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Spiritual Revolution examines Eastern Spirituality in the West: its origins, forms, and the many ways it has evolved and been embraced in the United States as a philosophy and an ethical approach to life. The film explores various forms of Hinduism and Buddhism through interviews with a Whos Who of spiritual leaders, swamis, gurus, Zen Masters and Tibetan Lamas as well as scientists, psychotherapists and scholars.

Additionally it addresses the increasing importance of women in these religious traditions as well as the paths of convergence with Western science and psychotherapy. Meditation has infused our culture in many new ways such as with children, who are introduced to meditation under the secular term mindfulness and with segments of the population that have been often overlooked including drug addicts and AIDS patients.

The ancient traditions of the East are finding new forms thanks to the influence of the West. New doors are opening for longtime practitioners and potentially for new ones as well.


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