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250 out of 455 people found the following review useful:

The Past In The Future.

Author: Zane Tinning from Australia
27 September 2012

To begin, Looper is a sci-fi film set in the future, dealing with the implications of time-travel, although it is very much a film about the past. The film is all about the past, how it affects the present and the future and how it drives people with the majority of the film building characters and establishing plot.

Anyone looking for an action film will be sorely disappointed because this is first and foremost a writer's film, focusing on plot, character and dialogue. As mentioned above, the brunt of the film falls on development, more so than action set-pieces and CGI. The portions of the city and the near future Johnson has created, whilst some may see as unoriginal, I see as tributary. A lawless country split socially in half, poverty on one side, excess on the other, the world Johnson has manufactured carries an air similar to that of Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men, a comparably important sci-fi film in the struggle to build the credibility of the genre in the realm of modern cinema.

Not only is the film intelligent, it also acts as a courier for Johnson, a director of hit (Brick) and miss (The Brothers Bloom) repute following his sophomore outing.

If you support intelligent science fiction in the intellectual vein of Inception and Primer, Looper is a film sitting firmly in the middle of the two. Break the box office with this film and bring intelligence back to film-making.

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118 out of 203 people found the following review useful:

High Concept Intrigue

Author: Mek Torres from Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines
18 October 2012

Looper seems like it's inspired by Philip K. Dick's several works. It's a Sci-Fi story that is set in the future with a quite interesting concept. The ads shows this as a typical nonstop action film. Surprisingly, it's much better than anyone would expect. It's actually a mind blowing film that tells an unpredictable story and has a great amount of thrills. The performances are strong and the directing is solid. Unlike most modern Sci-Fi films they depend on the action and the explosions. Looper is all about letting the audience intrigue all the way on the concept.

The important thing you should expect in this film is the brilliance of the concept than the action. Yeah, there's fighting and gunfights but it's mostly about the idea. The film tells it in a stylish and mind boggling way which makes it compelling. The story development is clever. The first half lets the viewers root for the film's world until the plot twists. It's great when a scene suddenly becomes confusing then it all make sense afterwards. Aside of its storytelling, Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a great job playing the young version of Bruce Willis as he imitates Willis' accent and gruffness. He still plays the role with his own style. Gordon-Levitt is energetic and striking. The rest of the cast are excellent.

The production design is decent. Its futuristic world looks magnificent and their weaponry looks awesome. The camera-work is one of the merits of the film. It makes the action look stylish and brings cool vertigo to the trippy moments. Every shot of the film is impressive. The most interesting one is when Joe was in the fields, you prominently see a cloud trail on the sky remarking the scene. The script is smart enough for explaining its concept and making things gripping.

Looper is one of those films that would stuck in your head in a long time because it's plain brilliant. It's so different to popular modern Sci-Fi films. This film is not an action movie cookie-cutter that leaves the high concept as the background of the film. This film simply narrates, mind-bends, and intrigues which makes it amazingly interesting. The idea is original with some inspiration. Looper has the art, the heart, the tension, and the brains that any science fiction fans would love.

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72 out of 115 people found the following review useful:

Not even close

Author: Rollum from Australia
12 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The whole premise of this story was flawed from the beginning. For SciFi fans time travel is what its all about. Its meant to be intriguing and full of conundrums that most importantly, some how make sense. All the best time travel movies have a consistency that holds the idea together. This is precisely what Loopers does not have. There where so many holes in the plot that it became impossible to go with it. If your going to beam someone to the past to be killed why do you need a Looper. why not beam them straight to the furnaces. And if you have to use a Looper why rely on him to kill himself - let someone else do it. Seriously this was just a few of the canyon like proportions of the gaps in the plot of this flop. If Bruce was not in this i would have walked way before the end. I was fooled. You don't have to be.

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92 out of 158 people found the following review useful:

A Disappointment

Author: Ben Greenwood from United Kingdom
30 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The premise for this film is fantastic, the cast appears great, and its a movie that wants to be seen. However, it is a major disappointment. The whole concept of hit men and time-travel is intriguing- and the concept of your future self being the target, even more so, but this, in truth, is not what the film ends up being about. In a Terminator esque manner Bruce Willis turns his antics in the past to a 'save the future' kill quest wanting to destroy a future-crushing "rainmaker" (whom we know very little about and have little incentive to want killed) whilst he is still a child. The aforementioned has 'TK'- the films terms for Telekentic powers- and this is barely covered and feels like one idea too far, almost an add on that is ultimately crucial to the narrative but is not presented to us enough. In all the film leaves you dissatisfied, feels clunky, and disappointing as on paper it could have been so much better..

