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Steven Spielberg offers Tim a feature film as Spagett, and it causes some friction between the friends. Tim gets caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle, and Brian Posehn gets Eric's role in the film. Fortunately, Spagett is billed by Daily Variety as the worst movie ever. Unfotunately, Tim gets marinara souce tatooed around his mouth, and gets Spagett's wig permanently attached to his skull. Also, Brule's Rule tells you how to get a prom date - take your sister, dummy. Cinco products teaches a wiseguy how to avoid excessive egg bills by incubating eggs in his rectum. Another Video Match with a noseless fellow who doesn't have a toilet in his house. Then a biology class for foreign men teaches us about a chub. Tim and Eric sing an awesome song reminiscent of a 70's Abba video.


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