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I like its devotion to the drab outskirts of Sin City, and Buscemi's performance is right up his alley without being entirely predictable.
Buscemi is appealing as always, but the movie, is only sporadically funny.
This movie is all elbows. Nothing fits. It doesn't add up. It has some terrific free-standing scenes, but they need more to lean on.
The best thing about Saint John of Las Vegas is that it makes you really appreciate guys like David Lynch and Joel and Ethan Coen.
Time Out New York
Though the credits include an impressive roster of names, this low-stakes poker hand feels like an undiscovered relic from the early '90s, and that's not a good thing.
First-time director and screenwriter Hue Rhodes shows no discernible talent for dialogue, humor and, especially, pacing.
The movie is a letdown, stringing together pointless episodes to little effect. It's the kind of thinly conceived, quirk-for-quirk's-sake indie that gives indies a bad name.
Saint John of Las Vegas was a bad script that somehow got made into a bad movie with good people in it.
A funereally unfunny comedy.
Wall Street Journal
The writing is semicoherent at best, and the buddies of this meandering road trip are not only mismatched but dislikable.
With stars like Steve Buscemi and Sarah Silverman and big-fish producers such as Spike Lee and Stanley Tucci on board, you'd think this indie would offer some glimmer of wit or originality. Think again.

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