful. The cinematography makes me think this may have been shot with a calculator. The writer/director must have birth defect or severe learning disability. Thats not cynical he would have to not only create this crap, but to then release it? Wow! This guy shouldn't be allowed to use a phone camera or even pencil. If I knew who to contact I would demand a refund. This movie is worse than bad. High school productions are better. There isn't even a coherent story. The depictions of military operations are so inaccurate that they are offensive. You don't even need to have been in the military to see these glaring misrepresentations. This is an insult moviegoers, military personnel, and people with learning disabilities.
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