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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • 9/10
  • The violence is pretty graphic and frequent, however it is deliberately over the top and silly in a comical way so despite it being gory, it's unlikely to disturb anyone.
  • A woman is chased, killed and consumed by a group of zombies.
  • The Wanderer assaults one of the men.
  • In a dream sequence a woman spits up blood.
  • A zombie slits a man's throat and then repeatedly stabs him. His corpse is later found. (graphic, but brief - His intestines are shown.)
  • A women cuts her finger while chopping carrots.
  • A woman is pulled down the outhouse shaft. She escapes, but is killed by a zombie. (graphic - She is shown holding a large bloody wound and is covered in blood and excrement.)
  • A man shoots a zombie. (mildly graphic, blood splatters)
  • A person chops off a zombie hand. (mildly graphic, blood splatters all over her)
  • A zombie attacks and kills a man (very graphic, but brief). The zombie gouges his eyes out and then rips his head in half. His brain splatters on the floor)
  • A woman's decapitated head is shown.
  • A fight between a man and a zombie. (graphic - the man bites flesh out of the zombie and blood splatters from the punches.)
  • A woman slaps another woman.
  • In a continuation of the fight, a man stabs the zombie with a short sword. Another zombie then attacks a man, pushing him over a cliff. (graphic - Blood is down dripping down a tree. a man uses a zombie's intestines as a rope.)
  • A woman pummels a zombie. (graphic, but brief - The zombie's face caves in.)
  • A zombie hits a woman. It then proceeds to remove her intestines. (graphic and shown in close up)
  • A woman bashes a crow against a tree killing her.
  • a woman stabs a zombie with a tree branch. (mildly graphic, but brief)
  • A woman and a zombie fall off a cliff.
  • A man gun butts a zombie.
  • A man preforms self-surgery on his neck. (midly graphic, it's a bloody wound.)
  • A woman kicks a zombie in the head.
  • A long battle between the humans and a group of zombies. (very graphic. The humans are armed with a chainsaw and a sledgehammer, among other makeshift weapons, and they use them.) If you can Norwegian, this scene is very funny. The bacground song, It's my day to day, doesn't fit in so its funny
  • Several zombies stab A man and then tear him apart. (graphic, but brief)
  • A man accidentally kills a friend after he mistakes the person for a zombie. (mildly graphic, the wound seeps blood)
  • A Man cuts off his own (infected) arm with a chainsaw and cauterizes the wound. (disturbing and graphic, but brief )
  • A zombie bashes A man's head in. he then stumbles into a tree branch which stabs his stomach. (mildly graphic - more intestines are shown)
  • A zombie bites a mans groin area and it's implied his penis was bitten.


  • 6/10
  • The profanity varies from different dubbed/subbed versions but this is from the original Norwegian language.
  • Profanity:
  • 13 uses of fuck, 6 uses of shit, 5 uses of bastard, 5 uses of damn, 2 uses of cunt, and 1 use of pissed

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 6/10
  • There are a few jump scenes throughout the film.
  • Some intense scenes.
  • Some of the violence is disturbing and over-the-top, but this is meant to be funny.
  • A woman's death close to the end, can be disturbing. She is pummeled by a zombie and then she wakes up terrified when zombies are removing her intestines. Very gory.
  • Martin chainsaws off his arm. Disturbing.
  • MPAA (USA) - Not Rated.
  • BBFC (UK) - Rated 18 (very strong bloody violence).

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