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Did this episode jump the shark?

Author: mrguinness from New Jersey, USA
3 April 2009

Anyone else here think that this past weeks 200th episode might have been the worst CSI ever? Could they have spent any more time doing nothing in the scenes? Was the story so bad it was more entertaining watching everyone just stand around? Could the lighting have been any worse? Could the camera angles have been any more amateur? Does anyone else agree? William Friedkin was the director... looking at his resume on IMDb, he should have stopped directing after To Live and Die in LA. I guess that is his connection to CSI. What a shame, I truly hope this is not indicitive of things to come. Love the show, but WOW was this bad.

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What has happened to CSI?

Author: mspeed44 from Florida
3 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a stupid episode--now I know why Petersen left! The story bounced around--a voodoo scene was just plain laughable and played no role in the story of a graduate student found murdered, maybe by Mexican wrestlers or maybe by a Voodoo 'god' or maybe by a serial killer announcer. The actors--I hope they are actual fighters and not actors playing fighters! Catherine and Greg have all but disappeared. Even Brass looked in pain as he went thru the motions of playing beside Fishburne's Langston. As a matter of fact, why don't we just rename CSI "The Ray Langston, CSI, Show"---this episode was nearly as bad as the "Two and a Half" one last year! The famous director, Friedkin, needs to stay retired, go back to living off the 2 or 3 big movies he made 30 years ago!! I hope someone decides to hide this episode and never show it as a rerun.

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In a word "Awful"

Author: gooner9 from United Kingdom
10 April 2009

I won't bang on about this but i've seen every episode of CSI to date and this is by far the worst one ever. Its nothing to do with the new character in the show played by Laurence Fishburne as to my surprise i like the character. This episode featured Laurence Fishburne more than the others,they had VERY small parts to play in this one but the storyline,the music and everything about it was awful. It reminded me in parts of The Exorcist II:The Heretic which he didn't direct but was equally awful. He's directed another CSI (Cockroaches) which i liked but he took a wrong turn with this one. Hopefully if William Friedkin directs another CSI it'll be back to the usual high standard. Although three major characters have left this is still up there with the best shows on TV.

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Why, CSI, why?

Author: LilyEvans-Snape from United States
12 April 2009

Why did they show this episode? It was the worst I have ever seen! It was boring, slow, and I was so confused at the end. And the way that they brought in suspects without trying to find at least one piece of evidence against them was so implausible that it made me feel humiliated to watch this episode. It's like the writers are trying to make us angry so we're not too depressed when the show is finally over. That's still no excuse to give us poorly written and poorly acted episodes! Once upon a time, CSI was a high quality show with engaging story lines and really good acting. But alas, it is not that way anymore.

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Big heap of trash

Author: ingistefans from Akureyri, Iceland
6 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For the exciting opening sequence announcing the arrival of the 200'th episode of CSI, this episode was nothing but a disappointment. 1/4 of the episode delivered boring interviews with mediocre guest actors with nothing to offer, not humor, not suspense, nothing! I've liked the 9'th season so far but this episode was a total let-me-down, at least they should have picked another episode to present as their 200'th vehicle and left this episode at a random slot, so that the milestone episode wouldn't have sucked completely.

The only upside to this train-wreck of an episode was the performance of the stunt woman in the opening sequence where the victim is being killed, but thats about it.

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Author: sul_gi from United States
7 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the first comment I have made about any show, at any time, but I found this episode so dull, so boring, and such a letdown that I just couldn't help myself. The acting was terrible, but, as a previous commenter said, perhaps they were wrestlers, not actors. I have not enjoyed Laurence Fishburne's character and the plots have all lacked punch since William Petersen left the show. To be honest, they were becoming dull toward the end of his run as well. I love the series but something needs to be done to give the show a jolt of energy and excitement. Next time, if the episode shows the promise of repeating the pace and rhythm of this one, I will turn it off.

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Author: jez-47 from United Kingdom
4 October 2010

Like many reviewers, I am a huge CSI fan (Vegas only, not the spin-offs). I actually thought the series got incredibly creative once the rather smug Gil Grissom left. However, "Mascara" was a howler. Everything about it is wrong. The pacing, the over-used scenes of wrestling (my wife even asked, "Why do they keep showing so much wrestling - it's boring?"). The parade of suspects drags and the killer's reveal is a real anti-climax (no real motive and, due to the use of a mask, could have been just about anybody).

CSI excels in its use of clever plotting, inventive deaths (and causes) and a liberal use of well-judged humour (light, but not overly comedic like "Bones"). However, "Mascara" is a genuine dud and without doubt the worst episode I've seen so far.

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A waste of time

Author: ecomposto
6 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Most of the show is Dr. Raymond Langston, it is almost like they went CSI level one you get to run the case and everyone above you has to answer to you. Nick, Catherine and Greg (also Riley but she is newish) got almost no screen time at all and they are the people that I want to watch not Dr. Raymond Langston. Captain Jim Brass got a little more screen time because Dr. Raymond Langston needed him. The mystery was dull and boring and the killer being the old guy was a let down. The should have had 9X16 ("Turn,Turn,Turn") be the 200th episode because that on was amazing (lots of Nick and little Dr. Raymond Langston). This episode sucked and I can't wait until season 12 when Dr. Raymond Langston is gone.

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The 200th Episode

Author: Steven Freekin from United States
28 April 2014

This was another wild episode directed by William Friedkin. Some of the reviews here hate this episode. I do agree that i was expecting something epic for the 200th, more like action, but this one was more of a character piece for Ray Langston's character. The previous episode Cockroaches that Friedkin previously directed, was more French Connection like. This one in particular was more Exorcist themed and it was pretty cool.

Now, I was disappointed there was no car chase, but it was another well directed show that illustrated the dark side and intensity of Ray Langston. I thought Gil Grissom might come back for this one but he didn't so that was also another let down. The story is pretty interesting, especially utilizing the Exorcist themes and techniques.

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Amazing direction!!!

Author: ( from Los Angeles, CA
18 July 2010

This has to be one of the best directed episode of CSI, or indeed any network show, in many years. The original vision, the tense atmosphere, the gritty violence, and the unique cinematic vision, make this episode seem more like a feature film than an episode of TV.

This episode looks so good compared to the others, that you wish CSI (which is becoming tired and is showing its age) could deliver an hour of TV this awesome every week.

I like CSI, though I think it's only a shadow of what it was in the first few seasons. Still, this episode is among the best ever. The fact that it the story mixes, voodoo, Mexican wrestling, and hallucinations only plays to Friedkin's directing strengths.

Best line from this episode: "Don't do anything weird!" Jim Brass.

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