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54 out of 83 people found the following review useful:

Parenthood and Self-Sacrifice

Author: yernelg from Philippines
27 December 2012

i always approach a film especially when it is classified as scifi with liberal suspension of disbelief. because it is only through that that i was able to appreciate such scifi gems as Stargate and Fifth Element and many other that were otherwise written off by these so-called critics.

Looper is one of those films that should be appreciated by its message more than its genre. it uses the science fiction medium, complete with action stunts and wonders, as an apt and well-sculpted vehicle to a very beautiful message of self-sacrifice and positive reinforcement parenthood. the film goes to extra length to make the story plausible and solid and the actors, including the 'rainmaker' child, did a marvelous job of pulling it off.

i've always believed that the soul of any film, even as i appreciate great plot twists and great special fx and great acting and direction (yeah, i said great too many times!), is the message and/or portrait it intends to get across. Looper made a kill for it.

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86 out of 152 people found the following review useful:

"Looper" Is A Pooper!!!

Author: zardoz-13 from United States
28 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Looper" qualifies as a sordid science fiction thriller about time travel with an awful ending. Stir a little H.G. Wells in with some Stephen King and add a pinch of "The Sopranos," and you've got the basics of "Brick" director Rian Johnson's contrived, unconvincing chronicle. Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are cast as one in the same character in this disappointing actioneer that pits them against each other with a no-win outcome. Furthermore, both protagonists emerge as more anti-heroic than heroic. If you dismiss the fact these talented thespians bear scant resemblance to each other, you must still consider the scarcity of information about a distant future as well as a warped premise. These shortcomings constitute the chief flaws in this imaginative but predictable sci-fi saga that unfolds in an erratic manner, lacks quotable dialogue, and features one character with no qualms about shooting innocent adolescents. By the time this uninspired, R-rated, 118-minute, spectacle has worn out its welcome; you have no reason to care about anybody, including an obnoxious telekinetic tyke who doesn't know when to keep his trap shut. Mind you, the future has never appeared more dystopian. Some people are born with a mutation that enables them to levitate objects, and these fellows find that they can lure facile-minded babes into bed by making quarters float above the palms of their hands. The economy has hit bottom, and vagrancy has become epidemic. Citizens can execute vagrants on the spot if they feel so inclined. Any time Hollywood undertakes a time travel tale, the filmmakers conjure up some of the ugliest vehicles. While the cars and trucks look hopelessly tacky, the motorcycles resemble something Luke Skywalker might ride. Basically, you see a guy straddling a cylinder with handle bars. Computer-generated special effects blur everything beneath his feet so he appears to be cruising on a cushion of air.

Johnson's screenplay is as amoral as his narrative premise is warped. Imitating the best Mafia movies of director Martin Scorsese, Johnson relies on the voice-over narration of his lead character to acquaint us not only with his unusual profession but also with the seedy world in which he thrives. Kansas in the year 2044 serves as the setting. Presumably, Johnson is making an ironic "Wizard of Oz" joke with his futuristic fable. The premise of "Looper" is that a guy can live the high life by killing individuals from the future who have been sent back to the past. Joseph Simmons (Joseph Gordon-Levitt of "The Dark Knight Rises") is a killer who was brought up the ranks by his boss, Abe (Jeff Daniels of "Blood Work"), to do his dirty work. Actually, Abe was beamed back from the future to coordinate the equivalent of Murder Incorporated. In the 1940s, the Mafia relied on out-of-town gunmen from to ice enemies on their own turf. For example, if the New York Mafia wanted to dispose of an adversary, they contracted a Chicago gunsel to eliminate him. The rationale was that the authorities always sought a motive. What motive would a Chicago mobster have for killing New York mobster that he didn't know? This remained standard operating procedure until the authorities figured out the connection.

Mobsters in the year 2074 cannot murder their adversaries because humans have become too easy to track. Since the mob cannot kill their own, they contract hits out to mobsters from the past. Gunman designated 'loopers' kill and dispose of these victims that the mob has beamed back so nobody can find them. Our hero wields an exotic shotgun called a 'blunderbuss,' and the looper waits near a cornfield in the middle of nowhere with his weapon and a tarp spread on the ground. Eventually, a bound man with a bag over his head and silver ingots strapped to his back materializes. After he murders his prey, Joseph incinerates him so no traces remain. When a gangland assassin in the future has worn out his welcome, however, the mob sends him back to the past so he can kill himself. They call this 'closing the loop.' After Young Joe botches the job of killing Old Joe, he has to dodge the bullets of his former associates—known as 'gat-men'--until he can corner and kill himself. Losing one's older self is referred to as 'letting his loop run.' Joe's quick-witted alter-ego from the future (Bruce Willis of "Twelve Monkeys") escapes and searches for a mysterious person known only as the 'Rainmaker.' This enigmatic individual wants to eradicate any trace of the loopers. Older Joe has been given a map with three possible addresses for this 'Rainmaker.' Joe wants to wreak vengeance on the 'Rainmaker' because the ladder dispatched trigger-happy gunmen who accidentally murdered his Asian wife.

