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Less a show about the Sears Catalog and more a show about rural America.
MartinHafer17 October 2015
Although the show's title is about Sears' catalog, the real focus of much of the show is on rural life in America around the turn of the 19th century and how it related to the catalog. In the 1890s, most Americans lived on farms and getting pre-made products to these people was difficult and in many cases impossible. Because of this, clothes needed to be home made, cooking, cleaning and all the jobs a housewife did were backbreaking and time-consuming. But the catalog offered some relief--ready-made products which not only made the housewife's job easier, but her husband's as well. This impact and the growth of Sears is explained in the documentary--and done so in the typical and entertaining fashion. Well worth seeing and it's like a window into a bygone era.

By the way, the best part of the show, in my opinion, were the letters written to Sears--including a request by a single lady to buy the MAN pictured on one page! Very cute!
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