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"The Cleaner" To Catch a Fed (2008)

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We open inside a meth lab. A stringy-haired chap by the name of Jesse Menlo is cooking up the next batch of product.

CUT to a pair of FBI agents. Menlo, as it turns out, is under surveillance.

CUT to William talking to God.

"You know me," the avenging angel says. "I'm a collector of lost souls. So are you trying to make me stronger? Or are you trying to kill me?"

Back at FBI headquarters (a.k.a. a dirty looking apartment), the lead agent informs a female colleague that the team is to move in on Menlo once he clears out of his lab. The woman protests -- it turns out that her partner, Davis, is deep undercover within Menlo's operation. He is also using.

"Your partner is so far gone, we'd have to compromise --"

"The operation," she finishes. "Got it boss."

Back the Banks house, William and Melissa discover that Ben is with William's father. It's also clear from the conversation that William and pops don't have the best of relationships. Clearly, the father-son drama runs in the family.

The couple goes outside to discover the truck William has been pining for is sitting in the driveway with a giant red bow on it. A letter attached to the gift reads: "William, thank you. Gina." William looks to the heavens.

"Now you're just messing with me," he says.

From a distance, someone snaps photos of a grinning William. It is the female FBI agent.

Will William be hired to extract Davis from an undercover assignment gone wrong? Find out when "The Cleaner" continues ... NOW.

William, who has just taken his new toy for a joy ride, exits the truck when Special Agent Laurie Keening suddenly steps into view. William says hes been screwed by the FBI before. He isn't interested in whatever the bureau is selling.

"Mr. Banks, the FBI requires your services," Laurie says. "We're not asking."

William still refuses. Laurie plays her trump card: Akani.

Turns out those monthly checks that the sexy assistant has been receiving come from her super-wealthy father ... who may also be a crook. William, wanting to protect his former lover, relents and invites Laurie inside.

Laurie states her case: rescue Agent Davis, who has "gone native." "The Bureau needs you to grab Davis and clean him," she explains. The catch: William has less than 48 hours. "The bust is about to happen," Laurie explains. Once again, she pulls out the file on Akani. William has no choice.

Akani, meanwhile, confronts Arnie. "Are you using?" she demands. Arnie is offended, explaining "that last hit was a one-time thing" -- and only happened because he had a gun in his face. William interrupts, telling Akani she needs to travel to San Francisco to scope out a case called in that morning. She is suspicious, but agrees.

LATER. Darnell, William and Arnie -- all disguised as homeless men -- infiltrate Menlo's base of operations. Arnie spots Davis and William follows. The cleaner gets a brief glimpse of the meth lab when Davis suddenly appears, knocking out William's ear piece. The undercover agent-gone-wrong then pulls a gun, throws William back out into the alley and disappears.

The team is going to have to start all over again -- and the clock is ticking.

Meanwhile, Akani is talking to the brother of a junkie in San Francisco. He says he was surprised when William called that morning. "William called you?" she asks. Suspicions confirmed.

Melissa enters an architect's office and shakes hands with Bill, William's father. She looks around for Ben, but he has refused to leave his grandfather's home. Bill not-so-tactfully attempts to offer some parenting advice ... which immediately draws the ire of Melissa. "Well, you're the authority on wayward sons," she snaps.

More awkward family reunions are going down in Frisco. Akani goes to see her family for the first time in three years. She hugs her mother. "So good to see you," she says. No sign of dad.

William gets a call from Melissa. She's going to stay the night at Bill's place. This arrangement doesn't sit well with William, but he relents as it is all for "Ben's sake." Darnell enters the garage with news: Davis is former Special Forces and owns a collection of medals. Basically, the dude is Rambo.

"Davis isn't just a solider," William observes. "He's a badass."

LATER. William, again dressed as a homeless man, wanders into Menlo's operation. Menlo spots William and pulls a gun. Davis appears out of nowhere (very Rambo-like) and tackles William. "Get out of here, man! This is my spot!" he screams. Menlo puts his gun away, convinced that William is just another junkie.

Davis drops the ruse and confronts William: "What's wrong you, man? You got a death wish?" Perhaps Davis isn't so far gone yet. "Listen, you're sick," William says as Davis lights up a pipe. "I'm trying to help you ... and so is Keenan."

Davis isn't listening so William attempts to sap him. Bad idea. Davis easily flips the cleaner, sending him flying -- John J. style. The lesson: Don't mess with a Special Forces dude -- especially if he's a meth addict.

LATER. Davis listens to an old voice mail on his cell phone. It's Laurie. The two were obviously lovers.

Back in San Fran, Akani's mother says that a father and daughter "should not be apart." "There's a lot of things a father shouldn't do," Akani snaps back. Suddenly, her cell phone rings: It's the junkie's brother. "My brother needs you," he says.

Melissa and Ben chat outside Bill's house. Ben wants to stay with his grandfather. "Ben, why are you doing this?" mom asks. "All I know is that as long as I can remember, dad has been in rehab or jail or missing," Ben says. He's a very bitter young man -- and he's not going back home if he can help it.

Akani meets with the potential client ... and notices someone taking her picture from a very black, very FBI-looking van. She excuses herself and calls William.

"I'm getting a bad vibe up here," she says. "What's the deal?"

William tells Akani to keep working and not to return home until he calls. Arnie arrives with a medical file. What William reads amazes him. He calls Laurie.

"How far along are you?" William asks.

"15 weeks," she admits.

"And Davis has no idea that you're pregnant?" William asks.


LATER. Melissa goes back to Bill with her tail between her legs. She asks the older man for help. "I'll talk to Ben," Bill says.

William, meanwhile, is back in homeless gear. For the third time, he confronts Davis. "No more good soldier," Davis rants. "I'm free!" While Davis screams, Menlo cleans up his lab.

CUT to the lead FBI agent, who orders the raid.

CUT to William playing his trump card: an ultrasound photo of Davis' unborn daughter. At that very moment, Menlo sees the two men. He pulls a gun and shoots, hitting Davis in the shoulder. Just then, the FBI rounds the corner. William drags the wounded man outside.

CUT to Bill, who walks and talks with Ben.

CUT to Laurie, who receives a phone call from William.

"I got him," the cleaner says.

CUT to Menlo being led out in cuffs.

CUT to Laurie kissing Davis on a stretcher.

LATER. William walks to his new truck. In the backseat are Akani's file and a shredder -- gifts from Laurie.

William returns home. He is happy and anxious to see his son. Melissa takes a long draw on her cigarette and nearly sobs.

"He wouldn't come home," she whispers.

William looks to the heavens.

"So are you trying to make me stronger? Or are you trying to kill me?"


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