Instead of keeping things simple, Johnson complicates matters with a subplot about a kid with telekinetic powers. Cid (Pierce Gagnon of "The Crazies") lives on a sugar cane farm with his mom, Sara (Emily Blunt of "The Adjustment Bureau"), who runs the place by herself. One of the locations that the Old Joe has is Sara's farm. He suspects Cid may be the reason that assassins are knocking themselves off. Essentially, what we have here is a good assassin and a bad assassin who share the same body from drastically different decades. Young Joe stakes out Sara's farm so he can terminate Old Joe with extreme prejudice. This uneven, high body count stinker doesn't flow well and is often confusing, too. Moreover, the logic is questionable. Wouldn't it be easier for the future mob to kill their enemies and send the remains back to the past for disposal? Furthermore, what would happen if the victim that they sent back managed to escape like Old Joe and gum up the works? In most movies, you look for a character that you can either love or envy. Nobody is lovable in "Looper" and parts of this movie are just plain downright dull.

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57 out of 96 people found the following review useful:

Very predictable and extremely annoying

Author: hannelieh
12 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The ending makes the whole experience a huge flop and major waste of money.

Despite being a real fan of sci-fi, the ending doesn't make any sense. If it did happen like that then none of it would've happened in the first place as the older version would not have existed to begin with. So, I am baffled that some one thought that would make a realistic or entertaining ending. Really?? Like trying to pin jam to a wall.

The action scenes are actually really good. Unfortunately that is the only good thing about the movie.

The younger version of the character is incredibly annoying. He does not resemble the older version's character at all. It is really difficult to bring the two together. The younger character lacks logic, perception or any type of savvy. A complete moron. Again it doesn't fit with the more sensible and intelligent older version that's trying to save the world.

I just kept wishing the younger version would grow some brain cells.

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89 out of 160 people found the following review useful:

Hollywood trash at it's best

Author: AshishPrasad from Auckland, New Zealand
3 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What is wrong with the critics these days? Either they've been paid well enough to keep their mouths shut of how lame this film is or they are just a bunch of quacks. Honestly, I can't imagine how deceiving Hollywood has become with flashy trailers.

There's nothing there in the story. As you guessed from the trailer, it's about a guy who is hit-man who kills random people(who are masked) for money. So these random people are from the future apparently as disposing bodies become impossible in the future, the criminals transport these random folks from 2072 to 2042 where this guy kills them and cremates them. The guys who kill these randoms are called Loopers. And then there comes a time when his company wants to shut down and wants to terminate all the loopers. So this is where he meets his future self(older self) and has to kill. Of course he doesn't kill him because the future self knows every move he could think of. Finally after 118minutes of nonsense, this guy finally realizes, " oh wait, I could just kill myself and the future self dies with me ".

With a poor storyline such as this one, there was no way in hell the producers would have agreed to invest, so the writers create a few more characters, ( such as a 2year old kid and her mommy to prolong the movie with some emotion/drama) some telekinesis disease(it's like HIV of the 2040s) and more bla bla bla.

This was the time I felt like walking out of the theatre if I hadn't paid $16. Absolute rubbish.

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120 out of 222 people found the following review useful:

This time travel crap; just fries your brain like an egg…"

Author: TheSquiss
25 September 2012

Time travel films open up all manner of questions because of the paradoxes every action and reaction produce. If X occurred, surely Y would happen, which means X wouldn't happen after all… And so it is with Looper.

Alas, to avoid dishing out hugely unpopular plot spoilers I need to skirt around the concerns, so you'll just have to come round with cake and we can discuss it in private. But there are some pretty substantial issues with Looper that cause questions to be asked and lead to more than a couple of possible explanations as to what exactly is going on. Don't see it alone; you'll need a friend around to discuss it on the journey home.

