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Cheery, silly, splattery, and respectful of its elders (and betters, particularly Sam Raimi's "The Evil Dead").
May have a dull title, but it's lively, idiotic fun, at least until it goes too far past "too far" into the realm of "far too far."
Wirkola keeps the narrative taut, wasting not a frame; and he throws in funny moments.
Any horror movie with the moxie to play Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" during a zombie attack can't be all bad.
Dead Snow, as you may have gathered, is a comedy, but played absolutely seriously by sincere, earnest young actors.
If you tamp down your expectations -- those gaping plot holes are dangerous! -- there is a storm of scary fun to be had in this Scandinavian splatterfest.
This Norwegian zombie flick is perfect for those who just want a few good jolts and whole lot of gore.
If you love the genre, you'll likely be engaged. But if not, there's not much point.
The Hollywood Reporter
This blood-soaked melodrama -- a far cry from most foreign films -- has been a festival favorite and might well develop a cult following, though it's far too gory to reach beyond the core audience.
This splatter film is set in Norway, but rest assured, it sticks with the formula. The young people to be killed off are just as obnoxious as their counterparts in American gorefests.
So Dead Snow fulfills one zombie-movie prerequisite. It's different.

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