Equally, don't be put off. You don't need to be Einstein to enjoy Looper, as some of the audience proved…

In 2072, time travel is both possible and illegal and murder is more easily solved because corpses are harder to lose. However mobs and Mafiosi types are prevalent and have ingeniously devised a solution: tie your victim up and send him back in time to a location where a looper will be waiting to blow his/her brains out. However, when a looper's contract is up, they find themselves blowing the brains out of their older self. Except when looper Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) stares down the barrel at a version of himself that is thirty years older, Old Joe (Bruce Willis) outsmarts him and so begins a cat and mouse chase where there are multiples of each species and most of them aren't called Joe.

Confused? Good. Don't think any more or you'll confound yourself with your wondering and wandering along all the possible flows and tributaries that lead from them. Like, Is he actually... Dammit.

Along with the quirks, possibilities and matters left to interpretation, there are one or two clear boo-boos that cut against the rules writer/director Rian Johnson (Brick, The Brothers Bloom) has set himself. I'm sure you can work out from the subject matter that there are occasional murders so I'm giving nothing away by stating that a particular murder in 2027 cuts against the rules. It's not a major problem in terms of enjoyment but it does cast a shadow over everything if minor errors are not avoided.

There's only one way to watch Looper: suspend all disbelief, put your logic in stasis and get on with enjoying the romp. With that frame of mind employed, it's a superb film. No, it's not as intelligent a film as Inception, but it kicks the ass of Wanted and Gordon-Levitt is potentially a bigger star in the making than either Leonardo DiCaprio or James McAvoy.

I'm not sure that I buy Gordon-Levitt as a young Willis but the transition is simple and effectively executed and it needn't stand in the way of a couple of hours of great entertainment. He's matured as an actor and, though he's been stamping around Hollywood for a good couple of decades, it's the last five years or so that have really seen him ascend the ranks and there's no sign of his climb slowing with both Spielberg's Lincoln and Don Jon's Addiction (which he also wrote and directed) in the can and Premium Rush earning plaudits on both sides of the Atlantic.

As for Willis, it's good to see him earning his fee again in a film worthy of his presence rather than phoning it in for a fat wad in the truly awful The Expendables 2. Emily Blunt (Sara) and Jeff Daniels ably provide support, the former, sadly, barely stretched and the latter, as Abe, the loopers' boss, clearly enjoying himself. Equally, Paul Dano gives a wonderful, trademark sniveling wretch performance that is all too brief. But Looper belongs to Gordon-Levitt and One Tree Hill's Pierce Gagnon as the child, Cid, whose middle name is probably Damian. Unnerving is an understatement!

There is a very strong argument that the best person to direct a film is the writer because s/he knows it better than anyone. Clearly that wasn't the case with Maximum Overdrive (Stephen King being the fine writer who should never be allowed either in front of or behind a camera again) but with Looper it's a very strong case in point.

Johnson, though he bends his rules, has created a multi-layered, rapidly paced trip that is littered with bodies and to-die-for quips, to wit, "I cleaned you up. And put a gun in your hand." He juggles the time zones effortlessly and maintains the excitement while allowing sufficient moments for us to pause, cogitate and catch up before whipping us to the next sprint, jump or shoot-out. Though he has nothing (publicly) on the slate, there'll be plenty more from him in the next few years.

As is increasingly the case, my biggest complaint with last night's viewing has nothing to do with the film itself but with the screening, namely the blown speakers all along one side of the auditorium (big thumbs down to Cineworld) and the moron in front who played with his phone and gave muted shrieks of excitement every time there was a shot or splatter of blood, even taking the time to relive it with his friend. Who are these people? Why are they allowed to breathe? When will time travel come to my aid? Ah, but these are niggles and hopefully you won't be subjected to such when you watch Looper. And do see it. Maybe you'll absolutely hate the confusion it causes you, but if you don't mind giving a film some real thought and you enjoyed the possibilities of Inception, then Looper is for you.

Just don't think too hard. As Abe laments, "This time travel crap; just fries your brain like an egg…"

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Author: kendrick-w from United States
1 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The concept of the movie was flawed from the start. "It is nearly impossible to kill someone in the future and get away with it so they send them back to the past to be killed and disposed of." Why not kill them in the future and send their remains back to be disposed of.

The movie dragged on and the ending was anticlimactic. It left me with the impression that he was the young boy on the train and he too was from the future, a kind of echo. If that were the case then why did he not disappear too? Why would the gold stay when Willis disappeared. His disappearance indicates that he was not sent back and neither was the gold. Finally why would you leave a kid alive who you know is going to turn into the most monstrous person in history? Are we to believe that a kid with those powers will turn himself around with the help of his mother? Had he changed the time line that much? The kid already turned on of the "gats" into mush!

OK... It is just science fiction... bad science fiction.

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